WWE House Show Results (3/5/04) - Syracuse, New York

WWE presents Raw Brand, Road to Wrestlemania XX house show.....Syracuse, NY 3/5/04
By: Mike Morreale, rajahwwf.com reader

I got to the arena at about 6:30. We saw Rico and Hurricane pull up in their cars.
Good stuff. I immediately bought a "The Source of Strength" shirt and a Word Life
pendent,. Well, I got my seats and waited for a while. Soon enough, the lights
dimmed and Coach's music hit. He got booed like crazy. He walked into the ring and
he had 2 men with him. He said that he was gonna give them both 45 seconds to
promote their radio station. The first guy was talkin and threw some shirts. Then
some really fat dude said "Im for 100.9 K rock!" and ripped of his shirt and had K
rock on his body. But, his pants were down and i got the unfourtanate experience of
seeing his ass..... Coach then asked us to rise for the singing of our national
anthem.....however, La resistance's music cut in and they got ripped apart by boos .
A "FRANCE SUCKS!" chant soon got started. They were waving their little flag around
when the bombs dropped and the Dudley's came out to a HELLACIOUS reaction. They ran
down which led us to

Dudleys vs La Resistance
Good match with us getting to see the Wazzup headbutt. Soon after, Rob conway was
poised with the french flag, when spike ran down and stole it from him and ran away!
good pop for that. Meanwhile, D-Von slipped in the ring and nailed a 3-D for the

The next match was.....

Steven Richards vs Test
The crowd wasnt sure who to cheer for. But Stevie went over as the face. end came
when Test went for the pumphandle and Steve slipped out of it. Test went for a boot
and Stevie ducked and Test was crotched. Test finally got out only to recieve a
Stevie T for the 1, 2, 3.

Coach then annouced the next match. The guy's name was Horshue or something. No one
knew who the hell he was. Then, we heard the keyboard typing and the crowd went
bonkers for V.1.

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 vs Horshue
Matt kept having us cheer for him then boo for Horshue. When Matt when to take his
shirt off Horshue(who im gonna call "H") slammed him. Matt eventually got his
momentum back and went for a V1 Legdrop but H rolled away before Matt jumped. H went
for a huge clothesline which was ducked and turned into a Side Effect. V1 climbed up
and nailed the legdrop. He set H up and 5 seconds later......H had an unfourtanate
Twist of Fate for the 1 2 3.

Rico vs Nick Disimore
Funny stuff by rico. when ms jackie was shaking her boobs at coach, Rico ran up and
grabbed his ass. lol. Nick came out to no reaction. Ms. Jackie was looking so
hot!!!! A lot of gay antics by Rico from mounting him like a horse to kissing him.
End came when rico got nick in a sleeper drop but pulled him backwards and smashed
his back on ricos knees. 1....2....3. god....Ms Jackie is sooooo hot

Legs hit and out came the hottest girl alive. She bent over right in front of my
side. My lord.....She said she would prove that she was the hottest. She then pulled
up her skirt revealing really tight lace panties. Oh my lord....so hot ....want to
touch the hiney.....

Next up, evolution's batista came out to face Hurricane....

Batista vs Hurricane
Hurricane had control until he went for the Shining Wizard and batista stood up and
booted him. he went for the powerbomb which was turned into Hurrican trying to
powerbomb Batista. Batista flipped him over but hurricane trying to make it into a
Sunset flip but Batista grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up into a
Spinebuster. He picked him back up and nailed a huge sit down for the pinfall.

Next up was a Wrestlemania match

Christian vs Jericho
Awesome match with Christian locking in the Walls of Jericho on Y2J!! Loud JERICHO
chants and end came when Chris went for a lionsault and christian moved and Chris
landed on his feet but hurt his ankle. Christian went for a modified sharpshooter
but Jericho rolled through and locked in the Walls for the tap out victory!!!

After this, some T-shirt cannon guy shot shirts but they went like 1000 feet away so
i couldnt get any in Mezzanine.... Benoit came out to talk. Coach said that he has
the right for the match at WMXX, but he isnt the calibur of a champ. This prompted
Benoit to lock coach in the Crossface!!!! he let go and coach stammered out "we will
take a 10 minute intermission...."

