WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (11/30/04) - Richmond, Virginia

Report by: wrestlingobserver.com


- Joy comes out to ringside.

- Backstage, JBL, OJ, Amy, and the Bashams enter the arena. They run into
Teddy Long, who asks what was up with last week. JBL tells Teddy that the
Bashams are now the Secretaries of Defense in his cabinet. Teddy makes a
couple of matches for tonight ~ Bashams vs Eddie/Booker and JBL/OJ vs
Undertaker in a handicap match.

- SD opening plays on the screen. Fireworks were insanely loud.

- Mysterio/RVD/Torrie def. Dupree/Kenzo/Hiroko after RVD hit the 5-star frog
splash on one of his opponents and pinned the guy.

- There was a backstage promo with Hiroko complaining to Kenzo about his
fascination with Torrie. She was so pissed off she got herself a Bra &
Panties match against Torrie next week on SD, thinking she has the better
body. Kenzo grinned after Hiroko walked off.

- Tough Enough contestants come out. They pre-recorded comments about who
they would eliminate this week. Milzan (sp?), Reeves, and Smith all said
Puder. Puder said Smith. Reeves was eliminated by the fans. Al Snow told the
remaining three that this week's challenge is that they would have to show
their feminine side and dress up like women.

- Haas (w/Jackie) vs Jesus (w/Carlito). Carlito gets on the mic and asks
Jackie why is she with Charlie when she can be with a cool guy like Carlito.
Haas hit Carlito, then Jesus beat on Haas a bit and gave him a chain shot to
the gut. The match never happened. Haas had to be helped to the back.

- Backstage, Teddy informs Carlito & Jesus that it will be Jesus vs Cena at
Armageddon in a Street Fight. (I don't think he said whether or not the U.S.
title will be on the line, but I'd assume it will be.)

- Backstage, Booker & Eddie were stretching with Michelle and the two men
argued for the 2nd week in row.

- Eddie/Booker vs Bashams. JBL & OJ were at ringside. Towards the end, Eddie
was about to hit the frog splash on one of the Bashams when Booker got in
the way, complaining about something. Bashams took advantage and one of them
used the ropes to pin Eddie. After the match, JBL hit Eddie with a
clothesline from hell and did the same to Booker. JBL & OJ give the Bashams
props and they all leave the ring. After an ad on the big screen, Eddie &
Booker get up, almost fight, but don't.

- Kurt Angle Invitational. Angle def. local jobber easily in less than a

- After Kurt's match, Luther gets on the mic and says he wants to apologize
to Joy for last week by taking her on a date. Joy gets in the ring and turns
him down cuz she has a date with Big Show. This pisses Luther off...he,
Kurt, and Jindrak are about to put their hands on Joy when Big Show comes
out and cleans house. After Angle & co retreat to the back, Joy gives Big
Show a hug.

- Tough Enough contestants come back out dressed like women. Al Snow calls
out Hardcore Holly to be a part of this "challenge". At first Holly doesn't
want any part of it, but after Snow implied he was a coward, Holly changed
his mind. Each of the guys aka drag queens hit on Holly. Milzan won the
contest. After Snow told people to vote, Holly decked him with a punch (that
may not be shown on TV).

- Dawn comes out, asking the crowd who looks better as Santa ~ her or
Jackie. The crowd didn't really favor one over the other. Jackie runs out
and the two girls catfought. Teddy comes out and makes a match between them
for the PPV.

- Taker def. JBL & OJ by DQ when the two men low-blowed Taker. After the
match, JBL, OJ, and the Bashams beatdown to Taker to close the show.

After the TV cameras appeared to stop rolling, JBL challenged a weakened
Taker to a one-on-one match. JBL was the aggressor at first, but then Taker
turned the tables, kicked his ass, took out OJ & the Bashams, chokeslammed
JBL and then tombstoned JBL. Taker left after that. A couple minutes later,
JBL comes to and asks for a mic. He's still on the ground, talking nonsense
and acting like a dumbass. It was kinda funny though. When he finally stood
up on his feet, he fell right back down. Chimmel thanked us for coming and
that was all.

It was a very solid show overall. Nothing sucked except for the 2nd Tough
Enough segment ~ it was stupid crap I didn't need to see. All the matches
from both SD & Velocity were decent at the very least. The crowd was a lil
crazy IMO. Mostly everyone got a reaction; Taker got the biggest pops of the