Triple H's Backstage Status, Heyman, Stephanie Backing Laurenaitis, Austin/Rock

- There is still a lot of talk backstage revolving around John Laurenaitis replacing Jim Ross as talent relations V.P. While several wrestler's are still not sold on the move, including Triple H, he does have the backing of Stephanie McMahon.

- While Bruce Prichard's return could reduce Heyman's role on the writing team, Heyman will still remain involved.

- What ever progess Triple H made backstage over the summer in terms of his rapport with the other wrestlers is said to be regressing. He was able to win over some of the guys in the back by elevating some of the other talent on the show, but since then has returned to his old ways of making himself the centerpiece of the show. This has once again ticked several of the other workers off that Triple H makes sure the show revolves around him and many of them feel that he has been given everything, but has still never reached the popularity of The Rock or Steve Austin.

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