Dark Match, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (3/2/04) - Savannah, Georgia

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Report by: wrestlingobserver.com

Dark Match:
1) Shannon Moore v Ray Gordy
Gordy misses a swanton and Moore hits a twisting neckbreaker from the middle rope for the win. The winner: Shannon Moore. A passable match.

1) Nunzio (w/o FBI) v Orlando Jordan (w/ the second worst entrance video behind Matt Morgan).
Highlights of the match were a triangle choke by Nunzio on OJ and towards the end of the match there were three spots of a two count by OJ. OJ wins with powerslam.
The winner: OJ. A so-so match.

Someone from the audience tells Brian Hebner he sucks and he responds with "You suck nuts!"

2) Jamie Noble v Paul London
Mostly mat wrestling and London got really no reaction at all which is sad b/c I am a big fan of his and of Noble's as well. Boring chants did break out but once a few high spots by London were done, they got into it. We see a nearfall by London as he hits a knee from the top-rope to the back of Noble's head for 2. London also on top turnbuckle and gets thrown off and hits the apron which popped the crowd. London skins the cat but ends up with a dropkick into his face by Noble. Noble hits a standing clothesline for 2. London hits a flatliner with a DDT followed by a dropsault and a chicken wing into a sitdown facebuster (the Kidman and Xpac move). Noble gets a nearfall with a powerslam. Noble is perched on the top-rope and London runs over and catches him and looks to be going for a frankensteiner, however, it is reversed into a dragon sleeper by Noble but he is thrown in the ropes and crotched. London then hits a moonsault from the second rope for 2. London tries again for frankensteiner and it is reversed into a pin by Noble but for 2. Then the finish is a dragon sleeper by Noble, countered into a Northern Lights Suplex by London into another dragon sleeper by Noble for the 3 as London taps out. The winner: Jamie Noble. Very good match, one of the best of the night I thought.

3) Onyx and Michael Adrian v FBI (Palumbo and Stamboli)
FBI wins with Palumbo superkick on Onyx. Onyx is not announced as Onyx I could not hear his name but Onyx was on his tights. He is a short jacked up black guy. The winner: FBI. A Velocity usual match.

4) Billy Gunn v Rhyno
Rhyno goes for the gore but misses as he is leapfrogged by Gunn and Gunn hits the fameasser for the win. The Winner: Gunn