WWE Smackdown! Report (2/26/04) - Taped in Kansas City, Missouri

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Cole and Tazz welcome us to Kansas City, MO.

Tonight, John Cena and Eddie Guerrero face off against Chavo Jr and the Big Show.

Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Kidman - Winner gets a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Title at Wrestlemania.
Nunzio takes off on Mysterio but is cut off by Kidman who is cut off by Noble. Mysterio launches off Kidman onto Noble then Nunzio takes over. Noble clotheslines Kidman over the top. Mysterio gets planted face first by Nunzio. Eddie Guerrero is shown in back as he barges into Heyman's locker room where Tajiri is talking to him. He tells us he is going to beat the hell out of Kurt and anyone involved last week. He says Heyman was the one who made Kurt the referee. Heyman tells him to calm down and conduct himself like a champion. Heyman doesn't answer to Eddie. Eddie answers to him and he is in the middle of busines right now. Heyman turns to Tajiri and group and apologizes. Back to the match, Noble with a backbreaker on mysterio. Mysterio baseball slides out and gives the spinning headscissors to Nunzio. Kidman goes up and comes down on the other three outside the ring. He throws Noble back in. Enzugiri. He goes for the shooting star off the top but Nunzio cuts him off until Nunzio is crotches and Kidman falls out. Mysterio in. Double clothesline.

Commerical break.

Headscissors on Noble from Mysterio. Noble with a powerbomb attempt but Mysterio turns it into a face drop into the ropes. He goes for the 619 but is stopped by Kidman. Noble with a reverse Dragon sleeper on Kidman and Nunzio off the top with a dropkick on both. Mysterio takes over on Nunzio. Springboard crossbody. Kidman breaks the count. Mysterio fights Kidman with a face plant. Kidman with a drop toehold on Muystrio in the corner. Mysterio off the top with a moonsault. Mysterio with a bulldog on Noble. DDT on Kidman. Noble throws Mysterio out and belly to back suplexes Nunzio. Nunzio whips Noble into Kidman who launches him over. Mysterio back in with the 619 on Nunzio. Mysterio is about to springboard in when Heyman comes out and stops the match. It has come to his attention that there are no Japanese representatives in the match and, to avoid a lawsuit, he has reaches an out-of-court settlement. Chavo Jr. will not defend the title against anyone in the match at Wrestlemania. He will defend it against ANY cruiserweight in a Crusierweight Elimination match. Mysterio flies over the top onto Tajiri. Kidman shoves Heyman down.

Cole and Tazz show us Angle's turn on Guerrero from last week.

Later on tonight, Kurt Angle will explain why he turned on Eddie Guerrero.

Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The APA - Non-Title Match
Farooq in the Scotty. Farooq shoves him down out of the lock-up. Farooq with a knee and a punch. Whip into the ropes and Scotty off with a punch and moonwalk. Farooq applauds then punches him. Bradshaw tags in. Double shoulder tackle. Suplex on Scotty. Scotty tags out to Rikishi but Bradshaw doesn't see it. Belly to belly suplex on Bradshaw. Boot and shoulder tackle on Rikishi out of the corner. Bradshaw goes for a piledriver but Rikishi back drops him. Butt splash misses. Rikishi with a headbutt. He sets up for the Stinkface but Farooq clotheslines him. Rikishi with a superkick on Bradshaw and a Samoan drop on Farroq. The Bashams come to the ring but are knocked off the apron by Rikishi and Scotty. Bradshaw seizes the opportunity and knocks out Rikishi with the Clothesline from Hell.

Commercial break.

We are shown the video from this past Monday, including Brock Lesnar hitting the F5 on Steve Austin.

Brock is in the dressing room with Josh. He asks why Brock F5's Steve Austin. Lesnar says last week he had to get down on his knees to beg for the match. If it weren't for Goldberg and Austin, he would still be WWE Champion. The only thing that matters to him is revenge. If Steve Austin interferes, he will know the meaning of feeling the pain.

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Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring. The WWE Champion receives a huge ovation and says that in the past eleven days, people come up to him and ask how long he's going to hold onto it. He's taking it one day at a time and thanking each day as the champ. Maybe if he can have eleven days, he can be blessed with two years like he has in his recovery. One day at a time. He has learned the responsiblity of being a man and when it's time to defend himself. He calls Kurt Angle out. Angle is nowhere to be seen. Eddie says since Angle likes to jumo people from behind, he'll bring the fight to him instead of waiting. He leaves the ring and goes in back. He encounters Paul Heyman. heyman tells him not to throw it awat. Eddie tries to kick in Angle's door . Heyman tries to stop him until Angle is seen in the background and tells Eddie where he is, standing with a number of police officers. Guerrero shoves Heyman into Dawn Marie and she tumbles down with screams. Heyman goes balistic and demands the police take him away and he is led out.

