WWE News: Goldberg's Status, Edge's Return, Keibler/Test Moving

- This Sunday's Wrestlemania is still considered to be Goldberg's last date for WWE before his contract expires and he leaves. Unless, there is a change in plans, it is expected that Stone Cold Steve Austin will hit the Stunner on Goldberg on the way out which Goldberg doesn't have a problem with, since he's friends with Austin.

- In his recovery from neck surgery, Edge has suffered a sprained ankle or foot and will be sidelined a further couple of weeks. The plan was never for him to return at Wrestlemania so it doesn't appear as if this latest setback will affect any storylines as Edge isn't scheduled back on TV until near the end of the month.

- Stacy Keibler and Test are intending on moving to Los Angeles in the near future to pursue possible acting roles.

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