WWE Wrestlemania XX Results (3/14/04) - New York , New York

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-An amazing video is shown reliving the history of Wrestlemania.

John Cena vs. The Big Show - U.S. Title Match
-Cena comes out first and throws a good diss at Show. Show follows with the US title over his shoulder. Match starts off with Show overpowering Cena. Cena tries to make a comeback, but Show drops him again. Show hits a suplex and gets a two count. Show nails Cena with the Final Cut, but Cena kicks out after two. Big Show suprisingly puts Cena in the Cobra Clutch. Cena tries to fight out of it, but Show drops him and straps the Cobra Clutch back in. Cena gets out and hits Show with the F-U. 1-2-Show kicks out. Cena is stunned as is Cole and Tazz. Cena grabs his chain, but the ref stops him. Cena throws the chain into the corner, the ref goes to get the chain, when Cena grabs one half of his "Word Life" knucks. Cena hits Show with knucks and delivers another F-U. 1-2-3.
WINNER and NEW US Champ: John Cena

-Eric Bischoff asks Coach to go and find the Undertaker because he heard that he is in the building.

-Randy Orton and the Evolution are shown backstage. Orton goes over all the history that he's had with Foley. Orton then says that it's Evolution's time and that no one can stop them.

La Resistance vs. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade vs. the Dudley Boyz vs. Booker T & RVD - Fatal Fourway Tag Team Title Match
-First team to score a pinfall or a submission will become the new WWE Tag Team Champs. Dupree and RVD start the match off. Booker T is tagged in and he does a number on Dupree. Dupree stumbles into the Dudleys corner and tags Bubba. Bubba nails Booker with a neckbreaker and gets a two count. Bubba goes for his nut grabbing elbow when Booker counters with a crescent kick. Jindrak then tags himself into the ring in place of Bubba. Jindrak and Cade take turns and work over Booker. Dupree tags himself in and La Resistance take their turn in beating up Booker. Booker counters an irish whip and delivers a huge spinbuster to Conway. Booker finally tags out and RVD comes in and cleans house on La Resistance and Jindrak and Cade. All hell breaks loose. Booker T hits Conway with a scissors kick and RVD comes flying off the top with the Five Star Frog Splash and gets the pin.
WINNERS: Booker T and Rob Van Dam

-Coach is shown backstage looking for the Undertaker. A worker points to room in the back that strange noises are coming from. Coach opens the door and Mene Gene and Bobby Heenan come out with their shirts unbuttoned and lipstick all over their face. Moolah and Mae Young come out next and pull Gene and Heenan back in to the room.

-Video recap is shown of the entire Jericho/Trish/Christian angle.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian
-Match starts off with Jericho gaining the upper hand. Jericho hits Christian with a back body drop from the apron to the outside. Christian takes control in the ring after poking Jericho in the eye. Christian then delivers a belly back to suplex to Jericho throwing him over the top rope to the outside. Jericho comes back with a right hand, but Christian takes control after hitting Jericho with the kitchen sink. Jericho tries to counter with the Walls of Jericho, but Christian gets out by raking Jericho's eyes. Jericho regains control and nails Christian with an Enzugri shades of the late great Owen Hart. Jericho gets a two count after Northern Lights Suplex. Jericho hits his bulldog and goes for the Lionsault, but Christian raises his knees and catches Jericho. Christian hits a devasting reverse DDT from the second rope, but Jericho some how kicks out. Christian climbs to the top rope but Jericho catches him and tried to hit a superplex. Christian drops Jericho and hits a high cross body. Jericho rolls through and gets a two count. Christian straps on the Texas Cloverleaf, but Jericho counters with the Walls of Jericho, but Christian reaches the ropes. Christian rolls to the outside, but Jericho still has the Walls of Jericho locked in. Jericho then hits Christian with double arm suplex from the second turnbuckle. Trish bounces her way down to the ring. Christian then drives Jericho down with the Impaler. Trish jumps on the apron trying to distract Christian. Christian pulls Trish into the ring and throws her into the corner. Jericho goes to check on Trish when she hits him with a back elbow. Christian rolls up Jericho and gets the pin. Trish then comes in to check on Jericho. Christian comes back to the ring. Jericho tries to get at him, while Trish pulls him back. Trish then turns Jericho around and slaps him. Trish slaps him again and Christian comes in and hit the Unprettier. Trish and Christian go up the ramp hand in hand. Trish and Christian then make out at the top of the ramp while Jericho stands in the ring confused.
WINNER: Christian

-Lilian Garcia is backstage interviewing Mic Foley. Foley says that he will try to control his emotions so that he and the Rock can do what they have planned. Rock then comes in and tells Foley that he should let his emotions go. He then states that they are live and all that kind of stuff.

