WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (10/31/04) - Taped in Des Moines, Iowa

Sunday Night Heat Report-31st October 2004
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reader

Welcome one and all to another edition of Sunday Night Heat. I am your host Shaun Best, Todd Grisham & The Coach are on commentary & Jason/Justin Roberts is the ring announcer. Heat opens showing Eric Bischoff giving himself the night off last Monday on Raw. Cue credits and straight into……..

Rodney Mack w/Jazz vs Rhyno w/Tajiri
Jazz is looking better and better every week now as her and Mack enter to a negative reaction and Coach announces our main event for tonight as being Chuck Palumbo vs Chris Benoit. Should be off the chain. Big pop for Rhyno as he sprints to the ring with Tajiri in tow. Rhyno & Mack size each other up as a Rhyno chant breaks out. Mack isn’t amused and slaps Rhyno who retaliates with punches and a whip to the corner followed by a hiptoss. Rhyno positions for the Gore as he looks to finish this early but Mack moves and Rhyno goes flying through the ropes and to the outside where Jazz greets him with kicks to the body. Tajiri runs round to help his partner and Jazz backs away. Tajiri offers Rhyno encouragement as Mack comes out to kick Rhyno and ram his head into the guardrail and kick again before throwing him back into the ring. Mack covers but Rhyno kicks out at two. Mack drops axehandles and a knee to Rhyno on the canvas, elbowdrops connect and another cover gets another two count. Mack rams Rhyno into the top turnbuckle and DDTs Rhyno exposing the left shoulder. Another cover, another two count for Rodney Mack. Mack works on the arm on the canvas and applies an armbar to work on the hurt left shoulder of the man beast, Rhyno tries battling back to his feet but Mack manages to keep Rhyno down and applies more pressure. Rhyno refuses to quit and tries punching out, both combatants exchange punches and Rhyno is backed into the ropes, Rhyno comes off the ropes and a flying forearm on Mack takes both competitiors down. Mack gets to his feet first and kicks a kneeling Rhyno in the face, comes off the ropes and is met by a chop in the throat by the half standing Rhyno. Rhyno follows up with more chops and a ram of the face to the top turnbuckle. Rhyno punches away in the corner but Mack charges and takes Rhyno down with a clothesline. Mack looks to finish it by going to the top rope, Rhyno gets up cuts him off and goes upstairs himself. Both men jockey for position and land blows on the top but Rhyno manages to pull off a superplex. Rhyno covers but Mack manages to escape and this one isn’t over yet as Jazz breathes a sigh of relief on the outside. Both men get to their feet, exchange punches, Mack reverses an Irish whip to the corner and Rhyno’s back crashes and burns as he falls to the canvas. Mack kicks Rhyno in the head when he’s down, drags him back up and peppers him with jabs to the face. Rhyno punches back, Mack stops the momentum with a knee to the midsection, Mack goes to throw Rhyno to the ropes, Rhyno puts the brakes on turns round Mack and hits a belly to belly suplex. The crowd want a Gore and Rhyno backs to the corner but turns and sees Jazz in the ring. Jazz pleads for mercy as Tajiri sneaks in behind her, cinches in the tarantula and now Rhyno has a clear path, locks his eyes on Mack as the crowd get up in anticipation and Rhyno smashes into Mack with a Gore as this time it does connect. The ref counts to three as Tajiri releases the tarantula in the corner and Jazz drops to the ourtside. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: RHYNO. Post match the finish is replayed, Jazz sells the tarantula and Tajiri congratulates Rhyno.

Still to come Chuck Palumbo vs Chris Benoit.

Up Next Chris Jericho challenges Shelton Benjamin for IC Title on Raw last Monday.

Don’t Try This At Home.

Shelton Benjamin pins Chris Jericho in Rematch from Taboo Tuesday for IC Title on Raw last Monday with a cradle after reversing the Walls of Jericho. Post Match Jericho shakes Benjamin’s hand and Christian ambushes Shelton from behind, beats him down and poses with the IC Title.


