Ric Flair's Back & Being a Grandfather, Pro Wrestling Bill in GA

* Hartwell, GA Democratic Representative Alan Powell is in the process of attempting to pass a bill that would require professional wrestling in the state of Georgia to become regulated. He stated that he wants to make the business safe and to operate only under the supervision of a doctor, much like professional boxing. The proposed bill would require each promotion to pay a one-time fee of $1000 and then $250 per show thereafter, with the money going to the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission.

* According to a Ric Flair interview by Alex Marvez which was carried by the Scripps Howard News Service, Ric Flair stated that he is about to become a grandfather for the first time as his daughter Megan is due to give birth in May. He also went on record confirming the recently reported back problems, however Flair said he's feeling a lot better.

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