Exclusive: Xavier Von Erck on the Aftermath of the Rob Feinstein Situation

I had the chance to chat with the Director of Operations of Perverted-Justice, Xavier Von Erck, for a couple minutes and talk to him about the recent happenings with Rob Feinstein and Perverted-Justice.com. We were able to shed more light on the after effects of this situation and what could be expected in the future.

[ The following was conducted exclusively with RajahWWF reporter Henry Walk, and published with permission of Xavier Von Erck. ]

Henry Walk : My hats off to you guys. It appeared that this whole operation was really dificult to put together.

Xavier Von Erck : The operation? Not really difficult. We do them all the time in various cities across the United States.

Henry : Its really awesome to see somebody doing something about people like this, though. Maybe you can put a scare into all of them and they could go away or just stop.

Xavier : That's what we've been working on since July of 2002. Having my two "online worlds" collide like this is... oh, quite odd.

Henry : I could only imagine. (Xavier was a wrestling editorial writer for this site and is a big wrestling fan.)

Xavier : Indeed. I didn't want to believe it was him, but once the license plates came back, well, there was only one conclusion.

Henry : I understand that the district attorney is going after you guys or the NBC guys that put this on air. Is this true?

Xavier : No. That's a small neighborhood in Philly overreacting. I did a couple media spots about that today. Trust me, far overblown. Fact is neither the station nor ourselves broke a law. We have done these in Atlanta, Kansas City, Portland, Detroit, Denver, Milwaukee... you name it. People are having an emotional reaction out of shock.

Henry : I understand how they could feel. But it is a bit uncalled for to bring charges to you guys.

Xavier : There will be no charges. You'll see.

Henry : Will you address the wrestling internet soon?

Xavier : I sent out a press release the first night. However, after Rob's sham resignation, I'll probably have to do something.

Henry : Did this curb your enthusiasm as a wrestling fan?

Xavier : No. Not at all. Rob Feinstein is a sick individual who needs counseling. In our time, we have come across police officers, firefighters, national news producers, teachers, counselors... you name it. He is one man, a powerful man, but he is only one man.

Henry : So where does your organization go from here? Would it be safe to say that this is a kind of a message to pedophiles that no one is off limits?

Xavier : We will go do what we have been doing. This changes nothing. It alerts the wrestling subculture of the growing problem in a shocking way. From here, we will consider our options on how we want to follow-up on Rob Feinstein. We consider his resignation a sham as he is still the paper-owner of RFVideo and ROHwrestling.com. He is still the man who gets the cash from the paying fans. He is still the man behind Ring of Honor. Otherwise, it is business as usual for Perverted-Justice.com.

I'd like to thank Xavier for his time. For more information on his organization, please visit www.Perverted-Justice.com.

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