Dark Matches, Heat *Spoilers*, Notes (2/23/04) - Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, NE 2/23/04
Report by: Justin Hendricks, rajahwwf.com reader

Dark Matches

Spike Dudley vs. Mike Duchy (not sure if thats spelled

Spike went for the Dudley Dog kinda early and missed.
Duchy then tried to ground Spike. Spike tried for
another Dudley Dog and it was countered. Duchy then
ground Spike again. Spike started coming back and
then went for the Dudley Dog once more this time
hitting it. He goes for the pin, 1-2-3

Winner Spike Dudley

Matt Hardy v.1 vs. Chris Miller
The Fink mentioned that miller was from Omaha. Got a
decent pop for that. Other then that Miller didn't do
much, Hardy pretty much dominated the match. In the
end it was Hardy and the twist of fate putting miller

Winner Matt Hardy v.1

Sunday Night Heat Starts

Hurricane and Rosey vs. Cade and Jindrak
Pretty decent of a match. It was Rosey and Jindrak
starting the match, Rosey dominated that portion of
it. Jindrak tags in Cade, Rosey works him over a bit
before he tags in Hurricane. Hurricane does a flying
cross-body on Cade when Hurricane enters the ring.
Cade and Jindrak then start teaming up on Hurricane
and hes grounded for a while. Hurricane then hits his
shining wizard and makes the tag to Rosey. Match gets
out of control for a bit and it ends up with Cade
hitting a Bulldog from the top rope.

Winner Cade and Jindrak

Lance Storm and a masked wrestler, I think they said
his name was El cistador.
Pretty much of a mat based match. Crowd seemed pretty
bored with it. Match ended with Storm hitting his one
legged crab.

Winner via submission Lance storm

Test vs Steven Richards No DQ match
A quick note on this match, while Storm was going back
to the locker room test came out for his match and
either said something or hit him, I couldn't tell for
sure. The match seemed a bit one sided. Test was
working the back of Richards pretty good. Richards
did hit what looked like an x-factor on test. Not
sure what he calls it. Storm then comes out and
tries to interfere. He goes to hit a dropkick on test
but misses and hits Richards. Test then waits for
Richards to get back up and then hits the big boot for
the win.

Winner Test

After Raw went off the air, Brock posed a bit and then
went for a ride around the ring in Austin's 4-wheeler.
He then went back into the ring and started drinking
Austin's beer. Austin got back up and stunned Brock.
McMahon came out and was checking on Brock. Austin
asked what he was doing out there and told him to get
up. Austin grabbed some beer and was going to have
McMahon drink with him but Lesnar was getting up.
Austin gave Brock one of the beers and Austin stunned
him again. Austin then told McMahon that if he could
catch 2 beers that Austin wouldn't stun him. McMahon
caught the first one, then dropped the second one.
Austin let him have one more chance, McMahon dropped
that one too. Austin then stuns McMahon. That was
the last I saw of it.

I also went to the Fozzy concert at the Ranch Bowl.
It was awesome!!! Jericho put on a hell of a show. I
guess it was suppose to start at 10:30 but it didn't
start till like 11:15 or 11:30. I was right next to
the stage for the concert. Austin, Bubba Ray,
Jindrak, and Orton all stopped by for the concert.
They all did some singing with Jericho. The concert
lasted till like 1:15, it was a great concert. I had
never heard Fozzy live before but i will definitely go
to another one.

Thats it.