Trish Stratus on the Radio, Jericho on TV, Bobby Heenan Interview

Reader Giuffra316 sent this in:

This morning, Trish Stratus appeared in a segment where she got to beat the crap out
of Greg T, "The Roundheaded Fratboy" from New York's Z100's Elvis Duran and the
Z-morning Zoo show. They are a morning show that goes from 6am-10am every morning
and goes up against former WWE employee, Todd Pettengill's show on WPLJ 95.5 (Scott
and Todd in the morning). The members of the show, Elvis Duran, Danielle Monaro,
Christine Nagy, and John Bell told Trish that he was talking smack about her and
came up with a list of stuff he supposedly said (such as that he said she couldn't
hold his jock and stuff like that). They then asked her to put him in a headlock,
bodyslam him, hit him with a chair, and put him through a table. A caller requested
the Stratussphere as well. Overall, it was a funny segment. Pictures are online here.

From: Mfer Dan
Date: Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

Chris Jericho appeared on Fuse TV's IMX today to promote Wrestlemania XX and "Don't
You Wish You Were Me," Jericho's cut from WWE Originals.

They had a couple of vignettes, first with Jericho getting water from an intern and
spitting it on the vending machine, causing the announcer to yell at Jericho and
Jericho yelled back.

The second one saw Jericho in a goofy red cowboy hat singing pop songs in falsetto.
The third Jericho was having his makeup done. Both were outtro bumpers.

Intro, Y2J chants, mentions of MSG, Jericho's dad, the Day of our Lives storyline,
the match, his past in WCW, and the video for "With THe Fire."

* Recap written by Adam Martin of

This week's GIR Radio interview featured the lengendary Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.
Heenan discusses his new book, the passing of Raymond "Hercules" Fernandez, why he
pulled out Ring of Honor (a story Heenan confirmed on GIR before anyone else),
WrestleMania XX and so much more! You can listen yourself at and every Sunday 540 AM
WLIE @ 7pm in NY/NJ, and live off

- Bobby Heenan joins the show. Sir Adam mentions Heenan's new book and how he just
got a copy of it. Heenan thanks him and as he goes to speak, he starts to cough and
jokes with the hosts that the olives in martini's are getting bigger. Heenan brought
up how on March 13th he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and how two years
ago on the same date, he was getting his lymph nodes removed due to throat cancer.

- Talk turns to Heenan's new book. Sir Adam mentions how it is written in a very
unique way where Heenan admits to faults in his life, allowing people to learn and
also hear some great wrestling stories as well. Heenan said he appreciated the
comments and wanted the book to almost be like you were sitting with him eating
wings and having a pitcher of beer as he told his stories. He said he wanted it to
be an easy read and allow everyone to have fun with it overall.

- The Phantom brought up how it was a great take on the wrestling business and gives
great advice to up and coming wrestlers. Phantom also mentioned how Heenan believed
in dressing nice and how it would benefit him in the future. Heenan brought up a
story where Buddy Rogers told him at a young age to never try too hard to mingle
with the people because when you do, you become one of them and that doesn't make a

- The Phantom mentioned the recent passing of Raymond "Hercules" Fernandez this past
week. Heenan said he had just found out about it today and was shocked as he lives
in the Tampa, FL area where Hercules passed away. Both Sir Adam and Phantom mention
the passing of many pro wrestlers and they ask Heenan why everyone is dying so fast.
Heenan jokes and says they all stopped breathing. He then went on to say that many
people die in rock music, sports, etc and it can't really be explained. The Phantom
asks what kind of a guy Hercules was. Heenan said he was a heck of a guy, had real
dry humor and was just a great man overall. Sir Adam mentions how despite him being
heel or face, everyone enjoyed his character. Heenan brought up how he had big
muscles, but for some reason could not draw any money. He said that isn't a knock to
him at all because he was great in the ring, but something was missing overall.
Phantom mentioned mic skills. Heenan agreed that it could have been the reason.