The Evolution vs. The Rock N' Sock Connection
-Foley and Rock charge Evolution in the ring and get the early advantage. Flair and Rock officially start the match. Rock and Flair brawling on the outside. Rock delivers a back body drop and Foley comes flying off the apron and hits an elbow drop. Flair tags in Orton and Rock brings Foley in. Foley and Rock dominate Orton. Rock gets pulled out of the ring by Batista. Batista is tagged in and he beats on the Rock for awhile. Rock finally tags Foley and Foley gets some offense in before Batista takes control with one clothesline. Foley is sent to the outside and is whipped into the steps, knees first. Evolution continues to dominate Foley. Foley eventually gets the tag and Rock cleans house. Batista hits Rock with a huge spinebuster. Flair then pleads with Batista to let him take out the Rock. Flair goes for the people's elbow, but Rock flips up. Rock then gets rid of Batista and hits the People's Elbow on Flair. Rock goes for the pin, but Flair somehow kicks out. Orton comes in and Rock hit's him with the Rock Bottom. Flair breaks the pinfall and while the ref is distracted, Batista hits Rock with the Sitdown Powerbomb. Foley is tagged in again and it's his turn to clean house. Foley nails Orton with a double arm DDT. Foley pulls out Socko, but out of nowhere, Orton nails the RKO and gets the pin. Rock then applaudes Foley and both of them hug.
WINNERS: The Evolution

-Footage is shown of the Hall of Fame ceremony. Mene Gene comes out and introduces the Class of 2004.

Sable & Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler & Miss Jackie - Playboy Evening Gown Match
-Sable gets on the mic and said that her evening gown is too restricting. So she takes off her gown. Stacy follows and then Torrie. Miss Jackie decides she doesn't want to, but Sable and Torrie strip her anyway. Sable and Miss Jackie start off the match. Stacy tags in Torrie and Torrie comes off the top rope with a high cross body. Miss Jackie tags in Stacy. Stacy and Torrie go over a few pinfalls. Stacy tags in Miss Jackie and Torrie rolls up Jackie for the pinfall.
WINNERS: Sable and Torrie Wilson

-International Fans are shown and they say where they are from.

-Eddie is shown going into Benoit's lockerroom. Guerrero tells Benoit that it's the biggest night of their lives. Benoit tells him that he knows. Guerrero tells Benoit that no matter what happens, he is proud of Benoit. Guerrero then tells Benoit that no expects him to win and that no believes in him. Benoit says that he believes in himself. Guerrero then tells him that he told him that no believes in him to get him fired up. Benoit then says that he will leave tonight World Champ and Guerrero will leave WWE champ.

Cruiserweight Open
-2 wrestlers start and they are eliminated by pinfall, submission, countout or DQ. Ultimo Dragon and Shannon Moore start of the match. Fast paced action with a lot of near falls. Ultimo Dragon hits his flip over reverse DDT for the pinfall. Noble then enters the ring and goes to work right away on Dragon. Dragon goes for a moonsault, but Noble moves out of the way. Noble hits a huge neckbreaker and straps Dragon in reverse dragon sleeper type move. Dragon taps and is eliminated. Funaki tries to take advantage and comes off with a high cross body. Noble rolls through and pins Funaki. Nunzio comes in and the two cousins battle. Noble knocks Nunzio to the outside and hits him with senton splash from the tope rope. Noble climbs back into the ring and Nunzio gets eliminated by countout. Nunzio pulls Noble to the outside and they start to brawl. Kidman delivers a shooting star press from the top rope on both Nunzio and Noble. Kidman and Noble continue to fight in the ring. Kidman then hits Noble with a top rope BK Bomb for the pinfall. Mysterio comes in and the two former partners square off. After some more fast paced action, Mysterio nails a powerbomb on Kidman from the top rope for the pin. Tajiri is in next and Mysterio and Tajiri fight. Akio tries to help Tajiri, but Mysterio ducks and Tajiri hits Akio with the mist. Mysterio rolls up Tajiri to get the pinfall. Akio is unable to wrestle so that leaves Chavito. Chavito and Rey go back and forth. Mysterio attacks Chavo Sr on the outside. Mysterio comes back and Chavo rolls him up and gets the pinfall with some assistance from his daddy.
WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

-Video Recap of the entire Brock Lesnar/Goldberg feud.