La Resistance vs Ken Anderson & Lenny Lane
La Resistance are booed out of the building. The jobbers receive a flat reception as Coach refers to Lane as Y2J’s younger brother. I can see the resemblence. La Resistance have the mike and Sylvain spouts off some French and Robert translates bitching about the corrupt voting system which led to them losing the World Tag Team Titles to Chris Benoit at Taboo Tuesday. Conway announces that La Resistance have had it with audience participation, will rebel and regain their World Tag Team Titles as they are the great La Resistance. This gets some heel heat as we prepare to get started. La Resistance hug and Grenier starts things off with Ken Anderson and Sylvain takes control with a bodyslam followed by a kick to the back which leaves Anderson reeling. After ramming his head into the turnbuckle Grenier talks trash to the crowd which proves to be a mistake as Anderson has time to gather his bearings and he ducks a slug attempt and rolls up Grenier for a near fall. Anderson works the arm and tags in Lane. Lane comes in off the top rope with a fist to Grenier’s arm and he too continues to work on the arm until Grenier punches Lane down to the mat. Lane is Irish whipped to the corner but he leaps over a charging Grenier pushes him into the turnbuckle and scores with a rollup. Grenier is saved by Conway as he breaks up the cover at two and sends Lane over the top rope and to the floor. Anderson tries to come back in and the ref is distracted allowing Conway to beat on Lane with boots on the outside and when Anderson goes to check on his partner Grenier sneaks up from behind and and punches him down into the guardrail following a blow to the back of the head. With that Grenier throws Lane back into the ring, covers for a one count and repeatedly punches him in the head before throwing him into his corner and tagging in Conway. Grenier gets a few more shots in then Conway takes control for his team with a kick and punches in the corner and following some trash talking he punches Lane to the canvas. Conway tags Grenier back in and Irish whips Lane into Grenier who elbows him back into the path of Conway who plants Lane with a clothesline. Grenier leaps and drops a knee and gets another two count for his team. Grenier stays on the attack and scores with a backdrop and a kick to the back followed by a backbreaker as a USA chant breaks out. In retaliation Grenier knocks Anderson off the apron lands a few more kicks to Lane and signals for a tag however, Anderson tries to enter once again and Conway distracts the ref by pointing this out allowing himself to enter illegally and both La Resistance members take it in turns to beat down on Lane in the corner with clubbing blows to the back. Grenier goes out and Conway chokes Lane in the ropes and while he distracts the ref Grenier drops to the outside and lands a cheap shot of his own to Lane. Conway approaches Lane again and Lane tries to fight back with an elbow to the midsection and some punches but Conway regains the upper hand by falling down and taking Lane with him via a drop-toehold and after more clubbing to the back he slaps Lane on the canvas who responds with a punch of his own. Incensed, Conway drops an elbow and applies a chinlock whilst keeping his knee driven into Lane’s back. Lane fights his way out of it pretty quickly with backelbows and gets back to his feet but Conway drives his knee into the midsection, Irish whips him into the corner and charges. Lane meets him with an elbow to the face and a second charge by Conway results in him eating turnbuckles as Lane moves and leaps to his corner and tags in Anderson. Anderson charges in and takes down both members of La Resistance with punches and elbows, whips Conway into the ropes, connects with a spinning heel kick. Cover is broken up by Grenier at two and now all four men are in as Lane is back in and punches away at Grenier but a charge results in Grenier tossing him over the top rope and to the floor. Grenier turns round and Anderson boots him in the midsection and sets up for a neckbreaker but as he turns round he sees Conway who has got back to his feet and Conway hits a boot to the midsection and together with Grenier quickly execute the au revoir and Conway covers for the victory as Grenier slides outside and kicks at the fallen Lane. 1-2-3. Here are Your Winners: LA RESISTANCE.

Later Randy Orton takes on Ric Flair in an all or nothing rematch from Taboo Tuesday last Monday on Raw.

Up Next Maven has something to say last Monday on Raw.

Survivor Series is coming on November 14.

Maven steps up on Raw last Monday by challenging and rolling up Batista for the surprise victory. Batista goes to beat on Maven post match but Benoit & Jericho enter before any damage can be done and the line of three faces and Batista have a staredown.


WWE Rewind: Last Monday on Raw Triple H has a challenge for Randy Orton. Orton gets a World Heavyweight Title shot at Survivor Series if he beats Ric Flair again in Taboo Tuesday re-match.

Highlights of Randy Orton vs Ric Flair from Raw last Monday. Triple H bashes Orton with a chair allowing Flair to get the cover meaning Orton gets no more title shots as long as Triple H is champion. Post match the faces of Raw all unite to block Triple H & Flair from escaping and Triple H gets beaten down in the ring by Maven, Jericho, Benoit & Orton. Orton finishes Triple H’s beating with an RKO.

Up Next Chuck Palumbo vs Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit Raw Promo Airs.


