WWE Confidential Recap (2/28/04) - Dudley Boyz, Stone Cold, more

This week on Confidential, Stone Cold takes a tour of
Ft. Hood in Texas. We also go Outside The Ropes with
The Duddleys and, Matt Hardy and Christian cook some
Japanese Pancakes.

First, Stone Cold and JR take a tour of the Ft. Hood
military base in Texas. Stone Cold gets to sit in a
Longbow Apache, as well as learn the controls. To fly
the Apache you have to go through a year and a half of
training. Next, Stone Cold and JR go to the shooting
range to fire an M349. After a quick safety briefing,
they begin firing. Steve Austin seemed to have trouble
with the size of his helmut. Finally, Stone Cold tells
a few troops how much the WWE supports them in
everything they do.

Up Next: Matt Hardy and Christian Cook Pancakes, Japanese Style!

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Matt hardy and Christian visited a Japanese Pancake
house during the last tour of Japan. They sat down and
had their meal. They then thought it would be a good
idea to open a Japanese Pancake House in the United
States, so they ask the chef for some tips. The chef
allowed them to go behind the grill and cook their own
food. After alot of tries, and some scolding from the
chef, they learn to make pancakes. Matt and Christian
say that there are about 20 steps in making Japanese
pancakes and it was difficult.

Up Next: Outside The Ropes with The Duddley Boys

Sting Of The Night: Last Monday - Christian Beats Up Trish


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Outside The Ropes with The Duddley Boys

1.) As much as you break tables, do you see an
endorsement from Lowes or Home Depot in your future? I
think we definetly keep them in business.
2.) Alot of companies fine their employees for
breaking office material. If the WWE fined you for
every table you have broken, how much money would you
owe? Millions, possibly Billions.
3.) We all know you have your roots in Philadelphia,
with ECW. Have you ever had a good Philly Cheesesteak,
outside of Philly? Look at us, of course we've had
lots of good Philly Cheesesteaks, just not outside of
4.) Is there any mascot better than the Philly
Fanatic? There is some lady, I don't know her name.
5.) What are your biggest pet peeves? D-Von: Nothing
Buh Buh: D-Von
6.) What do you think about the movie "The Passions Of
The Christ"? D-Von: I can't wait to see it.
7.) What is worse, the 3D - Duddley Death Drop or Jaws
3D? The 3D.

Up Next: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

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Wrestlemania XX is in 15 Days

Eric Bischoff says his favorite match comes from 1998
at WCW/nWo Souled Out, Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
The match starts with Jericho outside, Mysterio goes
for a 619, but hurts his knee. The rest of the match
is nothing but Jericho working on his knee. Jericho
wins with the "Liontamer" aka "The Walls Of Jericho".

Up Next: Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade Shoot Hoops

WWE Rewind: Last Monday - Brock Lesnar gives Stone

Cold an F5


Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak went to the University
of Houston to play in a celebrity basketball game.
Jindrak receives number 25, which he wore in college.
Cade is playing defense. Jindrak says his strengths
are: Dunking, Jumping, and Getting Rebounds. Jindrak
and Cade's team wins the game.

Up Next: Eddie Guerrero Celebrates After Winning The WWE Championship


Wrestlemania Recall: Wrestlemania III - Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant

After Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Championship at No
Way Out he went backstage and received hugs from alot
of the Smackdown superstars, including: Rikishi, Big
Show, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Jr. and Chavo Sr., so much
for Kayfabe, huh. He also called his wife to thank her
for all of her support.

And That Wraps Up This Weeks Show.
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