Official WWE SmackDown! Preview (3/4): Road To WrestleMania XX

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Just over a week from WrestleMania XX, SmackDown! comes to you from Savannah, Georgia -- the final SmackDown! away from the New York City area before WrestleMania! What developments for the big event will take place? Find out on SmackDown!

Last week, General Manager Paul Heyman announced that WrestleMania will feature an Open Cruiserweight Elimination Match where any cruiserweight contender may challenge for the championship currently held by Chavo Guerrero. Will any contenders throw their hat into the ring for this match? Tune in to find out.

Also, last week, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle had their first confrontation since Angle's brutal assault on Guerrero two weeks ago, and to say the least it was an ugly encounter that led to Guerrero's incarceration. Will the two be kept apart this week? Watch SmackDown! to find out.

All of this and more on SmackDown! at 8/7 CT on UPN!

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