WWE House Show Results (3/6/04) - Elmira, New York

WWE Road to Wrestlemania
First Arena.
Elmira NY
Report by: Trishie The Dish, rajahwwf.com reader

Coach came out and told the audience that he was going to be in charge of the
show tonight. This recieved a lot of heat and he then told the people to shut
up so that he could read the rules. He asked everyone to rise for the playing
of the National Anthem. Half way through La Resistance interupted.

Match 1: La Resistance Vs. The Dudleys

The Dudleys were none to happy with La Resistance interupting. Rob Conway was
about to hit Bubba Dudley with the French flag until Spike came out and
interfered letting the Dudleys pick up the win.
Winners: The Dudleys

Match 2: Test Vs. Steven Richards

Test dominated most of the match until near the end.
Winner: Steven Richards.

Match 3: Rico w/Miss Jackie vs. I didn't catch the guys name

Rico did a lot of touching and feeling, his normal gimmack with this guy. He
even kissed him.
Winner: Rico

Match 4: Nick Dinsmore Vs. Matt Hardy
The fans loved Matt. The match went back and forth with Matt really playing
up to the crowd. He finished with the Twist Of Fate
Winner: Matt Hardy

Match 5: Christian Vs. Chris Jericho
In my opinion one of the Best Matches of the night. (Right next the women's
match) Christian came out and stated that he was trying to help Chris. That it
was tough love and that Trish Stratus was nothing but a 5 dollar skank. He
also stated that the women of Elmira were the same way. Jericho came out and
attempted the walls of Jericho a few times with out success before finally getting
it locked in.
Winner: Chris Jericho.

Match 6: Hurricane Vs. Batista.
Batista is huge. I did not get to see most of this match because of the
people in front of us.
Winner: Batista.

Coach calls out Stacy and she talks about her Wrestlemania match and how her
and Miss Jackie are going to defeat Sable and Torrie. Coach then tells her
that she has to give Elmira a preview. So they hit her music and she startes to
dance. When she is finished she tells everyone to tune into Wrestlemania next
week live on PPV.

Coach then calls out Chris Benoit. He basically tells Chris that he might be
good and has done everything on Smackdown, but he will never be Triple H.
Chris gets him in the crossface and the tells everyone he will win Mania.

Intermission because coach needs to recover.

After the 10 minute intermission Coach comes out with a arm sling and we
continue with the show.

Match 7: Victoria VS. Molly (women's championship)
The best match in my opinion. I was too into watching the match to take down
any notes. Except for the fact that many of the fans were not too happy about
Trish not being there. There was chants of We want Trish.
Winner: Victoria via Widows Peak.

Match 8: Booker and RVD vs. Cade and Jindrak (Tag Team Titles)
I did not see much of this match.. so I can't really give any description of
Winners: Booker and RVD

Match 9: HBK vs Chris Benoit vs. HHH (WWE Title)
This match was taken by all three men. Each time you thought one was going to
win someone else came back to stop it.
Winner: HHH
Hunter was helped in the back by Batista.. And Shawn and Chris Benoit shook

Biggest Pops: (In no order)

*Chris Jericho
*Matt Hardy

Biggest Heat (In no order)
*La Resistance

All and all a good show. Half the seats were not full but the show was good.