Tracy Brooks Interview: Women Wrestlng Men, Improving NWA more

Thank's to Steve Gerweck for the following:

Interview conducted: February 3, 2004

SG> Steve Gerweck
TB> Tracy Brooks

SG> How did you get involved in professional wrestling?
TB> My friend entered me in a contest for the Toronto Sunshine Millennium Calendar and I ended up winning and being named Miss June 2000. To promote the Calendar I was a Sunshine Girl for the Toronto Sun (pg. 3) and my bio was to become the next WWF (WWE) Superstar. A trainer from Sully's Gym (Toronto, ON) contacted me through the Sun and I began my training in March 2000.

SG> Were you a pro wrestling fan growing up? Have any favorites?
TB> I was a huge fan! Every Saturday night my dad and me were in front of the TV for Saturday Nights Main Event. Piper, Rick Rude, Macho Man, Davey Boy Smith, Dynamite Kid, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, and my all time fav, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat.

SG> How did you get involved with TAN?
TB> Scott D'more brought me in. I have worked for him in several other promotions (BCW, MXPW).

SG> What does TNA have to do to get more over with the fans?
TB> A TV deal. I think wrestling fans are tired of WWE and have just given up on wrestling. TNA is an alternative for wrestling fans and wrestlers, all TNA needs is a little more exposure

SG> Thus far in your career, what has been the highlight? The low light?
TB> Honestly there hasn't been a low light. I am living my dream everyday. I might have a bad match or be a little beat up, but everyday I am living my dream and fulfilling my childhood fantasy, how can there be any low lights? As for highlights, my debut on TNA, winning the 1st WXW Womens Super 8 and just waking up every morning to step into the ring.

SG> Have you ever sent feelers to the WWE? Or have received feelers from them?
TB> I have been there several times to work out in the day with the girls.

SG> In TNA, how much input do you have with your character?
TB> They give us a direction to go and it is up to us to present that character. Shane and Michael Shane are so easy to feed off that it makes my job easy.

SG> Who would you most like to wrestle that you haven't yet?
TB> I wrestled her as Felina in the start of my career but not since she has debuted in the WWE, Gail Kim.

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