(Updated) Official WWE SmackDown Preview (3/18) - "A New SmackDown"

The following was derived from WWE.com.

WWE SmackDown - March 18, 2004

Venue : Fleet Center

City, State : Boston, Massachusetts

Preview :
Expect a lot of uneasiness on SmackDown! this week as it will be the final SmackDown! as it is currently known. On RAW, Mr. McMahon dropped a bombshell when he announced that next week, every WWE Superstar will be in attendance at RAW for a lottery that will shake-up both the RAW and SmackDown! rosters and the very foundation of World Wrestling Entertainment as a whole. It will be the end of an era for SmackDown! as rivalries will end and new ones will be formed, partnerships could end -- as well as championship reigns ... depending on the luck of the draw. Watch SmackDown! to see the reactions of both Paul Heyman and the SmackDown! Superstars as this new day for WWE approaches.

Also, join SmackDown! from Boston for the first time after the WrestleMania extravaganza as we present all of the fallout from WrestleMania XX! John Cena is the new United States Champion after winning his first Championship in World Wrestling Entertainment by beating the Big Show at WrestleMania. Find out his reaction to the biggest win of his young career on SmackDown! Also, despite Kurt Angle's assertion that Eddie Guerrero is not fit to be WWE Champion, Latino Heat is still on top ... see what both competitors in that match have to say about one of the toughest battles of their careers.

Also on SmackDown!, last week, General Manager Paul Heyman went man-to-man to ask his Superstars to defend the integrity of SmackDown! against Stone Cold Steve Austin as Austin appeared at SmackDown! to reclaim his ATV and gain a measure of revenge on Heyman and Brock Lesnar. In an act of defiance, the Superstars of SmackDown! lined the entrance ramp to the ring while Heyman and Lesnar stood inside, only to let Austin through and then leave the arena. Subsequently, Lesnar was busted wide open thanks to Austin and Heyman received a Stunner. Was this a mutiny? Has Heyman lost control of his show? What will the upcoming lottery mean for the General Manager? Find out this week on SmackDown!

All of this and more on SmackDown! at 8/7 CT on UPN!

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