Eddie's Smackdown Following, Wrestlers Speak Against Lesnar, Chavo Sr.

* Since Chavo Guerrero Sr. has joined the company, he has become a locker room favorite and really provides a comical relief with his sense of humor.

* Now that the WWE and Brock Lesnar have made his departure from the company public, those in the locker room have become more vocal about Lesnar's status while with the company. One wrestler was quoted saying "He's not a team player at all. No one likes him. He's a jackass. He's not very social. He's not one of the boys. How you see him on TV is pretty much how he is in real life."

* With Eddie Guerrero leading the Smackdown roster as their champion, he has really started to get the support from the locker room. One wrestler was quoted saying "Eddie represents this company well. He's great. Houses are up. We had two sellouts recently, something that didn't happen when Brock was headlining as champion.People are chanting Eddie's name before shows. He's a phenomenal champion for us. Eddie eats, talks, and sits with us. If anyone deserves his success, it's him." In addition to Eddie's growing popularity with the other wrestlers on the roster, attendance has been noticably higher since he won the title.

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