Commercial break.

We see video of what just occurred in back.

Billy Gunn vs. Brock Lesnar
Lock-up roll around the ring. Lesnar with stomps and shoulder takles in the corner. Belly to belly suplex. Lesnar misses a shoulder tackle in the corner and connects with the ringpost. Gunn goes on the defensive and works over the shoulder. Cross arm breaker. Gunn goes over the top as Brock holds the ropes down off a whip and charge. Lesnar follows him out but is posted on his shoulder. Gunn goes for a charge in the corner but Lesnar with a knee to the gut. Anderson spinebuster. Back and forth when Lesnar catches Gunn in a powerslam. Lesnar locks on a reverse bearhug bodyscissors. Gunn comes back with elbows and punches but Lesnar gives the German suplex. Back to the rear bearhug. Gunn staggers up and fights back until he misses a charge in the corner and Lesnar sticks the F5 for the pin.
WINNER: Brock Lesnar

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The cat growls as Sable and Torrie come to the ring in dresses. Torrie says it's because of everyone there that they are on the cover of Playboy. As far as Jackie and Stacy are concerned, she thinks she and Sable work very well together and she's very...excited. Sable says jealousy is a very ugly thing. SmackDown has the hottest and classiest divas.

John Cena is down to the ring. The divas dance to his music. He salutes D. Thomas. He cuts a rap for the divas. Mysterio pops up and is replacing Eddie Guerrero as Cena's partner.

Commercial break.

John Cena & Mysterio vs. The Big Show & Chavo Guerrero Jr. w/Chavo Sr.
Chavo and Mysterio start out. Mat wrestling before Chavo connects with a forearm. Mysterio comes back with a series of his own and follows with a headscissors. Chavo counters with a face plant. Show tags in and tosses Mysterio into the corner. The hugest Beal throw you've ever seen. Chavo back in with kicks. Back suplex for two. Show tags in and delivers a kick to the gut. Club to the back and Chavo tags back in. Mysterio fights back and hits a bulldog. Cena in and two clotheslines into a high back bodydrop. He goes up top and comoes down with a double ax handle. Big fist drop. Chavo Sr up on the rpon and Cena drops him. Show catches him in a choke from the outside but Cena counters with a throat drop across the ropes. Cena goes for the FU but Show climbs in with a superkick. Show drags Chavo over to their corner and forces the tag.

Commercial break.

Show with an elbow on Cena's knee. Cena struggles back but gets a boot to the face. Chavo in with a forearm uppercut. chavo drags Cena back to the corner by his bad leg. Show tags in and gives a headbutt. Whip into the corner and Cena brings his legs up. He jumps on Show's back with the sleeper. Show dumps him but is worn. Cena tags in Mysterio who delivers kicks to Show and springboards in for a two count. Chavo tags in and connects with the triple suplex. He goes up top and goes for the frogsplash but misses. All four men are in the ring. Cena dumps Show over and follows him out. Show whips Cena into the railing but Cena ducks the charge and Show spills over. Mysterio with the headscissors and 619 for the pin.
WINNERS: John Cena & Mysterio
Chavo Sr in the ring and punching Mysterio. Cena comes in and hits a modified FU. Show in with a clothesline and chokeslam. He chokeslams Cena.

Kurt Angle is shown. For one week, he's been asked why. Was it jealousy, revenge, the belt? He asks if we're ready for the truth.

Commercial break.

Angle to the ring. Many people have asked him why he attacked Eddie Guerrero. He did it because it was the right thing to do. He did it for us. He did it for the fans of SmackDown. He did it for America. Eddie Guerrero is a former drug addict. He tells children that it's cool to lie, cheat and steal. Well it's not cool. People in America and fans of SmackDown need to remember America was founder on morals, character and principles. We need to go back and do what's right for ourchildren and children's children. America gives us the freedom to make choices. We need to teach them to make the right ones. He questions if Eddie has a clear conscience. He wonders if Eddie will fall off the wagon again because that's what all addicts do. A drug addict is the last person we need to represent the WWE. He won't let Eddie destroy the morals of this great nation. It hurt him to attack Eddie. He prayed over it. He made a deal with the devil and Heyman and the Chavos. But it was the right thing to do. He knows he'll pay the price and face scrutiny, but he will do it to make the world a better place. He will be an American hero and someday we will thank him. He will be a champion we can be proud of.

Eddie from the crowd with a clothesline. They spill out to the runway. Heyman stops Guerrero with the police. They handcuff him slowly lead him past Angle and Heyman. In back, Angle keeps running him down, agitating Eddie. Angle slams the police car door on him, shouting at him through the glass.

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