WWE House Show Results (2/1/04) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Results by: ML, rajahwwf.com reader
- Thanks also to Michael Craig Kinch for sending in results

Im sorry but i dont really remember all the matches in order but here are all the
matches just not in any order

Opening Match was Chuck Polumbo Vs. Oralndo Jordan
Extremely slow pased match witht he crowd behind Chuck the whole time.
winner: Orlando Jordan

A-Train vs. Bill Gunn
Billy hits the Fam-Ass_er for the win
winner:Billy Gunn

Chimmel gets on the mic to announce the winner of the JVC Tower of Power but Paul
Heyman interupts him saying he isn't giving anything away in PITTSBURGH!!!!!! then
says he has good news and bad news and first the good news is that he just got off
the phone with Vince McMahon and he has added a little more onto the Main Event for
the evening and that the scheduled Main Event of Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar has
been changed to Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero for the WWE
champrionship and onto his favorite part the bad news and the bad news is that at
the Royal Rumble John Cena injured his knee and Paul Heyman as put Cena on medical
suspension and he will not compete tonight in Pittsburgh John Cena's music hits and
he walks to the ring and says he doesnt care about a medical suspension and he will
compete tonight in the ring and the perfect oponent for him is Heyman then Rhyno
runs to the ring and hits a hard Gore on Cena Rhyno's music hits and Heyman and
Rhyno leave the

WWE Tag Team Title Match
WGTT vs Bashams
This is the longest match of the night and starts alot of boring chants which is
rightfully deserved.

Hotbody contest was next with Torrie Wilson,Nidia,Sable and Dawn Marie
Sable walked out saying she only strips for 1 person first up after that was Nidia
Then Dawn then Torrie the winner was left up to the audience believe it or not Nidia
got the biggest ovation but Torrie Wilson was announced the winner anyways

Rhyno's open challenge to anyone in the back was answered by Bradshaw

Rhyno vs Bradshaw
Real fast paced match ending came when Cena ran threw the crowd and grabed Rhynos
foot as he was going for the Gore Bradshaw hit the boot and got the 1.2.3

10 minute intermission

Next is the number 1contendership for the Cruiserweight Championship

Tajiri vs Jaime Noble vs Nunzio
Real short match which saw tajiri and nunzio mostly double team Noble.
winner: Tajiri

U.S Championship Match
Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly
Bout a 10 minute match and 8 minutes of it was spent with Show holding Holly in a
Chin Lockcrowd started a Big Show sucks chant which was answered by show with a F***
You im rich.
winner:Big Show

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chavo Guerrero w/Chavo Sr. vs Rey Mysterio
Rey Rey tells Chavo Sr. that if he tries anything Eddie is watching in the back and
will come out which doesnt happen despite Chavo Sr. helping Chavo Jr. Rey wins.
winner: Rey Mysterio

Main Event for the WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar
another 10 minute match which saw double teaming on lesnar the whole time Eddie
spent bout 5 minutes of the match laying outside lesnar wins with the F-5.
winner:Brock Lesnar

Show wasn't the best one i have gone too but i think any live wresting is enjoyable
to watch what really killed the show was the Nazi's that was the Mellon Arena
Security that kicked people out for yelling during the matches i have been going to
WWE shows at that arena for over 10 years and havent ever seen the Security liked
that matches would of been better if they were given more time to develope.

Biggest Pops
1.Kurt Angle
2.Eddie (during the Chavo/Rey match)
3.Eddies enterance
4.John Cena

Biggest heat
1.Paul Heyman
2.Heyman saying Cena wont wrestle
5.Big Show