Dark Match, Heat*Spoilers*, Notes (2/2/04) - State College, Pennsylvania

Report by: Sablebomber38, rajahwwf.com reader

I attended the Raw taping last night In State College.It was totally awesome.
It was a full house, but I don't think it was sold out. Anyways Here's the

Dark Match
Val Venis def. Jobber
Pretty decent match with Val winning after the Spinningout Powerbomb

RVD def. Jon Heidenreich
I couldn't believe RVD was on heat!!! I don't know what WWE is thinking.
Anyway, RVD wins after the 5 Star

Intergender Tag Team Match
Molly & Test vs. Victoria & Stevie
Stevie And Victoria jumped Test from behind and Molly ran away. I was really
disappointed because I wanted to see Victoria in action!

Hurricane & Rosey def. 2 Jobbers
Pretty awesome match with Hurricane picking up the win after he stood on
Rosey's shoulders and did a giant splash!

Cade & Jindrak def. Dudley Boyz
Decent match that saw Bubba get destroyed by double teams. Cade gets the pin
with a top rope elbow drop

Before we went on air, they set up for the Highlight Reel. Jericho came out
to a good pop.
Benoit came out to a less than appriopriate pop for a man going to
WrestleMania in the main event.
Ric Flair interrupted with a defening pop with lots of Woooos!

1st Match
Benoit def. Mark Henry via submission
I don't know how Mark Henry still gets air time. But none the less, Benoit is
slowly getting over with the crowd.

2nd Match
Rico def. Rene Dupree
Miss Jackie got a huge pop for just coming out! Suprisingly, Stacy came out
during the match and mooned Dupree, allowing Rico to get the pin. Stacy &
Jackie danced until they cut them off.

3rd Match
Trish Stratus vs. Kane
I wasn't suprised at all about Kane. Of course, Jericho came out. Kane was
about to leave, but they played the Undertaker's music and video. You couldn't
even hear in the arena b/cd it was so loud. I'm excited about the Deadman
'Taker, but I think they ruined they whole storyline. They should've waited a
little longer to do all this. It would've been alot more exciting.

4th Match
Kane vs. Goldberg
Undertaker's music plays as Goldberg spears Kane. Smoke fills the ring as we
all thought it was the night of Taker's return. it wasn't, but Kane got scared
& left through the crowd.

Booker T def. Matt Hardy V. 1
Not really a good pop for either and a pretty slow match. Booker got the pin
after the Scissors Kick.

Triple H def. Spike Dudley
Triple H got almost no heat at all. Maybe Vince will realize that he can't
keep pushing Triple H just because he's his son in law. Spike got no reaction
either. Finally Triple H won with the Pedigree.

Ric Flair & Batista def. Jericho & Christian vis Submission
Good match with lots of action with Flair, which was what we wanted. Flair
gets jericho in the figure 4 .

Shawn Michaels def. Randy Orton
Best match of the night!!! Awesome performance by both men. Orton dropkicked
the ref, and Stone Cold came out on his 4 wheeler with Hebner. he dropped off
Hebner, took the IC title, and grabbed the old ref. The doctor was in! After
that it just got better as out came FOLEY!! Huge pop for Mick. Shawn pinned
Orton after a roll up. Foley fought Orton til, Evolution came out and fought
Foley into the crowd. Benoit came out, and really scared off Triple H. Benoit and
Michaels skaed hands.

1. Dr. Stone Cold
2. The Undertaker Tease
3. Mick Foley
4. Ric Flair
5. Miss Jackie

1. Randy Orton
2. La Resistance
No one else really got that much heat!

HEAT Spoilers
State College, PA 2/2/04
Reported by: Andrew Henry, rajahwwf.com reader

No real dark matches to start, though there were a few promo videos for
Wrestlemania XX. These previews would continue throughout the
night. Howard Finkel came down and read out the rules and
regulations. After that, we went to the first match.

1. Val Venis vs. ???

The other guy was announced as from Ann Arbor, Michigan, which got him some
cheap heat. The jobber was actually in control for most of the match,
working on Val's leg. Val made the comeback and got the win with the Blue
Thunder pin.

WINNER: Val Venis via pinfall.

After the match, Val gave his towel to a girl at ringside.

Next we get the Heat pyro. The Coach and Al Snow are introduced. The
Coach got great heat, while Al got a pretty good pop.

2. Rob Van Dam vs. John Heidenriech
I think everyone was surprised to see RVD out this early. He got the large
pop that he normally gets. You could hear a pin drop when Heidenriech came
down. It went like that throughout the entire match...the crowd was
behind RVD, but whenever John was on the offensive it was dead. Decent
enough match with RVD hitting the five star for the win.

WINNER: Rob Van Dam via pinfall

3. Hurricane/Rosey vs Chad Cusick/Bobby ???

Cusick and Bobby were in the ring first for a bit and did a great job of
interacting with the crowd. They got a great deal of heat throughout the
entire match. Rather formulaic tag match, though you never got the sense
that Hurricane and Rosey were in any real trouble. End came when, after
Rosey slammed Cusick (I think) down, he climbed to the second
rope. Hurricane then jumped off of Rosey's shoulders and hit a splash,
allowing Rosey to get the pin.

WINNERS: Hurricane and Rosey via pinfall.

4. Molly Holly/Test vs. Victoria/Stevie Richards

This match never got started. Molly was introduced first, then Test was
jumped on the ramp by Stevie and Victoria. The men continued to fight on
the rampway while Victoria sprinted to the ring. Molly bolted and ran out
through the crowd. Referees came down to seperate the other three.

WINNER: No Contest

5. Dudley Boyz vs. Garrison Cade/Mark Jindrak

I went to the souvenir stand during this match, so I missed most of it. I
do know it was by far the longest Heat match. End came when Cade hit a
flying elbow off the top rope for the win.

WINNERS: Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak via pinfall.

That was it for Heat. People were starting to cheer even as the workers
were setting up the Highlight Reel set.

Nothing significant happened off camera. They did, however, show a trailer
for the new Rock flick "Walking Tall."