WWE Confidential Recap (3/6/04) - Kurt Angle, WWE Hall of Fame, more

Mean Gene welcomes us to the show and gives a quick
rundown of the stories on tap for this evening - WWE
meets MadTV, Kurt Angle and His Finishers, and the WWE
Hall of Fame Inductees. He hypes Wrestlemania and how
there will be events going on all this week and then
talks about Saturday night when -

The WWE Superstars Guest Star on MadTV
Trish Stratus, Chris Jericho, Big Show, and Eddie
Guerrero will be guest on this weeks episode of MadTV,
Fox's consistantly funny sketch show. We get a quick
interview from Aries Spears and Frank Caliendo and
they inform us that the skit that featured the WWE
stars was Frank Caliendo playing Jay Leno. He
interviews all the WWE stars in a "Jay-Walking"
sketch. Frank tried to stump the wrestlers only to
find out that they knew every answer and ended up
stumping him. Big Show tells us how great Frank's
impression of Jay Leno is and Stratus said it was
great to work with him. Now the WWE Champ adds his two
cents by saying that it's great to work with the other
wrestlers. He says that Trish and Jericho are great,
and Big Show is just a ham. Frank Caliendo compares
Big Show to Tom Hanks and says that working with the
wrestlers has changed his life. Big Show says that
Kurt Angle was the first WWE superstar to win a gold
medal, and he will be the first to win an Academy

Up Next: WWE Hall Of Fame Inductees
WWE Raw Calendar

Here is a list of wrestlers (and others) inducted into
the WWE Hall of Fame this year:
Jesse "The Body" Ventura
Harley Race
Billy Graham
Tito Santana
Sgt. Slaughter
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Don Muraco
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Big John Studd
Junkyard Dog
and finally....Pete Rose.
Gene tells us that the media attention the WWE has
recieved since announcing that Pete Rose was inducted
into the Hall of Fame has been outstanding. Basically,
the WWE and Vince McMahon are just pimping Pete Rose
for all the media attention he can bring in for
Wrestlemania XX, and they say Ric Flair is the
dirtiest player in the game.

We now cut directly into the beginning of
Wrestlemania. Gerald Brisco, the stooge that he is,
talks about how the idea was introduced during a
meeting and he figured it wouldn't succeed because
another promotion, the NWA, tried something similar,
Starrcade, and it failed. What he failed to tell us
was that he wrestled on Starrcade that year.
Wrestlemania was featured around the country on Closed
Circuit television, not Pay-Per-View as many believe.
Vince took something that should have failed and made
it succeed. Most felt that wrestlers should wrestle
and actors should act, but Vince thought they would
mix together well, and we know how that turned out.

Up Next: Kurt describes his Moves
Slam of the Week: RAW - Jericho chases Christian
Wrestlemania Recall: Wrestlemania XIX - Brock Lesnar
wins the Championship form Kurt Angle

Kurt tells us all about his finishers, he has two.
First the Angle Slam. He says originally it was called
the Olympic Slam but due to the IOC it had to renamed
the "Angle Slam". He sneaks up behind the guy, puts
his head in the guys armpit, picks him up, pivots and
slams. He also uses the Ankle Lock. He likes that move
more because it causes the most pain. The guy either
taps or his ankle breaks.

Up Next: Jamie Noble in South Africa
Wrestlemania XX Promo

Jamie Noble visited the streets of South Africa during
a recent WWE tour. He was greated very friendly and he
appreciated the way the fans enjoyed his company, it
made him feel special.

Up Next: Divas from Wrestlemania I
WWE Rewind: The Rock returns to Raw

Molly Holly says her favorite match is from
Wrestlemania I. Lelani Kai takes on Wendi Richter for
the Woman's Title.
This match is a little slow paced but the highlight is
when Cyndi Lauper, who is with Richter, gets into a
fight with The Fabulous Moolah, who is with Kai.
Winner: Wendi Richter, New Champion

Up Next: The Monday Night War
Wrestlemania XX Promo

Eric Bischoff talks about all the sneaky, and
brilliant in my opinion, tricks he used to try and
take out Vince McMahon. One trick in particular that
was mentioned was that Eric signed WWF Woman's champ
Alundra Blayze and she went to Nitro and threw the
belt in the trash. Ah, good stuff.

This show seemed extra long for some reason, and
proved to be difficult for me to recap in one sitting.
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