WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (2/24/04) - Kansas City, Missouri

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Report by: PWInsider.com


Smackdown opens with a fatal 4 way with Rey Mysterio, Jamie Noble, Nunzio, and Billy Kidman. The winner gets match at Wrestlemania XX for the Cruiserweight title. They cut to the back room in the middle of match with Eddie Guerrero confronting Paul Heyman (who was talking to Tajiri.) Heyman ends up stopping the match and announcing that there are no Japanese on the program so he's canceling the match and making a "Cruiserweight Open."

*Next up was WWE Tag Team champions Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The APA in a non-title. The APA win with a clothesline from hell in which Rikishi was injured. They brought out a stretcher but Rikishi ended up walking out on his own.

*WWE champion Eddie Guerrero comes out to a HUGE pop and calls out Kurt Angle. He ends up going backstage to find him after a promo about being drug free. Heyman meets him at Kurt's locker room and Kurt shows up behind some cops. Eddie goes after him and pushes heyman into Dawn Marie. Heyman has Eddie escorted from the building.

*Brock Lesnar vs. Billy Gunn was next. Brock sold heavy throughout this whole match, but got the win with the F-5.

*Torrie Wilson and Sable come out and tease the crowd.

*John Cena joins them wearing a #58 Derrick Thomas Chiefs jersey. He asks them to leave because he needs to concentrate on the tag team match he has scheduled next (Cena and Eddie vs. The Big Show and Chavo Sr. and Jr.) The girls leave and Cena makes a big deal about needing a partner since his was kicked out of the building. He pulls out a cell phone and calls "619". Rey Mysterio comes out.

*Rey Mysterio & John Cena defeat The Big Show and Chavo Guerrero. Rey pins Chavo and then Big Show comes in and cleans house.

*Angle comes out and says he turned on Eddie for the people, for the USA, etc. He says Eddie is a drug addict and not a good representation for the title so he was doing his civic duty. Eddie finally runs in and Kurt bails while Heyman comes out with the cops and arrests him. Smackdown goes off the air with Eddie going to jail. (Mike Bucci, who worked a dark match earlier in the night doubled as cop)

*After they go off the air, Angle comes back out and introduces himself as the next champion and if anyone disagrees they can come out and take their butt-kicking. Out comes Rey Mysterio for the third time tonight and knocks Kurt around a bit for the end of the show.