Rock's WWE Return, Foley/Orton, Royal Rumble, Jonny Fairplay in NWA-TNA

-Dixie Carter is said to be a very big Jonny Fairplay "mark" since his arrival to NWA-TNA. Wrestlers also seem to be accepting of Fairplay in the locker room and say that he's acted like a fan and didn't want to get any heat from the wrestlers which has been very beneficial to him.

-As will all the co-brand Pay-Per-View events, the Royal Rumble gave WWE stars to reunite with their friends from the other brand who they rarely see due to the brand split. With the arena in Philadelphia also being the home to the NHL's Flyers, it had to be kept rather cold in order to keep the ice frozen. This resulted in most of the wrestlers just hanging out in the locker rooms in winter coats catching up. Everyone was said to be in a good mood and were glad of the opportunity to see old friends.

-Although The Rock said he would be available in January, he made no appearances for the WWE that month. He is, however, still scheduled to get involved in the Mick Foley / Randy Orton storyline sometime before WrestleMania XX and everything seems to be going as planned for that.

Post-RAW Happenings + McMahon's Plans for Rock's Return Before WM XX & Goldberg's Contract Negotiations!

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