ROH Promoter/Owner Caught in Underage Sting Operation

- The following was sent in to us:

Philadelphia news affliate NBC10 and ourselves at recently
came together to set up a "Group Media Bust" in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania. A "Group
Media Bust" is an agreement where a media outlet rents a house or apartment, gives
our site the information, and we work chatrooms as underage individuals, sending
overage individuals to the house to meet the cameras and be exposed for their acts.

At roughly ten PM on February 29th, contributor "Jay
Alternative" messaged the owner of inquiring for information
on wrestling due to an individual messaging him online who represented himself as a
wrestler. What followed is a story that is amazing, even to ourselves at

Ring of Honor owner Rob Feinstein had messaged "Jay Alternative" in an Philadelphia
AOL homosexual chatroom and responded favorably to the idea of meeting a 14 year old
boy for immoral purposes. Rather than go into description, we will provide the
following link of the chatroom transcript:

The conversations span two days, and two phone calls. Both individuals who had
contact with Rob Feinstein while under the auspices of being a 14 year old boy named
Brandon are not wrestling fans. They know very little about wrestling. And they had
no clue who Rob Feinstein was until he came across our volunteers. Rob Feinstein was
not targeted by our organization. Instead, he ended up targeting one of our
contributors and is now paying for that decision.

Rob Feinstein showed up at our Group Media Bust door to meet NBC Philadelphia
reporter Harry Harriston the day after he initiated the conversation with "Brandon".
This occured on March 1st. Feinstein ran to his silver Lexus, and peeled off from
the scene of the meeting. This was all captured on camera.

Confirmation that the individual is indeed Rob Feinstein was performed by the
investigative team at NBC10, who used video analysis and a license plate lookup to
make sure that they had the right man. Every safeguard was taken in the two days
since Rob Feinstein made his Philadelphia media appearance to know without a doubt
that the person involved was Rob Feinstein before this happening was made public by
our website. is ashamed at Mr. Feinstein's terrible act, and his reckless
disregard for his Ring of Honor/RFVideo employees.

However, to make sure the record is clear, is not
anti-wrestling in any form. This situation is not a "black eye" on wrestling, or
indicative of the average wrestler or wrestling promoter. Speaking personally as the
owner of and as the individual drafting this release, I am a
wrestling fan myself. This incident is not a reflection on wrestling. This is a
solitary incident of an individual who clearly needs some form of counseling, no
different than any other of the 600+ individuals we have exposed in nearly two years
of work.

We call on Rob Feinstein to seek counseling immediately, to apologize to those
around him whom he has harmed via his irresponsible actions, and to apologize to his
hard-working employees who deserve absolutely none of the negative taint that Rob
Feinstein has brought down upon them with his actions this week.


About this release: is a online volunteer watchdog website
that actively patrols chatrooms on Yahoo and AOL as underage individuals. The
organization was founded in 2002, is based out of Portland, Oregon and has been
profiled by CBS National News, as well as news affliates in Detroit, Chicago, Los
Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Kansas City,
Miami, Orlando, and countless other locations. routinely works
with law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of individuals caught
online and offline while speaking sexually with minors under the age of 15.

Xavier Von Erck
Since July of 2002, we have worked to help clean up the quasi-epidemic of "wannabe
pedophiles" in regional chat rooms -