- Talk turned to wrestlers who were missing that extra something. Heenan mentioned
Diamond Dallas Page as being a guy like that. The Phantom asked why he felt that
way. Heenan said he never really drew money any place. Phantom brought up his time
in WCW when he was at Main Event status around 1997 and 1998. Heenan said that was
when they put the WCW Title on him and it just didn't work as some people shouldn't
be booked as champion. He said he had nothing against the man, but said there was
just something missing with his gimmick. The Phantom mentioned how many people were
behind his character in WCW. Heenan said he may not have been paying attention then
and asked what they did with him in WWE. Both Sir Adam and Phantom said basically
nothing and Heenan said that proves his point.

- Sir Adam brought up how Heenan canceled future appearances for Ring of Honor and
asked if it had anything to do with the recent Rob Feinstein allegations. Heenan
said that was true and mentioned he wouldn't be apart of anything that could effect
his career. He mentioned how he never spoke with Feinstein about working for ROH as
he got booked through his people in Milwaukee. Heenan said he did a shoot tape with
Feinstein at one time, but that was the last time he spoke with him. Sir Adam asked
how Ring of Honor reacted to him not wanting to appear. Heenan said it all started
with the booker in Milwaukee getting it set up and when he got wind of the
situation, he informed the guy that he wouldn't be able to do it. He said Feinstein
is innocent until proven guilty. The Phantom brought up how it looks like it will be
a guilty verdict as they have video footage of him in the act.

- The Phantom brought up the situations that took place in the early 1990's in the
WWF and how it got national attention. Heenan mentioned how he had to speak in front
of the grand jury as well as other WWF employees. The Phantom asked if you have
people like that pretty much everywhere. Heenan agreed and said we are all humans
and make mistakes.

- Sir Adam then asked a question that was posted on asking Heenan
which current wrestling star would most benefit by having Heenan as a manager.
Heenan said he really doesn't watching the current wrestling product that much. He
said his mentality of pro wrestling is much different then what it is right now.
Heenan said everyone kind of looks the same right now in wrestling and you really
can't get guys over promo wise the way you could before with Mean Gene Okerlund. He
said Okerlund could do a thirty minute promo with the Iron Sheik and make people
want to listen.

- Sir Adam reads another question that asks how Heenan was talked into getting beat
up by the Ultimate Warrior and getting into a weasel suit. Heenan said CASH. He said
he would do just about anything if it's the right amount of money. Heenan said he
wasn't embarassed at all doing the skit and said it was entertaining since that's
what pro wrestling is all about. He said if you want to see real wrestling, go to
Iowa. Heenan said turn on the WWE if you want to have fun and be entertained. At
this point, Heenan targeted all the critics of wrestling. Heenan said that the
people in pro wrestling never came out and tried to convince people it was real. It
was the critics who started it up saying it was fake. Heenan said it is common sense
it is fake, just like TV sitcoms.

- The Phantom then brings up a topic where many "old school" wrestling guys always
seem to bring up the fact that wrestling was killed when Vince McMahon came out and
said it was entertainment and fake. Phantom asks Heenan if he agrees with others
that think that. Heenan said no and said what he thinks killed wrestling was when
the secrets and behind the scenes stuff was revealed. He said if people find out how
magicians do their tricks, they won't come back.

- A caller joins the show and agrees with Heenan, saying wrestling was ruined when
you could go on the internet and read everything that was going to happen. The
caller, who mentions he is going to WrestleMania XX, asks if he will be appearing at
the show or if he can only be seen at the Hall of Fame dinner the night before at
$200 a ticket. Heenan jokes with the caller and says he will meet him outside for
$100 to get some laughs from everyone. He said that he will be at WrestleMania and
thinks all of the Hall of Fame guys will be introduced to the crowd and they will
say a few things. Heenan said it is a five hour program so he has no idea what is
planned and said McMahon could have him handcuffed to Richard Simmons for all he

- A long time caller of GIR joins the show and mentioned how much he enjoyed the
commentating Heenan did with Gorilla Monsoon and how they put over the talent very
well as compared to commentating today. Heenan said that since himself and Monsoon
were wrestlers, it came pretty easy. He said if he had to announce a hockey game, he
couldn't do it.

