John Cena's Raps, Kane's Expected Return Date

- As we already know, Kane will be filming a WWE produced movie "Eye Scream Man" for the next 2-3 months in Australia. The earliest possible return date for Kane at this point would be the Royal Rumble. Sources within the company have gone on record stating that the current expectation is that when he does return, he will return as a babyface and will continue his feud with Gene Snitsky.

- When John Cena was first performing his raps, he was writing all of his material, but that has since changed with the writing team now feeding Cena most of his lines. Some within the company have started to feel that the raps have become "lame" & "corny" which has upset other young performers. They would rather see someone fail or succeed on their own, because they know that the writing team will not take any credit for someone's failures. Many of the current raps that Cena had been doing were written by Brian Gewirtz.

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