WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (2/3/04) - Cleveland, Ohio

- Thanks to reader Jason T. for sending this in. If anyone else wants to contribute their own version of spoilers, feel free to send them in.

- Paul Heyman starts in the ring and says he will announce the No. 1
contender for the WWE title at WrestleMania later in the show. He then
segues into the first match...

- Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty def. the Bashams to win the WWE tag-team
titles. Bashams were understandably pissed after the match, but no signs
of a break-up or anything. Rikishi won with a Samoan drop. Not sure
which Basham took the fall, but if one of them usually wears an elbow
pad and the other doesn't, then it was the one who doesn't wear one that
was pinned.

- Video recap of Eddie's victory last week.

- Cat def. Tajiri. The two dudes who come out with Tajiri attacked the
Cat, but Orlando Jordan made the save, and the Cat and Jordan danced.
The silence from the crowd was hard to overlook.

- Heyman and Cena made some FCC/Janet Jackson references in the locker
room. I missed part of what they said because of people moving around
near me, but whatever it was became moot later on.

- Tape of Austin offering his NWO ticket to Goldberg.

- Big Show def. Billy Gunn to retain the U.S. title. Time slowed to a
halt during this match. It didn't seem like it was going to end, but
crowd got into it for last 30 seconds.

- Chavo and Chavo Sr. talk with Heyman, who says Chavo will take on Rey
Mysterio at No Way Out. Chavo says he'll take Rey's mask if he wins.
Chavo Sr. will also face Rey during Smackdown.

- Eddie comes out to bask in the glory of his victory, but is
interrupted by Brock Lesnar. They trade insults, Eddie attacks, Lesnar
retreats, but leaves the belt. Eddie puts the belt on.

- Kane-Undertaker footage from Monday.

- Kidman def. Noble when Nidia distracts Noble by throwing all the money
in his wallet into the crowd. Couldn't tell if the money was real.

- Noble talks Heyman into a match against Nidia at No Way Out.

- World premier of Rey Mysterio's music video.

- Torrie and Sable are announced as the Playboy models, with a short
behind-the-scenes video.

- Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Sr.

- Kurt Angle def. Hardcore Holly. Heyman comes out, and is about to
announce the No. 1 contender, but Big Show interrupts and comes to the
ring to plead his case. Then John Cena interrupts and Heyman makes a
Cena-Show-Angle match at No Way Out for the No. 1 contender spot. Cena
leaves, Heyman leaves, then Kurt and Show go nose to nose and and Kurt
slams Show. I would guess the show cuts off before Kurt slams Show
because they started swearing at that point.