WWE House Show Results (2/22/04) - Springfield, Missouri

By Holden Burkhart, rajahwwf.com reader
Springfield, Missouri 2/22/04

Jamie Noble defeated ???

Orlando Jordan defeated Chuck Palumbo

A-Train & Matt Morgan defeated Billy Gunn & ??? (I'm not quite sure who it was)

Dawn Marie comes out and says that Springfield has the most devoted fans and that
she wants to show us something for her appreciation. She told anyone that is under
18 to close their eyes and then she announces Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman comes out to
big heat. He said that Dawn Marie went to John Cena's doctor and got his file and
his knee is alot worst then he's letting everyone know. So Paul Heyman decides to
suspend John Cena. John Cena's music hits and he comes out to a huge pop. He calls
Dawn Marie a whore and throws a dollar out and tells her to give him back 99 cents.
He then says that Paul Heyman sucks and Dawn Marie swallows. John Cena tells Paul
Heyman that since he's suspended he might as well have a good reason to be suspended
so he's going to beat Paul Heyman up. John Cena pits Paul Heyman into a corner and
then the Big Show comes out and knocks John Cena down, Paul Heyman then says that
John Cena's suspension is over and he will wrestle the Big Show right now.

U.S Title Match:
Big Show defeated John Cena. This match didn't last very long. Big Show hit the
chokeslam for the win.

Rhyno defeated Hardcore Holly

Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi defeated The Basham Brothers.
After the match Scotty & Rikishi picked a lucky fan to get into the ring with them
to dance. The fan started doing the worm, his coins started falling out of his
pockets, Scotty & Rikishi started picking up the coins while looking innocent.

A.P.A defeated Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Triple Threat Cruiserweight Title match:
Chavo Guerrero defeated Tajiri & Billy Kidman

WWE Title Match:
Eddie Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle
After the match Kurt Angle told Eddie that Eddie doesn't deserve the title and that
at Wrestlemania he will beat Eddie and become the WWE champion.

Biggest Pop
1. Eddie Guerrero
2. John Cena
3. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty
4. Billy Gunn
5. Dawn Marie

Biggest Heat
1. Chavo Guerrero
2. Kurt Angle
3. Paul Heyman
4. The Big Show
5. The World's Greatest Tag Team

Report by: Dave Sprouse, rajahwwf.com reader

Opening match - Jamie Noble vs John Hennigan

A very solid match by tough enough winner John Hennigan. The match moved
very smoothly with some nice submission holds by Noble. The crowd wasn't to
sure about John at first but they really got into him after the match
started. Noble wins with a submission, not sure of the name but it looks
like a reverse dragon sleeper.

Winner- Jamie Noble

Second Match- Chuck Palumbo vs Orlando Jordan

First off I was impressed by how big Chuck is in person! We were sitting
next to the rail where the wrestlers come out to the ring so I was able to
see these guys just 2 feet from me. The crowd was all over Chuck and behind
Jordan right from the start. Jordan got in some dropkicks and a nice body
press from the top but most of the match was controlled by Palumbo. The
match ended with Chuck yelling at the ref and Jordan rolling him up for the

Third Match - Billy Gunn & Matt Cappotelli vs A- Train & Matt Morgan

Billy Gunn was great during this match! He did his suck it line from when he
was in the new age outlaws which got a huge pop. Another tough enough winner
really showed how much he wants to be a superstar by putting on a great
match. There were alot of near falls but the match ended by a huge powerbomb
from Matt Morgan on Matt Cappotelli. The crowd still supported Matt and Gunn
afterwards so they made sure to shake a lot of hands on the way back.

Next Dawn Marie comes out to the ring and teased the crowd by saying that
all the kids eyes should be covered so she can show her thanks to the great
fans of Missouri by taking her top off. After going through the motions of
acting like she would do it she said we weren't worth it and brought out
Paul Heyman. Paul said that Cena's knee was a lot worse than he had been
letting on so there would be no U.S. title shot tonight. Just then John Cena
s music hit and he came out to let Paul know he didn't care what he said he
was gonna beat the Big Show for the title no matter what. Cena then took off
his chain and lock so he could put a beat down on Heyman when the Big Show
ran in and hit Cena with the belt. Heyman decided to go ahead and start the
match since Cena was knocked out. Show started working him over and Cena
started to make a huge comeback. He knocked Big Show down with an elbow to
the head from the top rope and was setting him up for an F.U. when Heyman
climbed on the ring which Cena knocked him down and Dawn Marie climbed in
and kissed Cena to distract him. Cena grabbed Dawn and moved her aside but
when he turned back around Big Show chokeslammed him for the win.

Winner - Big Show

Fifth Match Rikishi and Scotty vs Bashams Tag Title Match

Not a lot of wrestling in this match, Rikishi and Scotty were playing to the
crowd and not really concerned about the Bashams. The Bashams were treated
like a joke during the match getting only about 2 minutes of moves in and
the rest was dominated by Rikishi and Scotty. The match ended with a samoan
drop by Rikishi for the win. After the match Kish and Scotty grabbed a kid
from the crowd to dance with them who decided to do his own version of the
worm for the crowd. After a few minutes of dancing Kish and Scotty tried to
give the ref a stinkface but he rolled out just in time.

Winner- Rikishi and Scotty

Sixth Match- WGTT vs APA

The match started with the APA doing their own version of Rikishi's dancing.
Watching Bradshaw try to do a backspin was hillarious! The match went back
and forth with a lot of technical wrestling from Haas and Benjamin and a lot
of power moves by APA. The match ended with a hard spinebuster from Faarooq
onto Benjamin for the win.

Winner - APA

Seventh Match- Chavo vs Kidman vs Tajiri Cruiserweight Triple Threat

We did not expect Chavo to be here tonight so this was a nice surprise. This
was a solid cruiserweight match with a lot of near falls. Most of the match
was Chavo and Tajiri teaming up against Kidman. There were a whole lot of
high flying spots from all three wrestlers. The match ended with Tajiri
spitting the mist in Kidman's face when he went for the shooting star press
and Chavo rolling Tajiri up in a small package.

Winner - Chavo

Main Event Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero World Title Match

The crowd was almost as hot for Eddie as they were for Cena. If this match
is any indication for what Wrestlemania will be like then it will be a
great match! All the signature moves were used, Angle's german suplexes, the
ankle lock, angle slam, frog splash, and the triple suplex. The match ended
with Eddie getting a clean pin on Angle after the frogsplash.

This was a great live event put on by the WWE and everyone went home happy.
The crowd was surprised by Chavo, Eddie and Angle. They weren't advertised
at all so we thought it was over after the APA match but when they kept
going we all felt we got our moneys worth.