WWE Confidential Recap (3/13/04) - Rock 'n' Sock Connection, Dudley Boyz, more

Well, it's one day before the biggest event in WWE History. How different will the
federation be on Monday, less two major wrestlers and a new logo. We are definetly
in for a change, but for now let us sit back and enjoy an hours worth of WWE
entertainment we know as Confidential. Tonight, we take a look back at the Rock n
Sock Connection. The Duddley's visit a school and we take a look at all the media
hype concerning Wrestlemania XX.

First up, we take a look at the Rock n Sock Connection. The Rock returned to RAW two
weeks ago to help out his good friend Mick Foley. This started the reformation, if
for only one night, of the Rock n Sock Connection. Rock tells us that he is looking
forward to this match and he can't wait. Foley says the fans will think that the
match is nostalgic, but he thinks that is a career highlight. When the idea first
began it was Mick, as slow - but loveable Mankind, and The Rock, as someone who
couldn't stand Foley. The Rock says he wasn't sure about the whole idea at first,
but now he thinks that it helped his career. The Rock says his favorite moment was
him talking on the phone while Mick told him he needed to end the relationship, as
well as, "This Is Your Life" from 1999.

Up Next: The Duddleys Visit A School


The Duddley Boyz recently visited Wolfpit School to warn kids of the dangers of
drugs and to stay in school and make something for yourself. It's great to see the
WWE sending their superstars to schools and clubs to set kids on the right path.

We now see footage of WWE superstars in all the pre-Wrestlemania XX events. Booker
T, Lita, Mick Foley and Eddie Guerrero receive an award from the New York Council.
Also, Jackie Gayda, Stacy Kiebler and Evolution all meet New York City Mayor Michael
Bloomberg. Torrie Wilson and Sable promote Wrestlemania in Las Vegas.

Up Next: More Wrestlemania XX Media Hype

WWE Rewind: Last Monday - Steven Richards pins Chris Jericho


We now see more footage from the media hype concerning Wrestlemania. Tripla H and
Ric Flair sign autographs at a Toys R' Us in New York. We also see clips of Triple H
on Regis and Kelly.

Up Next: Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania VI


Shelton Benjamin tells us that his favorite match is from Wrestlemania VI when WWF
Intercontinental Champ, The Ultimate Warrior fought WWF World Heavyweight Champ,
Hulk Hogan. This match isn't your typical match, because neither participants can
wrestle. The Ultimate Warrior comes away with the victory.

Up Next: More Mania Hype

Slam of the Week: Last Monday - Molly Holly beats Lita. Molly talks to Bischoff and
gets a Hair vs. Title match at Wrestlemania XX


We now see a press conference from last Thursday regarding Wrestlemania XX. All of
the big boys were there, no Undertaker of course. John Cena says he's the new Repo
Man because he will steal the show. Vince McMahon says the Harlem Boys Choir will
open Mania with "America The Beautiful".

Up Next: Even More Mania Stuff


Wrestlemania Recall: Wrestlemania 2000 - Triple H wins the Fatal Four Way to win the
WWF World Title.

We now see more clips of media hype for Mania, including Vince and Linda McMahon. We
also see clips of Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, Ric Flair, the APA and Kurt Angle on
"Cold Pizza" featured on ESPN. We now see never before seen footage of Trish Stratus
on New York City's Z100 Radio Station. She wrestled someone named Frat Boy.

Finally, Gean runs down the final Wrestlemania XX card.

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