WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (3/2/04) - Savannah, Georgia

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Report by: wrestlingobserver.com

Opens with Heyman backstage on the screen with Dawn Marie (looking fantastic) telling the crowd that he apologizes for Eddie Guerrero's actions from last week and to tell us that Kurt Angle will appear live via satellite in Pittsburgh b/c he wants to prevent any altercation occurring between the two. Lots of Eddie chants already and this is a non-Hispanic audience.

Austin's music hits, but out comes Lesnar on Austin's Sheriff Mobile. He wants to tell SCSA that he was the one who impounded his ATV on Monday and that is takes guts for someone like him (Lesnar) to go get things done on another man's show. They show a video recap of 2 weeks ago with the F5 on Austin. He says that now that Austin is out of the way, Bill Goldberg is Next. He has a match with Hardcore Holly tonight that started early when Hardcore interrupted Lesnar.

1) Lesnar v Holly
Lesnar wins with F5 in 2:00. After his win, he mocks Austin by drinking some Miller Lite in the ring and leaves to Austin's music and on the ATV popping wheelies as he leaves. The Winner: Lesnar. A throwaway match.

2) Danny Basham (w/ Doug) v Scotty 2 Hotty (w/Rikishi)
For some reason Shaniqua is still in the entrance video for the Bashams. Anyway, the worm is stopped as Doug rolls in for his brother and rolls up Scotty. I don't see how they believe that the ref is so stupid as to not being able to tell the difference between Doug and Danny. But this is WWE and suspending logic is all part of the game (no pun intended). The Winner: Danny Basham at 4:00. A so-so match.

WM Promo aired for 3 way for World Heavyweight Championship

Live from Pittsburgh, Kurt is getting mic'd up and a video package airs recapping the events between Kurt and Eddie.

Kurt is live via satellite and tells us that he doesn't want to show up and have Eddie lose his temper. He says that a leopard never changes its spots. His feelings were hurt last week when the crowd booed him but he doesn't regret it because if it helped someone to teach their child to be less like Eddie than his job was accomplished. He is fighting for the future of the company and Eddie is only a disgrace and a shame for the company. Starts the continuous Eddie chants that would be throughout the program.

3) Chavo Jr. (w/Sr.) v Funaki
Sr. gets on commentary with Cole and Tazz at one point and then a minute later, Chavo wins with a pull of the hair. The winner: Chavo at 4:00. An ok match.

Heyman and Dawn backstage and Heyman calls out Eddie to apologize.
Paul is out in the ring and wants a public apology for his actions. Eddie chants begin and Eddie comes out. He wants Eddie to apologize for his drug addiction, his assault on Dawn, for disgracing the title and for disgracing Paul Heyman's Smackdown. The mic for Eddie doesn't work so Paul asks the tech if he is from Savannah. Eddie says that he is sorry and Paul accepts his apology but Eddie says he forgot 1 thing, his motto is : I lie, I cheat, I steal. Eddie says he will be walking into Wrestlemania the champ and walking out el campeonato. Eddie says he could beat Paul with his hands tied behind his back and so the main event will be Eddie v Paul with Eddie's hands handcuffed behind his back since he is so used to them as Paul says.

After this they confiscate some kids sign, I don't know what it says but the person in front of me is filming the event and I don't think that is allowed but a sign is the end of the world. If you want to know what sign look on the hard camera side front row, a few seats to the left of these people with blue and green wigs on.

4) Rey Mysterio/Billy Kidman/Ultimo Dragon v Akio/Sakoda/Tajiri
Highlights: stiff chest kick by Dragon on Akio for 2 count.
Triple dropkick by Tajiri's group. Finish sees Rey getting caught by Akio, hits a spinning DDT (Akio planted vertically) and the pin. The winner: Rey/Ultimo/BK in 5:00.

Heyman backstage says that he will beat Eddie and Dawn asks him if he will be okay.

APA music hits and Haas and Benjamin come out in APA outfits. Bejamin is Bradshaw with blonde wig and Haas is Faarooq with big afro. They are going to sing for us. And the people rejoiced. They say "hell were down here in Savannah, GA and this is where brother's marry sisters and sister's marry brothers" at one point and asks Haas "did you learn all that drinking down at Florida State?" They had barstools and Miller Lite. They sing The West Texas Rednecks song from WCW. The real APA comes out and they are followed by the Bashams who with WGTT double-team APA. H-bomb on Faarooq by Bashams, clothesline from hell by Benjamin on Bradshaw and then Scotty and Rikishi come out to clean the ring but the heels already jumped out.

A-train and Big Show are shown backstage talking but I don't know what was said b/c the audio wasn't loud enough.

Wrestlemania recall moment is Rock v Hogan at WM18

5) Cena v A-Train
Cena comes out with Herschel Walker jersey (UGA). Good pop for Cena. Some lines from his rap: "I hope WGTT doesn't sing for the titles, They're worse than that Japanese dude from American Idol." "They cut all my lines from your TV set so that means that Vincent Kennedy McMahon can't even seem me yet." Lots of Cena chants with A-train working over the injured left leg (MCL) of Cena. Cena wins with FU at 9:00, way too long for an A-Train match. The Winner: John Cena

After the match, Show comes out and says that Show envies Cena, not because of his abs (no joke needed there) but because of his ability to dream, to fantasize that he honestly believes he will be Show at WM to win the US Championship. He says Cena woke up a sleeping giant and that while Cena is busy dreaming he will walk head on into a nightmare.

Heyman backstage with Dawn and Brian Hebner. Tells Hebner to put handcuffs on Eddie. And that he will do what Eddie's father didn't do, beat some sense into him.

6) Main Event: Paul Heyman v Eddie Guerrero
Paul comes out with a velour suit on and Eddie with a lowrider. Paul tries to beat on Eddie but Eddie gets the advantage and knees Paul since he can't use his arms. Paul runs behind the lowrider to the entrance and out comes Kurt. Eddie backs up as Kurt is taping up his wrists. Eddie gets back in the ring still handcuffed and Angle is on the outside trying to get in. Kurt finally gets in and goes for a clothesline but Eddie ducks and kicks Kurt. Kurt blocks the second attempt and drops Eddie across the ropes. Kurt beats on Eddie and yells, "You're nothing, if you were champion you'd get your ass up right now." Kurt then grabs the belt and gets in Eddie's face. Eddie spits right into Kurt's face and then Kurt hits Eddie with the belt. Kurt then holds up the belt and the crowd Boos him. He then spits on Eddie and looks over him and then walks back still staring at him. It might go off here but after this Kurt leaves and they shoot Eddie face down on the ground trying to get back up with the belt next to him. Eddie is let out of the cuffs and the shot is on him. So I am not sure where it goes off but I assume at Kurt holding the belt and then walking back.

Loudest Pop: Eddie (by far), then Rey, then Cena

Eddie was way, way over in a non-Hispanic market, which I think, is really good for him. The cheers for him were very, very loud as I was in the third row so all the cheers from above came right my way.