WWE House Show Results (3/18/04) - Newcastle, England

Here are the Wresltemania Revenge tour results from The Metro Radio Arena in
Newcaslte England, Thursday 18th March 2004
Report by: David Handley, rajahwwf.com reader

The house is jam packed, sell out crowd

We Start off with Billy Kidman V Rhyno
Quite a good match, Kidman got a good pop, but im sure that it was becuase he
was the first wreslter and first face out of the evening. Good fastish paced
match, with several usual spots. Kidman missed shooting start press, Rhyno
goes for gore, but kidman moves out the way, roll up 1,2,3 Here is your winner
Billy 'no personality' Kidman
I cant beleive that they let this guy beat a former ECW World champion, and
good solid wrestler like Rhyno, but this is a house show

Billy Gunn+Hardcore Holly V Worlds Greatest Tagteam
Worlds greatest tag team vs Possibley the worlds worst tag team? Who cares
about Gunn and Holly? Both men get good pops, Benjamin and Hass provide us with
the wrestling in the match, and Holly wins with the Alamaba Slam, which looks
even lamer in person

Chuck Palumbo Vs Orlando Jordan
This match was a real crowd killer, Boaring chants starts nearly as soon as
the match does. Chuck wins with an impressive looking finisher, a modified
samoan drop?

Blind Fold Match
Nidia Vs The red neck massiah Jamie By God Knoble
Quite a good match for an intergender match, crowd was really into this
mtach. Similar spots to the blind fold match they had earlier in the year. Nidia
Wins witrh a roll Up!

WWE Cruiserweight Championship (Tripple Threat Elim)
Nunzio Vs Chavo vs Rey Mysterio
With out a doubt the best match of the night. The wreslting in this match was
a real cut above what we have seen so far, and Rey was so over its unreal. He
got what was by far the biggest pop of the night. Rey get the first fall on
Nunzio with a hurricarana type move. Rey and Chavo go at it for a good 10
minutes, with some top quality moves and near falls. Chavo wins in the end when
Nuzio runs back on and interferes.

Paul Heyman enters the ring to give the English crowd a good heal promo. Lots
of cheap heat, and English swear words, which realy got the crowd pumped on,
John cena comes in to a huge pop and cuts a good promo on heyman, heyman asks
if anyone else wants to kick his ass aprt from john cena, enter Bradshaw.
Bradshaw enters the ring and says 'paul you said u want to see a fight, and a
fight ill give ya;' Bam clotheline on John Cena! An unexpected heal turn by
Quite a good match, with some good power moves by both guys. Cena wins with
the FU, to a great ovation

15 Mintue interval

WWE Tag titles match
Rikishi+Scotty too Hotty Vs Bashams
Rikishi and Scottyy eneter to a great ovation, not from me, i like to see
wrestling, not sports entertainment. Neither of these guys can hardly wrestle,
and its a travasty that they are champions.
Bashams eneter with some new tights, which are green and absolutly crap! Very
slow paced match, with lots of stops and starts with Rikishi and Scotty
talking to the crowd and getting them involved. Rikishi and scotty win whren
rikishi hits a sit out banzia drop in the middle of the ring on Danny, he really
does drop his full weight down on the guy, and i cant beleive that they didnt
have to scoop him out with a shovle!

Rikishi and scotty get some kids in the ring to dance post match, which most
of the crowd loves, but personaly not to my liking.

Divas Match
Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie
Dawn and Torrie both look absolutly hot in person, dawn was waving to the
crowd etc, but torrie didnt realy seem that interested which was a shame, as she
got a huge pop. Quite a good match to say that these two are more eye candy
than wrestlers. Torrie wins.

Main event
WWE Championship
Eddy Guererro Vs Big Show

Ive seen bigshow a couple of times now, and he is absolutly massive. He was
the only one who you could see walking down the isle, even though everyone was
stood up. He got quite a good and mixed reaction. Eddy comes out to a good
load pop, the second biggest of the night, behind Rey.
Slow paced match up, thanks to the bigshow. They looked really serious about
this match, other seemed to be messing around a little and having some fun,
but they put on a solid match, which was second only to the Crusier weight
Big Show took a tornado DDT by eddy, which was an impressive sight, he
absolutly flew accross the ring, and hit the mat with a massive thud. Big show uses
lots of bear hugs and power moves on eddy.
Eddy hits the frog splash, but bigshow kicks out after 2. Eddy gets the belt
and levels the bigshow as the ref is on the floor, eddy play possum and gets
up when the ref does, ive seen him do this trick many of time, and its really
funny in person. Eddy goes to top rope, hits frog splash for the 1,2,3!

Post match, Eddy does a great promo, and calls John cena into the ring, Cena
free styles on the crowd, and the two guys entertain the crow for around 15
minutes post match. These two guys are both class acts, and really showed that
they gave a damn about the crowd and made sure that we all went home with a
smile on our face.

Good event overall, a shocking heal turn by bradshaw, interesting to see if
this is house show only or a long term plan. All the fans signs where taken off
them on the way in,which in my opinion was a good thing, as there where no TV
crew, and they really get anoying when in ur way!

David Handley
Huddersfield England