Rock @ RAW Again, Harley Race/Flair, Steiner's Status, Pete Rose/Kane

* At the pre-WrestleMania inductions into the WWE Hall of Fame, Ric Flair will be inducting Harley Race and Kane will be inducting Pete Rose.

* This week's edition of Byte This, which airs every Thursday at, will feature Randy Orton as the guest host with Mark Jindrak and Molly Holly as the phone guests.

* The most recent reports indicate that Scott Steiner has some kind of leg/groin injury and we can expect to see him return to action after WrestleMania.

* The WWE announced earlier today that The Rock will be appearing again on next week's edition of RAW which comes to us live from Bridgeport, CT which will be the last RAW to hype WrestleMania XX.

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