- The show returns from commercial break. Talk turns to catchphrases and sayings in
pro wrestling. Heenan said he hates the word "squared circle" and the phrase "he
tells it like it is." Sir Adam mentions how Heenan just said all of Tony Schiavone's
catchphrases. Heenan asks Sir Adam to say "Tony Schiavone" and "WCW" in the same
sentence. Sir Adam does and when he is finished, the sound of a toilet flushing can
be heard to get some laughs from the hosts. The Phantom asks Heenan if he truly
hated working in WCW. Heenan said he did after about the first month. The Phantom
mentioned how Heenan's character was in the WWF and said he is what made him buy the
WCW pay per view events. Heenan said WCW didn't want him to be the "Bobby Heenan in
the WWF." They wanted him to be John Madden. Heenan said they later fired him
because they wanted a younger look. He joked and didn't understand hiring Mark
Madden for a younger look.

- Sir Adam brought up how WCW was so excited about signing new guys and would make a
big deal about it like the New York Yankees do, but then they would never use them.
Heenan said they were never wrestling people. He said the only way you can be
successful is if you have been in the business.

- Sir Adam reads another question posted on that asks which manager
was Heenan's favorite to work against. Heenan said he didn't work against many
managers, but did say his favorite was Alfred Hayes. He mentioned how he managed
Hayes in the 1970's and said Hayes came up with the whole weasel nickname.

- The Phantom reads another question that asks Heenan's feelings on Jimmy Valiant
and why he called him a child molestor. Heenan paused, said he didn't like Valiant,
but didn't remember calling him a child molestor. He mentioned how Valiant has a
tattoo on his forehead and how he finds that very disturbing. Heenan said he didn't
enjoy his time managing Valiant and his brother.

- Sir Adam asks how he handles a situation where he is forced to manage someone he
really doesn't like and if he just has to deal with it. Heenan said it depends on
the promoter because if you get along well, you can pull him aside and talk about
the situation. Sir Adam asked if he ever wanted to manage someone that he knew he
could make a star or if their was someone he flat out didn't want to manage. Heenan
brought up how Vince McMahon had him manage Adrian Adonis and Adonis asked Heenan to
come out with a briefcase and flashlight. He said he tried it out for a while, but
told both Vince and Adonis that it wasn't working out and that he couldn't get him
over. Adonis told Heenan to shine the flashlight in peoples eyes and it will get
them mad. Heenan said that wasn't the right way for people to get mad at him as they
should do it through promos and in the ring. The Phantom brought up how annoying
Bill Alphanso was in ECW by blowing his whistle. Heenan said there is two kinds of
heat - the heat he had that sold tickets and the heat Hitler has.

- Sir Adam brought up certain wrestlers who have had real heat with the fans for
some reason, with the more prominent guy being Sean "X-Pac" Waltman. Sir Adam said
either the fans really didn't want him around or they just really liked to boo him.
Heenan said he was a hell of a performer in the ring and mentioned how he gave him
the 1-2-3 Kid name. He told a story about how he was in a car in New York with Vince
McMahon, Pat Patterson and JJ Dillion and how they were trying to come up with a new
name for Waltman as he was known as the Lightning Kid and it was copyrighted by a
comic book. Heenan told the guys that since he just beat someone 1, 2, 3, why not
call him the 1-2-3 Kid? He said everyone liked the idea and they went with it.

- The Phantom asks when Heenan's new book will be released. Heenan said the book
will be available for purchase this month. Sir Adam and The Phantom thank Bobby for
joining the show and recommended that everyone get a copy of the new book. Before
Heenan leaves the show, he says quote, "There is a lot of good people in the world
and there is a lot of bad people...and most of them are my relatives." This gets a
laugh from the hosts and they thank him for coming on.

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