WWE House Show Results (2/1/04) - Toledo, Ohio

Report by: Scott Polidore, rajahwwf.com reader

TOLEDO,OHIO SMACKDOWN! brand show. ok, first off the even wasnt even half full again
but that dont mean anything since last time it was even worse here and the box
office was still over $100,000. so here it goes from here.

..........ok wait lemme say this, the security and seating for this event SUCKED! i
was in the front row and jack shit happened on our end! no wrestlers came over to
the far right corner of the railing, me and my friend were seated next to this OBESE
HEAVYWEIGHT lady who kept talking to us with no response on our end. the seats were
zip tied together which made my ass fall asleep since the seats were so close
together i had to sit on the corner of my seat the whole night............THEY WERE
MADE OF WOOD!!! this was a complete 180 from last time i had this same seat back in
1997 when bret hart had the figure 4 on the undertaker on the ring post on my side
of the ring.

ok the show starts with tony chimel coming out there and saying place oyur hand over
your heart for the national anthem and we're gonna have a drawing for the jvc tower
of power........then paul e comes out to the ring and says hes not giving anyway
anything to anyone in toledo ohio. small ecw chants start then paul e says how the
main event was supposed to be kurt angle versus..........BRROCK....LLLLLESNAR!!!!!
so he changes it to angle /lesnar..........."eddie" chants start then he says "ok
and eddie guerrero." then he goes on to say that cena is suspended til he sees a
doctor of his chosing then cena comes out to a HUGE pop. heyman is standin in the
ring during cena's whole intro saying "NO,NO.NO.NO!!" music stops and vena gets in
the ring to heyman still saying "NO!" and he walks over to him like he has a can of
spray and goes "SHHHHHH!!!" heyman falls down numerous times and then cena runs out
of "shh" and pours the whole can of "shhh" on him. then plays like hes pissing on
e. and still goes "shhh" he comes out in the best throw back basketball jersey i've
ever seen, it was a clevland cavs jersey and it was sweet. he comes out there and
cuts a promo on paul e and says something like "look at the smackdown GM, hes got
no testicals, oh my god hes a damn trans sexual!!" i was laughin my ass off. then
rhyno comes down and gores cena, i was lookin for paul e to say "GORE! GORE!" he
didnt though. cena gets up and says something like "ima go shove this chain up
paul e's ass"

anyway heres the matches.
Orlando Jordan Vs. Chuck Palumbo decent match with a couple good spots and great
wrestling over all on both mens parts. lord knows why they're being held down in
favor of people like triple h. oh wait i know why! cuz triple bitch is screwing
mcmahons daughter!! damn!, i almost forgot! anyway, there was one blown spot but was
barely noticeable to the casual wrestling fan. but for wrestling fans like
me................ ok anyway, jordan wins with a rollup.
P.S. matches arent all in order but i was pissed at the conditions for the event so
bare with me.
A-Train vs. Billy Gunn good match but i had got a phone call and had to answer it.
billy gunn gets the baldo bomb, but wiggles out of it at the last second and hits
the fame asser. shave your back chants all through the match. some idiot thinks that
wrestling is fake or something across from us and calls out a train. ok he might've
got pinned but make no mistake that the guy is almost 7 feet tall and could kick his
ass. so they talk to the guy and he sits down all embarassed since they saved him
from an old fashioned ass whoopin'.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Basham Brothers w/ Shaniqua Vs. WGTT Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas
great match but this fucked up city wasnt too into people cutting promos. i tell you
its all casual wrestling fans cuz when they see a person whos not on t.v. all the
time they dont know who it is and are therefore lost. shaniqua is a legit 6' tall
since i was eye level with her. good match and it was cool to see shelton benjamin
superkick shaniqua..........therefore putting any rumors to bed about bradshaw
saying shaniqua is shelton benjamin with a wig on. bashams win.

