Benoit Interview, Snuka/Rock n' Sock, WrestleMania on Fox News

- The FOX News website has a video piece up about WrestleMania XX. Click here to view.

- Chris Benoit was on Fox and Friends this morning. Co-host Karen talked a bit about WrestleMania, Brian then mentioned how it went from Andrew the Giant to Ivan Putski. Brian then called him David Beniot, but Karen quickly corrected him. Karen and her husband are huge wrestling fans; in fact they ordered WrestleMania the night before. Brian said he was thinking of the basketball player David. Benoit joked and asked Brian if he wanted to be the first to have a shot at the title.

Karen asked about Shawn Michaels being busted open and wanted to know if he was okay. Benoit said he hoped so. Brian asked if he was sore. Benoit said he was and added that wrestling two other men takes a lot more than in singles competition.

Karen asked just how he mustard the strength to win after being thrown through a table. Benoit said it was 18 year in the making for him, he was sure that the night was his night and was very focused on winning.

Brian asked how he was accepted in WWE after the WCW acquisition, mentioning that Benoit was a WCW Tag Team champion. Benoit said he was actually a WCW World Heavyweight champion as well, and due to backstage politics he was fed up there and called Vince McMahon for work. Karen mentioned how much guts it took to call Vince (look at Karen with all the wrestling info). Karen then mentioned Eddie Guerrero jumping ship with him and asked if the smaller guys are more athletic. Benoit said that the business is different from 20 years ago; he added that the amount of athleticism has gotten very high. They also mentioned Kurt Angle being an Olympic champion and NCAA wrestler and now working in WWE.

Benoit went on to say that people are now more athletic than ever before. Brian asked if he could take Chris out with a sleeper hold, laughing Benoit said