WWE Launches New Advertising Campaign

WWE released the following press release today:

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--03/08/2004--World Wrestling Entertainment(R) today launched a new trade ad campaign aimed at attracting new advertisers and business partners and strengthening relationships with cable operators and satellite services.

The "Think Outside The Ring(TM)" campaign, developed by Philadelphia-based ad agency Red Tettemer, emphasizes the various ways WWE(R) uses its intellectual property and popular sports entertainment programming to reach the elusive consumer ages 12 to 34.

The series of ads describes how WWE successfully reaches 12-to-34-year-old consumers through its successful cable, broadcast and syndicated television programming, Pay-Per-Views, DVDs and home videos, music CDs, books, and magazines. "Partner with WWE and your products will be presented to your consumers in their environment on their terms, making the communication of your message that much more effective," said Kurt Schneider, WWE Executive Vice President, Marketing.

The ad campaign starts this week and runs through April in Multichannel News, Broadcasting and Cable, Advertising Age, Ad Week, Brand Week, Media Week and Hollywood Reporter.

"Our promotion of WrestleMania(R) XX has generated a great deal of buzz for WWE and its RAW(R) and SmackDown!(TM) televison brands. We want to take advantage of this attention to get businesses and advertisers to take a fresh look at WWE and to understand how we can help their businesses benefit from our unparalleled reach with 12-to-34 year olds," said Kurt Schneider, WWE Executive Vice President, Marketing.

The cable industry is another target of the campaign. "We want our cable and satellite partners to gain a deeper understanding of how our television programming and Pay-Per-Views, combined with promotion through our other media platforms, can help them make more money," said Schneider.

This is the fourth significant advertising initiative to be undertaken by the WWE in the last few months. The company has also launched multi-media campaigns to promote its RAW and SmackDown! television brands, and WrestleMania XX.

On Sunday, March 14, 2004, WWE will present its WrestleMania XX Pay-Per-View performance to a sold-out Madison Square Garden filled with fans from 16 countries, 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Fans from more than 90 countries will have the opportunity to watch the televised event. WWE anticipates this will be one of the most momentous events in Pay-Per-View history.

Both Monday Night RAW on Spike TV and SmackDown! on UPN have seen a ratings resurgence of late among male viewers. RAW has consistently been the top-rated regularly schedule program on basic cable for several years. SmackDown! has also been a solid ratings performer for UPN, and this season ranks in the top 10 regularly scheduled broadcast primetime programs among Male Teens and Males 12-24.

WWE continues to see strong advertising demand, with more than 125 companies that advertise in its programming on cable, syndicated, and network TV. Sell-out rates are well over 90%.

"We have a great group of advertisers and business partners who are very pleased with their successful association with WWE. However, there is always room for developing new and deeper mutually beneficial business relationships, and that's what our trade campaign is all about," said Schneider. "If you are interested in selling your products to desirable teen and young adult consumers, then you should be interested in talking to WWE."

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