I tried to get a soda to get my voice back but the line was too long. So i got a
snowcone from the vendor dude. As soon as i came back, a championship match was

Victoria vs Molly....womens title
Holy cow, Victoria was so over with the crowd. She was giving high fives and she
actually gave some lucky kid a hug......She was wearing really tight shorts. Molly
came out to some heat. Good match with end coming from Victoria's spinning Sidewalk
slam thing that starts off like an F-U. Nice move. She got a big reaction for

Yet another title match was coming up....this time

Booker T and RVD vs Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade.....Tag Titles
Booker and RVD got a monsterous reaction. After 5 minutes of posing, the match was
underway. Awesome match with such spots like Slingshot into a superkick, and a lot
of good kicks by booker and RVD. End came with Booker Scissorkicking the hell out of
Cade and RVD nailing a huge 5 star for the pin!!!!! It was so sweet to see the
5-star live. Afterwards, booker left and RVD got on the mic and told him to come
back because everyone in syracuse wanted to see a spinerooni. Sure enough, after
getting cheers, booker did it! That was cool.

Coach then announced the main event.

Triple H vs Benoit vs HBK (holy crap.....good match)
Benoit comes out to a good reaction! HBK comes out to a great reaction. HHH comes
out to a DEAFENING REACTION!!!! Awesome match with high spots being like 2
sharpshooters and Tri-plexa from Benoit, Superplex and double flying knee by HHH
and Kip ups and Flying elbows by HBK. End came when Benoit had HHH in the sharp
shooter and Michaels hopped in and superkicked the snot out of Benoit. HBK tuned up
the Guitar but his foot was caught by HHH and trips spun him around and nailed a
Pedigree to capture the win!

All in all, the crowd was extreamely hot! Cheers were very loud and stuff. Best show
i have been too so far.

Top 5 cheers:
1. HHH
2. Dudleys
3. HBK
4. RVD and Booker
5. Benoit

Top 5 heat
1. La Resistance
2. coach
3. Jindrak and Cade
4. Molly
5. Fat dude who took off his shirt

RAW Brand House Show Results 3/5/04 from Syracuse, NY
By Jason Walters, rajahwwf.com reader

First Coach came out to host the show. I cheered for Coach for some reason, so I
recieved some heel heat for that. Some local radio stations did some promotional
stuff, including an obese man with his shirt off.

The Dudleys defeated La Resistance
La Resistance interrupted the national anthem, but didn't speak on the mic like they
usually do. The Dudleys came out next and the match began shortly after that. this
was a slow paced match. It had all of the taunts you look for, the Rene Dupree
dance, the wassup groin smash from the top rope. Rob Conway grabbed the French flag
and proceeded to hit Bubba with it, but Spike came down and stole the flag. Which
set up a 3D for the win. No tables after it though.

Steven Richards defeated Test
Probably the least exciting match of the night. Coach referred to Richards as the GM
of Sunday Night Heat. Test went for his big boot but missed, and turned around into
a double arm underhook impant DDT. Richards got the pin.

Rico w/ Miss Jackie defeated Horshu
Big pop for Rico and an even bigger pop for Miss Jackie.Miss jackie sported ass-less
pants, which got everyone excited. Horshu came down and the match got underway
quickly. Rico did all of his "gay" antics, including kissing Horshu. Rico got the
win when he placed the back of Horshu's head on his knees, and dropped backwards.
Hard to explain, but the move was sick.

Matt Hardy defeated Nick Dinsmore
Dinsmore reminded me of a smaller version of Hercules Hernandez of the 80's. Hardy
came out to half boos and half cheers. He worked the face for this match though.
Much of the match focussed on Dinsmore working on Matt Hardy's left arm. Hardy won
with a twist of fate after hitting his leg drop from the middle rope.

Chris Jericho defeated Christian
Christian came out first and gave Coach a hug and grabbed the mic. He talked about
how he hurt Trish 2 weeks ago. Jericho came out and ran to the ring. He sold his
knee injury a little bit. Many submissions in this match. Jericho missed a lionsault
but landed on his feet, grabbed Christian into a Walls of Jericho. Christian tapped
after Jericho pulled him back away from the ropes.

Batista defeated The Hurricane
Batista came down w/o Ric Flair. Batista is scary looking live. Then The Hurricane
came down and the match started quickly. This was probably the shortest match of the
night. Hurricane tried to use his superpowers in powerbombing Batista, but he was
tossed away like yesterday's garbage. Batista won with his Batista Bomb.

Next Coach brought Stacy Keibler to the ring to a huge pop. She talked about her
Wrestlemania Evening Gown Match for about 2 minutes and then she left. Then Coach
brought out Chris Benoit to the ring. Coach kept talking about how Triple H was that
much better than Benoit. Coach got a crossface for his troubles. Coach was hurt and
said he needed a "10 Minute Intermission."

After the 10 Minute Break Coach came back and talked about the 3 matches that was
left. All 3 being title matches. WWE workers then shot RAW T-Shirts from a T-Shirt
gun. The last 3 matches were the best matches of the night.

