Debra Auctioning Her Wedding Ring, New WWE PPVs Draw Controversy

* With the recent announcement that the WWE will be adding 2 Pay-Per-View events to their yearly schedule, one might assume cable industry executives would be excited about the potential spike in PPV revenue this would generate. This isn't necessarily the case, however, as some cable operators have questioned the decision to run 3 PPVs within a 6-week period. Remember that there once was a time when WCW and ECW were in full force that we saw as many as 4 PPV events in a 6-week period. The first of the new PPV events will take place in June with another 2 new PPV events being added next year as well. That would bring the annual total of PPV events up to 16 for the WWE.

* Debra Marshall, Steve Austin's ex-wife and former WWE Diva, has put her wedding ring up for auction on Ebay. The starting price for the ring is a whopping $200,000. Some of the money generated from the sale of the ring will be donated to a charity for victims of spousal abuse.

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