Fan Violence Against Hassan/Daivari, HHH Shoots On Internet

* In HHH's latest shot against the Internet, the former RAW champion told Opie and Anthony on XM Radio that he feels wrestling websites are bad for business. He reportedly spent quite a bit of time ranting on the fact that most of the information is not true, including noting the report that he might have been responsible for Pat Patterson's leave as one of the biggest lies he's ever read.

HHH has long spoken out against the internet, although his impartiality must be called into question with the fact that his own backstage politicking is often a newsworthy subject, not to mention WWE's internal disapproval of reporters that "expose" their business

* As of this writing, WWE has not found it necessary to take extra security measures to protect Hassan and Daivari from potential fan attacks. However, due to the sensitive subject nature, the possibility of a fan taking the angle too far will not disappear and WWE may, down the road, need to implement plans to protect them from people who cannot separate a professional wrestling storyline from reality.

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