Victoria defeated Molly Holly for the Women's Championship
Victoria came out to a good pop. Then Molly came down to huge heel heat. This was a
very good match. These 2 women can put on a great match. Molly missed a
Molly-go-Round. Victoria tried to cover her with a standing moonsault, but didnt get
the 3. Victoria won with a new side slam. She didn't use the Widow's Peak.

RVD and Booker T defeated Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade for the Tag Team Championship
Jindrak and Cade came out to moderate heel heat. I'm not sure if anyone knew, but
Jindrak is from Syracuse, so he was returning to his home town. Booker T came out
next to a nice pop. Then RVD came down to a huge pop. This was a very fast paced
match. RVD debuted a new singlet. Black and Red, it was plain for RVD attire. In the
match RVD and Booker T debut a new tag move. RVD would slingshot Garrison Cade into
a Booker T superkick. RVD and Booker T won with a Scissors Kick into a 5-Star Frog
Splash combo. After the match they shook hands with everyone on the outside. Booker
T proceeded to leave. RVD grabbed the mic and called him back for a Spinaroonie. The
flashes of the cameras were blinding when Booker T did the Spinaroonie.

Triple H defeated Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match for the
World Heavyweight Championship
Benoit came down to a bigger pop than he did before. Shawn was next for the biggest
pop of the night. Triple H came down to half cheers and half boos. This was an
excellent match. Probably to practice for the Wrestlemania match. It started with
Benoit and Shawn Michaels double teaming Triple H, but they would soon turn on each
other. Lots of chops in the match, where the crowd would proceed to say "wooooooo!"
after each chop. Benoit wins the award for sickest sounding chop. In the middle of
the match, Shawn Michaels would get thrown out of the ring everytime he would try to
come back in. Triple H fought benoit for the bulk of the match. Benoit tried the
sharpshooter on each guy twice. He also gave each guy the crossface one time. The
match ended when Benoit had Triple H in the sharpshooter, HBK came in and
superkicked Benoit while the sharpshooter was locked in. It knocked Benoit down.
Triple H got up after a while and pedigreed HBK and got the pin before Benoit could
break the count up. HBK and Benoit after the match went around and gave high fives
to anyone around the ring that wanted them.

All in all it was a great show. There was about 5,000 people there which fills our
arena about 80%.

Top 3 pops:
1. HBK
2. Stacy Keibler
3. Chris Benoit

Top 3 boos:
1. La Resistance
2. Molly Holly
3. Coach

WWE Presents the Road to Wrestlemania XX
War Memorial At Oncenter
Syracuse, NY
March 6, 2004
by the mangler!, rajahwwf.com reader

the venues was about 85% full....not sure how much it
holds though....

Match Results:

1. The Dudley Boys vs La Resistance: Lots of heat for
La Resistance..USA chants..Spike came down and stole
the France flag from Conway. Dudleys win after a 3D.
after the match Devon rubs his behind with the France

2. Test vs Stevie Richards: Stevie wore his Crash
trunks. Not much reaction from crowd. Stevie wins
after a couple of high impact moves. Lame match.

3. Rico w/ Miss Jackie vs Horshu: Jackie flirts with
Coach in the ring before match starts. Rico grabs
Coach's behind. Horshu was big and strong, but Rico
used his unusal style to make Horshu lose focus. Rico
wins after some nice moves. Jackie is getting hotter
every week.

4. Matt Hardy Version 1 vs Nick Dinsmore: Dinsmore
looks like a grizzly Macho Man. Had some nice moves,
but Hardy hits a legdrop off the top and the Twist of
fate for the win.

5. Christian Vs Chris Jericho: Christian talks smack
about Trish being a $5 hoe. Awesome reception for Y2J.
The crowd loves him as a face. Great match going back
and forth. Christian uses a sharpshooter, Jericho hits
all his usual moves and wins with the Walls.

6. Batista vs The Hurricane. Pretty much a squash
match. Hurricane attempts a powerslam. Batista
destroys him after some massive slams.

Next up is.....Stacy Keibler!!! She talks about the
evening gown match at Wrestlemania, and then struts
her stuff in the ring.

The Coach then intervies Chris Benoit. He tells Benoit
to go back to Smackdown, becasue HHH is the man around
here. Benoit puts Coach in the crossface. Great cheers
for Benoit.


7. Molly vs Victoria for the Women's Championship.
Victoria looks good in the ring. Some Molly sucks
chants. Some good moves by both. Molly miss a
Molly-go-round and Victoria picks up the win.

8. Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs Booker T. and Rob
Van Dam for the Tage Team Titles. Huge pop for the
champs. RVD chants throughout the match. (Jindrak grew
up near Syracuse so a nice reception) Good match. Cade
and Jindrack isolate RVD. Booker gets a tag and takes
over. Scissors kick and five star by RVD for the win.
After the match RVD tells Booker to give these fans
what they came to see.....a spinaroonie!

9. Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs HHH for the World
title: HBK and Benoit team up on HHH, then fight over
who will beat him. They go at for a but, until HHH
takes them both out. HHH throws benoit into the steel
steps, and goes after HBK. HHH and HBK go at it and
HHH works on HBK's back. Benoit gets back in and hits
HHH with some chops and a few german suplexes. All
three now attempt finishing moves, but all are
stopped. Benoit gets HBK in a sharpshooter, but HHH
breaks it up, the a crossface on HHH, which HBK breaks
up. HHH goes for a pedigree, but Benoit counters with
a sharpshoote. HHH is about to tap, Sweet chin muisc
on Benoit. With Benoit out, HHH hits a Pedigree on HBK
for the win. Amazing match.

This was a great show, much better then the last house
show in this arena. Great crowd reactions (lots of
signs too) and a good lineup. Match of the night was
the main event. I can't wait to see Wrestlemaina XX.

Biggest pops:
2.Chris Benoit
3.Chris Jericho
4.Booker T. and RVD
5.Dudley Boyz

Biggest heat:
2.La Resistance
3.The Coach!

Report by: Will7046, rajahwwf.com reader

Hey guys, I was live at the Syracuse RAW Show last night and man did they
tear the roof of the place.

The Show started off with the coach coming to the ring. He was going to be
the ring annoucer for the matches tonight. He got some nice heat.

Match 1
Dudleyz vs LaResistance

LaResistance made their way to the ring after interupting the national anthem
to probably the most heat of the night. The Dudleys were way over. Just a
standard TV match here that saw Spike interfere and stop LaResistance form using
the french flag which led to a 3D. Nothing special here

Match 2
Rico vs Some Jobber

This guy was so crappy I don't remember his name. Rico was over huge tonight.
Boring match, as this guy Rico faced was terrible awful. Rico wins.

Match 3
Matt Hardy vs Nick Dinsmore

Matt Hardy was playing the face tonight, and the crowd absolutly loved V1.
Another boring match here. At this pace, I thought the whole show was going to
really suck. It gets better later trust me.

Match 4
Christian vs Chris Jericho

Christian was booed out of the arena. Without a doubt, he was the most over
heel on the show. Jericho got a decent reaction, and the crowd came alive as
these two delivered an awsome back and forth match. The match saw Christian use
a new submision hold that seemed like a modified shrpshooter, but it looked
awsome. Fantstic outing between the two that saw Jericho win with the Walls. If
they can pull of something like this at mania, were all in for a treat. If it
hadn't been for the main event, this would have been match of the night.

Match 5
Hurricane vs Batista

Great reaction for Hurricane, he was over huge. A very Quick, boring match
that saw Batista win with a Batista bomb.

Coach called out Benoit and said to him that he would be better off leaving
tonight instead of facing Micheal and the Game, and just beat down on him
verbally for a couple minutes, till Benoit snapped and locked him in the crossface.
Benoit was over huge in Syracuse, probably the second best reaction of the
night. He then cut a damn good promo, which he should cut on RAW monday because
it looks like hes been working on his mic skills


Match 6
Molly vs Victoria

Decent match, saw Victoria win. Moving on.

Match 7
RVD and Booker T vs Cade and Jindrak

RVD and Booker T are so over, but a great match here that saw RVD and Booker
use lots of double team moves. They have really good chemistry. Booker picked
up the win for the team with the axe kick.

Match 8
HHH (c) vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Micheals

This match was absolutely amazing, and if they do anything near this at
wrestlemania, then it will be a classic. I generally don't like triple threat
matches, but this was the best one I had ever seen. They all seemed to be going
full go even though it was just a warm up for Mania. Lots of action, reversals,
nearfalls. Just what you would expect from three of the most talented guys in
the biz. The end saw Chris Benoit having HHH locked in the sharpshooter, till
Micheals hit a superkick on benoit, breaking it, allowing HHH to get to his
feet, pedigree Shawn, and pin him before Benoit could reach to break it. These
guys delivered tonight.

Overall, with the two great Wrestlemania matches here, there greatness
overshadowed the crappy undrcard. I'm so pumped about seing these matches again at
Mania now because I've seen these guy deliver.

Biggest Pops:
1. Shawn Micheals
2. Chris Benoit
3. RVD/Booker T
4. Hurricane
5. Dudleys

Biggest Heat:
1. Christian
2. LaResistance
3. Molly Holly
4. Batista
5. HHH