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg - Special Referee: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
-Austin comes out first on his ATV followed by Lesnar then Goldberg. Lesnar and Goldberg try to intimidate each other for like 10 minutes before the match gets underway. Goldberg hits Lesnar with a Body Press into a spinebuster. Goldberg goes for the spear and Lesnar moves out of the way. Lesnar takes control of the match on the outside. Lesnar brings Goldberg back in the ring and hits him with a suplex. Lesnar works on Goldberg's right shoulder for a while. Goldberg regains control with a clothesline and a spinning suplex. Goldberg hits Lesnar with a spear, but only gets a two count. Goldberg then argues with Austin that it was a three count. Goldberg turns around and Lesnar hits the F-Five, but gets a two count as well. Lesnar then argues with Austin about the count as well. Lesnar then goes for a spear himself, but misses. Goldberg then hits another spear on Lesnar and signals for the Jackhammer. Goldberg hits the Jackhammer and gets the pinfall. Lesnar gets up and gets in the face of Austin and flips him off. Austin then hits Lesnar with the Stunner. Goldberg then gets back into the ring. Austin then passed Goldberg a couple beers and they both drink beer. Austin then stuns Goldberg to the delight of the fans.
WINNER: Goldberg

-They announce that Wrestlemania 21 will be in Los Angeles.

-Fink introduces Vince McMahon and he comes out to thank the fans for making Wrestlemania.

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs. the Basham Brothers vs. the APA vs. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty - Fatal Fourway Tag Team Title Match
-First team to score a pinfall or a submission will become the new World Tag Team Champs. Bradshaw and Shelton start the match off. Doug Basham tags himself and both Bashams work over Benjamin. Benjamin tags in Haas and Scotty comes in for Danny. Benjamin and Haas work over Scotty. The Bashams replace Haas and Benjamin and continue to beat up Scotty. Scotty eventually tags Rikishi and all hell breaks loose. Rikishi sits on Danny Basham to get the pinfall. Rikishi and Scotty dance after the match.
WINNERS: Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty

-Jesse Ventura comes out and says that Wrestlemania isn't the same with an interview from Jesse the Body Ventura. Ventura goes out of the ring to interview Donald Trump. Ventura compliments Trump on his hair do. Trump says that Vince is great man and that he will support Ventura if he does get back into politics. Ventura says that they need a wrestler in the White House in 2008.

Molly Holly vs. Victoria - Women's Title Match; If Molly loses, she will have her head shaved.
-Molly comes out first, followed by the Women's Champ, Victoria. Molly takes control early in the match after a knee to the stomach. Victoria counters and gets a near fall. Molly baits Victoria to the outside and regains control after a huge clothesline. Molly puts Victoria in an assortment of submission moves. Victoria attempts a superplex, but Molly counters with a sunset flip powerbomb. Molly tries to do the Widow's Peak on Victoria, but Victoria counters with backslide and gets the win. Molly is shocked as she realizes that she has to get her head shaved. Victoria chases after Molly. Molly attacks Victoria and tries to shave her hair. Victoria sprays Molly with hair spray, straps her in the barber's chair and proceeds to shave her hair.
WINNER: Victoria

-Video recap is shown of the entire Kurt Angle/Eddie Guerrero feud.

-Victoria is still shaving Molly's head and she's pretty much bald.

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero - WWE Title Match
-Angle comes out first followed by Eddie Guerrero in a sweet looking Cadillac. Angle and Guerrero start with some basic wrestling moves and counters. Guerrero takes it to Angle with a few quick shoulder blocks. Angle retreats to the outside. More fast paced action with Guerrero gaining the advantage. Angle takes control of the match after kneeing Guerrero in the stomach. Angle hooks Guerrero in an abdominal stretch. Guerrero counters to a front suplex. Guerrero tries to hit a second, but Angle counters with a German Suplex. Guerrero knocks Angle out of the ring and misses a cross body from the top rope. Angle brings Guerrero back into the ring and grounds him with a submission move. Angle executes two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes and puts Guerrero in a bear hug. Angle gets a two count after another overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Guerrero counters Angle's attempt at a top rop belly-to-belly and tries a frog splash. Angle moves and attacks Guerrero in the corner. Guerrero goes for his triple front suplex, but Angle counters the third suplex into the Ankle lock. Guerrero gets out and attempts the Frog Splash, but Angle catches him on the top rope and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle then puts down the straps and locks the Ankle lock again, but Guerrero counters one more time. Angle hits a german suplex and signals for the Angle slam, but Guerrero counters into a tornado DDT. Guerrero hits the Frog Splash, but only for a two count. Guerrero tries to pick up Angle, but Angle counters into the Ankle lock. Guerrero counters and sends Angle to the outside. Guerrrero loosens his boot and indicates that it could be seriously hurt. Angle rushes back in and puts the Ankle lock again. Angle applies pressure and ends up pulling Guerrero's boot off. Guerrero then gets Angle in a small package and picks up the win.
WINNER: Eddie Guerrero