Bikini Contest Nidia/Sable/Torrie Wilson/Dawn Marie
ok for starters i was already pissed since torrie wilson wins all of these at house
shows. sable walks out and says she only strips for mcmahon. nidia shouldve won
since i had a flag pole in my pants but thats neither here nor there. she was
falling out of her top and can we say camel toe? my friend was all geeked about
it......i was too. anyway torrie wins and it sucked cuz nobody cheered for her, all
the cheers were for nidia.

intermission was somewhere in here. so ill just make it happen here.

Bradshaw Vs. Rhyno

ok match, i miss seeing the APA so i was pissed. john cena comes down and trips
rhyno when he was about to gore bradshaw to set up the clothesline from hell and the
WWE United States Title Match
Big Show Vs. Hardcore Holly
question,how come every time ive seen paul wight since 1998 hes gotten bigger? this
match was shorter than the rumble match with lesnar and holly. choke slam and i
called it a mile away.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero W/ Chavo Sr. Vs. Rey Mysterio
great match with chavo sr. interfering a lot of times. AGAIN, all wrestlers avoided
this side of the rind and man it was brutal. rey wins with the West Coast Pop and
chavo senior couldnt be anymore pissed.

Triple Threat match for the #1 contender spot for the cruiserweight title.
Jamie "by god" Noble "the redneck messiah" Vs. Tajiri Vs. Nunzio
great match with good spots and tajiri is a damn fool with the way he laughs and
everything. i was laughing pretty good. anyway i got a picture of the tarantula but
then right at the home spot of the match, this guy and his 2 year old bastard son
walk by for the 5th time that night and block my view of the tajiri mist and kick of
death and he gets past me just intim for the 3 count which i was pissed about. note
to all parents, if ur kid is under 8, leave their asses home in bed cuz we all payed
$40 to see WRESTLING, not the back of you and your kids head as you walk by. tajiri
pins nunzio after the green mist and kick of death which i had to ask someone what
happened. i was in the lobby after this match and saw the guy who got punked by
a-train talkin to his friend trying to tell them he punked a- train.

WWE World Heavyweight Champinoship Triple threat match
Kurt Angle Vs. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Brock Lesnar

EXCELLENT match. lesnar comes out to cheers and "goldberg" chants. lots of F-5's and
angle slams and frog splashes. the entire match was eddie and kurt teaming up on
lesnar until eddie tried to pin lesnar after angle did the angle slam on him lesnar.
from here on it was finisher after finisher with near fall after near fall. until
eddie goes and hits angle in the nuts and allows angle to be pinned by lesnar. after
the match, lesnar leaves immediately and the dumb ass ring security tells everyone
to leave but angle is on the mic and is talking to eddie. angle asks why eddie hit
him in the nuts, it mighta been real but who knows cuz angle was falling on the
ground when he didnt have the mic and was holding himself. anyway back to my story,
eddie replies with "hey ese, lie, cheat, and steal, homes" so angle says "well you
didnt have to 'lie, cheat, and steal my nuts!!' " so the crowd laughes and they
talked for about 5 minutes on the mic and then angle thanked everyone for coming out
tonight and that we're the best fans in the world. end show......

there were very few side noted here, except for that the casual wrestling fans in
the house were chanting "you suck" when angle came out. funny..............i thought
he was a face.

Biggest Pops
1. John Cena
2. Eddie Guerrero
3. Hardcore Holly

Biggest Heat
1.Chavo Guerrero (odd but hey it works)
2.Brock Lesnar
3.Paul Heyman

only one booth of merchandise which sucked and i didnt buy anything since it was so
crowded. oh well, im $25 dollars richer for not spending.

i was pissed about the cat not being here, i wanted to see him wrestle.
paul london A.K.A. jeremy lopez wasnt here either so thats kind of a bummer. oh
well. im outta here to go watch RAW which just has to be better than this live show
i Forked over $40 and stood in sub zero temps for 3 hours to get tickets for. and
whats up with radio stations getting all thes wrestling "fans" backstage to meet
wrestlers? i stood in negative 12 degree weather to get front row seats and got