WWE House Show Results (11/6/04) - Miami, Florida

Miami, FL 11/6/04
By: Steve "Spydey", rajah.com reader

I went to the Smackdown Holla Holla tour last night in Miami, FL and here's how it went down....

Nunzio vs. Orlando Jordan

Orlando Jordan plays a really good heal. The match was mostly dominated by Orlando Jordan and as he was taunting the crowd Nunzio rolled him up and gets the 1-2-3. Nunzio celbrates his victory when Jordan attacks him from behind and powerslams him and wants the ref to count - but the ref refuses...that is until JBL comes out and demands that he counts - so he does and JBL and Jordan declare Jordan the winner..

Winner - Nunzio

Next up was - TORRIE WILSON - wow is she hot. She came out and did the whole t-shirt into the crowd thing. She lets us know that she will be back later on to give us a preview of her sex test...hopefully she will need a volunteer!

Dudleys vs. Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree for the WWE Tag Team Titles

Started out kind of slow with the Dudleys working the crowd with chants of USA. Bubba gets on the mic and says we are not in Japan and we are definetly not in France and that we are in the good ole USA! Match is pretty back and forth and at one point Bubba goes into the crowd and sits with the fans while Devon is doing his thing. They do their signature - DEVON - get the tables...doesnt work as Devon is getting the table Suzuki baseball slides him out of the match. Referee gets distracted and Bubba gets hit in the head with the French flag pole by Dupree. Match ends there with a 1-2-3.

Winner - Kenzo and Rene

Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool for the United States Title

Probably the worst match of the night. I'm not going to bore you with the details of it. Carlito rolls Harcore up and uses the rops to get the 1-2-3.

Winner - Carlito Cool

Eddie Guerrero & Big Show vs. Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns w/ Mark Jindrak

This match starts off with the Big Show wanting to start the match but nobody wants to get into the ring, so Eddie is forced to start. Big Show does a chicken dance in the middle of the ring because nobody wants to start off against him. That's a huge chicken! Eddie takes a pretty good whoopin while hes in the ring but then tags the Big Show and he cleans house - ultimately leady up to a big chokeslam on Luther Reigns followed by the frog splash by Eddie - 1-2-3. After the match Eddie encourages Big Show to dance and after a little crowd encouragement Big Show does the "Eddie dance"

Winner - Eddie Guerrero and Big Show

Here comes Torrie again. She asks for a volunteer and nearly gets stormed by the Miami Crowd. She is about to pick someone when out comes JBL in his damn limo. He comes to the ring and tells Torrie she is a $2 whore and that he has his American Express Platinum card and tells her to leave with Orlando Jordan and that he will meet them at the 4 seasons at about 2AM. Crowd really gets on JBL for inturrupting Torrie. She slams the smile off his face and runs out but not before give him the double finger - I call it the double Austin. Now JBL starts talking crap about the crowd. Saying nobody knows how to speak english and that our national hero is Ricky Williams because all he does is smoke weed. He then says that his family came to America in a boat and not an inner tube like most people in Miami. Asshole chant starts and JBL says its about time we chanted something in english. He says he would love to fight the Undertake but hes busy later on and that we paid money to see JBL defend his title so he picks....the ring announcer. HOLLA HOLLA...Teddy Long is not going to stand for this and comes out to the ring saying these people deserve a title match and that we paid a lot of money to see the smackdown stars. So he announces the title match and the challenger is Rey Mysterio...

Rey Mysterio vs JBL for the WWE Title

JBL dominates the first part of this match, even getting on his knees to make fun of Mysterio's height. Rey hits a bunch of his high flying moves - really cool to see in person. Orlando Jordan comes in and tries to hit Mysterio with the belt but misses and Rey hits the 619...very cool. However, JBL then nails Mysterio with the belt and gets the 1-2-3.

Winner - JBL

Jackie Gayda vs. Dawn Marie w. special ref Funaki

Slow and boring match - but it was ok because there were 2 pretty hot girls fighting. Jackie wins with a good ole fashion school boy. Lots of we want Rico chants...go figure.

Winner - Jackie Gayda

After the match Charlie Haas comes out on his crutches and soon after that here comes Heidenreich. This guy is huge. He hits everyone with the crutches, including Jackie. "We want Taker" chant starts and Heidenreich gets on the mic and says you guys want the Taker - well so do I. No sooner does he say that then we here the first GONG...Here comes the Taker - awesome entrance. I haven't seen this guy since I was at the Garden for Summerslam '91. Undertaker is HUGE. He controls most of the match but does take his fair share of beating. He goes for an old school and gets tossed out of the rung. He comes back with a bunch of right hands but then the pull and double clothesline. Undertaker sits up and goes for the chokeslam but doesn't hit it. Heidenreich hits the ropes...and then the Undertakers boot. Undertaker hits the chokeslam and then signals that the end is near. Taker scoops him up and Tombstones him - 1-2-3.

Winner - Undertaker

Here comes JBL and Orlando Jordan. .JBL gets on the mic and complains that he has been the Champ for over 6 months and nobody ever talks about him. The only thing anyone ever talks about is the Undertaker. Undertaker shrugs his shoulders. JBL is sick of it. These people should be chanting my name and all the want to see is you. Taker moves his hand in the motion that JBL is all talk and then puts his fists up as to see no more talking - lets fight. JBL would like nothing better than to kick the Undertakers ass, but not tonight. So he is going to leave now that he has said his peace. Taker looks at Jordan and JBL goes to hit Taker with the mic but fails. Taker hits the chokeslam. Here comes Jordan - big time Chokeslam. Then the Tombstone to JBL. Undertaker leaves to a huge standing ovation. JBL then gets the mic while still on the ground and asks if there is a doctor in the building that speaks english. He wants all of our names and phone numbers because he is going to sue the Undertaker for beating him up again. Then he asks Jordan if he is ok and Jordan responds "no I'm not ok...I've been beaten up by 2 little guys (nunzio and mysterio) and then chokeslammed". JBL says he can't feel his leg and says hes going to South Beach to see if Torrie will accept his AMEX Platinum.

Overall it was a very good show. People should come out more in support of these Smackdown guys...they really do a good job. The upper deck was blacked out, but the rest of the AAA was pretty well filled up.


Undertaker - great to see the legend in person
Torrie - Very sexy - too bad we didn't get the preview of the sex test (damn JBL)
Eddie and Big Show - everyone loves these guys
Dudley Boys - I'm a little confused - I thought they were "Heels"
Teddy Long - Holla Holla


JBL - by far - how are you going to inturrupt Torrie Wilson?!?!
Orlando Jordon - suck up - tried to start chants of J-B-L - didnt't work
Suzuki and Dupree - very hated - USA!!
Kurt Angle - got to love the "you suck" chant while his music plays