-Video recap of the entire Undertaker/Kane feud.

Kane vs. The Undertaker
-Kane comes out first to his usual entrance. Paul Bearer comes out first with urn in hand followed by numerous people in cloaks. The bell tolls and out comes the Undertaker. Unfortunately, he looks more like the American Badass then the Deadman. Kane keeps telling himself in the ring that Taker is not real. Kane reaches to touch Taker and gets caught with a right hand. Taker attacks with rights and lefts. Kane drops to the outside, but is followed out by Taker. Taker brings Kane back into the and continues his assault. Taker attempts the Last Ride, but Kane counters and hits Taker with a flapjack. Kane hits a side suplex followed by a clothesline for the top rope. Both men exchange right hands, with Kane getting the better after an uppercut. Taker moves out of the way of clothesline and nails Kane with a boot to the face. Taker then goes for his Old School move, but Kane catches him with nails Taker with a chokeslam. Kane starts to pose to the crowd and Taker sits up. Taker delivers a chokeslam and signals for the Tombstone. Taker hits the Tombstone and pins Kane with the Darkness pin.
WINNER: The Undertaker

-Video recap of the entire Triple H/Chris Benoit/Shawn Michaels feud.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit vs. Triple - World Title Match
-Both Michaels and Benoit start off the match attacking Triple H. Benoit whips Michaels into Triple H, knocking the champ to the outside. Michaels and Benoit do some basic wrestling moves and counters. Triple H comes in out of nowhere and clotheslines Michaels. Benoit gets thrown out of the ring by Michaels and now Triple H and Michaels go at it for a while. After dropping Michaels with a high knee, Trips goes after Benoit on the outside. Michaels joins in with a moonsault from the top rope onto both men. HBK throws Trips back into the ring and gets a two count. Trips set up Michaels for the pedigree but Benoit breaks that up. Benoit gets rid of Michaels and goes after Trips again. Benoit hits his multiple german suplexes on Triple H. Michaels catches Benoit on the top rope before being thrown out by Triple H. Trips then delivers a superplex to Benoit, while Michaels remains outside. Benoit counters a pedigree attempt into the crossface, but Michaels breaks it up before he could do any damage. Michaels then trys to hit Benoit with the multiple german suplexes, but Benoit counters and hits three on Michaels. Benoit then delivers the flying headbutt, but only gets a two count. Michaels gets the advantage briefly and tosses Benoit to the outside. Michaels then attacks Triple H and hits with the flying elbow. Michaels then hits Triple H with Sweet Chin Music, but Benoit pulls Triple H out of the ring before Michaels could get the pin. Benoit gets Michaels in the crossface. Michaels tries to tap, but Triple H stops his hand. Trips breaks the crossface and goes at it with Benoit on the outside. Triple H throws Benoit into the steel steps and proceeds to setup the announce table for some breaking. Michaels comes to the outside and joins the other two on top of one announce table. Triple H and Michaels then double suplex Benoit threw the announce table. Michaels then gets back in the ring and challenges Triple H. Michaels and Trips continue to battle inside and outside the ring with Michaels getting the upper hand. Triple H out of desperation nails Michaels with the pedigree. Benoit comes out of nowhere to break up the three count. Benoit counters the pedigree and gets Trips in the sharpshooter. Michaels breaks the submission by hitting Benoit with Sweet Chin Music. Michaels crawls on top of Benoit, but only gets a two count. Michaels attempts another sweet chin music on Benoit, but Benoit counter and throws him to the outside. Triple H attempts another pedigree on Benoit, but Benoit counters one more time. Benoit hooks Triple H in the crossface. Triple H gets close to the ropes, but Benoit rolls with Trips to the middle of the ring and Triple H taps. Eddie Guerrero joins Benoit in the ring and the two celebrate.