Drug Deaths in Pro Wrestling, Guerrero's Title Run, WWE Attendance Spike

* Both those in the locker room and those in WWE corporate offices say Eddie Guerrero is taking the responsibility of being the WWE very well, however it is pretty evident that he does feel the added pressure such a title brings with it. One wrestler stated" He feels a lot of pressure right now because he doesn't want to let people down who believe in him." While WWE officials see Guerrero as a long term champion, we all know things can change overnight in the volatile business of pro wrestling.

* Attendance at arenas for WWE events has been up significantly in recent weeks and the sharpest increase over previous weeks in recent years. Those in WWE offices attribute some of the increase to the recovering economy, a consistently better product, as well as hype leading up to WrestleMania 20.

* USA Today has been working on an article regarding drug deaths in professional wrestling and has conducted several months of investigative work for the article's content. The article is expected to appear in Friday's edition as of this report.

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