Chuck Palumbo vs Chris Benoit
Main event time now boys and girls. Benoit is currently 2-0 on Heat and I predict him to be 3-0 by the end of this one but I’m confident that Chucky P will give him a good match. Chuck gets booed out of the arena as he makes his way to the ring and eh get this grabs a mike when inside. Palumbo’s getting promo time and it’s about time too in my opinion. A very underrated superstar. Chuck makes cross references between cars and how the fans didn’t vote him in for the IC Title match at Taboo Tuesday. Shame on you if you didn’t vote Palumbo. He also makes reference to himself as Custom Chucky P. Chuck is cut off by Chris Benoit’s music and Benoit makes his way to the ring amidst a deafening pop. Benoit comes equipped with both World Tag Team Titles and before we get underway highlights are shown of how Benoit raised the straps from La Resistance at Taboo Tuesday even after Edge left him high and dry. Anyways back to the match and Chuck gees himself up using the roes while Benoit remains focused on Palumbo. Both lockup and Chuck backs Benoit into a corner, the ref steps in and there’s no clean break as Chuck slaps Benoit in the face. Benoit looks away and quickly comes back with two stinging chops to the chest. Second lockup and Chuck applies a side headlock, Chuck thrown into ropes by Benoit but Benoit is taken down by a hard shoulderblock, cover 1-2, Benoit kicks out at two. Third lockup and Benoit grabs an arm and starts to work on it, Chuck gets to the ropes and Benoit breaks, another lockup and Chuck applies another side headlock and takes Benoit down to the canvas. Benoit gets back to his feet, Chuck into the ropes, skips over Benoit, off the ropes again and this time Chuck is taken down by a Benoit backelbow. Chuck backs into a corner and Benoit follows and chops away but Palumbo turns it around and drives his head into the midsection of the Rabid Wolverine three times. Chuck goes back to the side headlock takedown, Benoit slowly gets to his feet and both are in the ropes. Chuck connects with clubbing blows to the back and throws Benoit into the ropes but Benoit ducks underneath Chuck and lands more chops but Chuck swats him away and Benoit falls down. Chuck charges but goes over the top rope feet first and Benoit levels Chuck on the floor following a dive through the ropes. At this point the action is clipped and we are now back in the ring with Palumbo putting the boots to Benoit and then executing a backdrop. Chuck covers but Benoit kicks out at two. Palumbo applies a chokehold/chinlock on the canvas, Benoit backelbows his way out punches and then goes to kick Chuck in the midsection, Chuck catches the foot, reels in Benoit and takes him down with a clothesline. Chuck covers but can only get two so he picks Benoit up and connects with a spinning tornado punch and Benoit falls back and sells it really well as he falls like he’s in slow motion. Chuck wastes a bit of time seemingly impressed with his work so far but that costs him as when he makes a cover Benoit is able to kick out at two, but just barely. Chuck pulls Benoit up goes for another clothesline but Benoit counters and tries to apply the Crippler Crossface but Chuck manages to struggle to the ropes before Benoit can lock in the hold. Chuck gets up, drops an elbow on Benoit, and another one, hits a third and goes for another cover but Benoit kicks out at two again. Chuck isn’t happy with the counts so he applies the chinlock again and is trying valiantly to choke Benoit out. The crowd start to rally and get behind Benoit
but Chuck punches him down to the mat, killing any momentum and whips him to the corner. Chuck charges but eats boot from Benoit and a Benoit charge from the ropes takes both men down. The ref lays the count on and Chuck is up at six and drops an axehandle onto the fallen Benoit. Now Chuck attempts a powerslam into the corner but Benoit wriggles out takes off Chuck’s headscarf in the process delivers vicious blows to the back of Palumbo and goes for the german suplex. Chuck manages to elbow his way out and goes to kick at Benoit but Benoit catches the leg, takes Palumbo down with a dragonscrew, and goes for the Sharpshooter but no Chuck kicks Benoit away. Benoit gets up charges at Chuck ducks and goes behind and delivers a staggering five german suplexes and Chuck is in trouble now. Benoit gets up and signals for the end and goes to the top rope to deliver the flying headbutt but Chuck moves at the last moment and Benoit crashes into canvas. Benoit winces favouring the midsection and Chuck is down too as the ref starts another count. Chuck gets up at eight as Benoit is only halfway up, comes off the ropes and takes Benoit down with a boot to the face. Chuck covers but Benoit kicks out at two and Chuck is really frustrated arguing with the ref in the corner. Chuck picks Benoit up and sets up for a samoan drop but wait Benoit slips free, takes Chuck down and locks in the Crippler Crossface from nowhere in the centre of the ring. Chuck tries to resist but has nowhere to go and he taps out. Here is Your Winner: CHRIS BENOIT. Post match Benoit celebrates with the World Tag Team Titles.

Coach & Grisham shill for Raw. Grisham thanks us for watching. End of Show.

Have a good week everybody and I’ll see you back here next week for Heat. Shaun.