More On Brock Lesnar's Decision To Leave WWE

As we reported earlier, Brock Lesnar announced yesterday that WrestleMania XX would be his last date for WWE.

Brock Lesnar was said to have stood up in front of all the Smackdown crew at the pre-show talent meeting and announced that he was leaving WWE after WrestleMania, to pursue a career in the NFL. This situation started when Lesnar told co-workers that he has been upset about the direction of his character, and becoming burnt out by the traveling. He met with Vince McMahon last week at Smackdown during a meeting and voiced his concerns and informed him that he would be leaving WWE.

Lesnar was also upset that after WrestleMania he had to feud with the Undertaker and put over his Dead Man character, which he feels, does not sell for the other wrestler.

Lesnar informed everyone at the meeting that he could no longer find happiness in the business and was feeling miserable.

Lesnar thanked Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Gerry Brisco for finding him in college and also thanked Big Show and Paul Heyman for helping him with his wrestling career. He was said to be very emotional after the announcement and wished everyone well.

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