Dark Matches, Heat *Spoilers*, Notes (3/1/04) - Atlanta, Georgia

Sunday Night Heat/Dark Match Results from 03.01.04 Raw in Atlanta, GA
From: Jesse, rajahwwf.com WoW columnist

Dark Matches

Mike Bucci defeated Local Atlanta Wrestler
Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the other wrestler. Mike Bucci played
the heel, dressed like a "preppy" from the 1980's, including Rayban sunglasses.
Nice back and forth match with the Atlanta wrestler wrestling in a cruiser-style. A
few boring chants before the Atlanta guy headed up to the top rope. He went for a
Senton Bomb but Bucci got his knees up. Bucci then scored with a flying neckbreaker
like manuever.

Bane & Seven from OVW deafeated Price & Spector (?)
Price & Spector were dressed in full-on bowling outfits. They even wore bowling
shoes and carried a bowling all bag. Rather dull match that did little to get the
crowd into Bane & Seven who were playing the faces. Seven & Bane picked up
the win with a double team manuever.

Sunday Night Heat

Rene Dupree w/ Rob Conway defeated Spike Dudley
Spike got the first major pop of the night. The crowd was actually pretty into the
match. Conway tried to assist, which ended up getting he and Dupree a placha on the
outside from Spike from the top rope. Spike got control toward the end of the match
and went for the Dudley Dog. Conway reversed it into the DVD and got the win.

Steven "Stevie Night Heat" Richards defeated "Onyx"
Not sure if that was the name of the other wrestler because the crowd was too loud.
Short match with Onyx dominating most of it. Richards got the win with the
Stevie-T. Afterward he got a sign from one of the guys in the crowd that said
"Stevie Night Heat." He climbed the turnbuckle and held it up before carrying it
with him to the back.

The Dudley Boyz defeated Lance Storm & Val Venis
The crowd went crazy for the Dudley Boyz and gave a strong pop for Venis & Storm
as well. Admiration was shown at the beginning of the match between the two teams,
but that soon faded. Unfortunately Storm & Venis played the heels in this
lengthy match. Crowd wasn't sure if they should boo Team Canada at the beginning,
but Storm and Venis' actions soon made them obvious heels. Bubba was dominated
throughout the match by both Storm and Venis. When Bubba went up for his Senton on
Venis, Storm ran the apron and used the ropes to help him get an enziguri. It was
cool looking. D-Von finally got the hot tag and cleaned house. Team Canada almost
scored with the Hart Attack but it was reveresed into a 3D for the win. Dudley's
really happy after the win and celebrated for awhile.

Raw Notes

The crowd was more into Victoria's ass exposure rather than anything that had to do
with the women's match. It was unfortunate and a lot of people were waiting on
Trish, myself included. No one got into the tag match with Jindrak/Cade and

Booker T and Rob Van Dam stayed awhile after their match and celebrated in the ring.
They posed on the corners and played up to the crowd.

While the obvious big pops went to Foley, HBK and the Rock, surprisingly Christian
probably came close to getting the most heat. Vince got his usual "asshole" chants,
but the crowd was all over Christian.

After the Show

This is where all the real cool stuff happened. The Rock and Foley stayed in the
ring taunting Evolution. Batista ran in to get a Rock Bottom; Orton got a People's
Elbow from Foley in the groin; Flair got a Natur Boy strut People's Elbow from The
Rock. When Evolution left, Stone Cold came out and chatted with Rock & Foley.
Afew jokes were shared before Lilian was invited into the ring. Stone Cold was
trying to get her to sing a song about Georgia but said he couldn't think of any.
Foley started singing "Georgia On My Mind," to which Stone Cold said was the worst
singing in the WWE history. Even worse than himself. Lilian joined in with Foley
toward the end of the song. Stone Cold offered Rock a chance to sing, so he began
to sing "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." Stone Cold said he copied him since Stone
Cold had already played off the song when first coming to the ring.

Stone Cold got a beer to which the Rock protested and afew more jokes followed.
Stone Cold said a few swear words and then turned to the crowd to apologize. He
said he was sorry for swearing and says it's something he never does, which of
course got a pop when he swore again. The Rock played up to the females in the
crowd before they noticed a large fan had jumped the barrier to try and get in the
ring. Security of course stopped him and tried to haul him back over the barrier.
They weren't getting anywhere and the Rock joked saying "You'll never get his fat
ass over that barrier." Stone Cold offered everyone beer and Foley requested
whatever the drunk fan was drinking. Beer was given out before Stone Cold got
Lilian to sing for us. She sang "You Don't Know Me At All" from the WWE Originals
CD (It's also her new theme music when she comes out).

They wanted to joke around more but one of the WWE production guys said they had to
wrap it up. He got a lot of heat for that. They all shared more beer, splashing it
everywhere. The Rock didn't seem to want to drink it as he let it dribble it out of
his mouth as he drunk it. They stood at all four turnbuckles and drunk up. Foley
stopped everything and explained how Austin once lived in Georgia and how he alos
lived in Georgia. He said that moment with the Rock tonight was fantastic and he's
looking forward to their match at Wrestle Mania more than any match in his career.

Foley left and The Rock got an orange Gatorade while Lilian and Stone Cold continued
to drink. They poured beer all over Lilian and celebrated some more. Stone Cold
then stopped everything, got down on one knee as if he was going to propose to
Lilian. He said, "Lilian... will you... will you... will you get me another beer."
This lead to another pop and more beer. The Rock and Foley signed autographs for
fans while Stone Cold invited three guys from Texas into the ring. The three guys
sang acapella to Lilian before they celebrated again with beer. That was about it.