Sable/Torrie/Victoria, The Rock's "New Hair", Royal Rumble DVD, Heyman

* Paul Heyman has reportedly stepped up as a leader on the creative end of things for the Smackdown brand. In addition to writing his own promos, he has provided agents with some ideas that have really made the matches and shows far more memorable and enjoyable.

* has added photos of The Rock's "new hair" from his filming for the upcoming movie "Be Cook," which is the follow-up to "Get Shorty," starring Uma Thruman and John Travolta.

* Mark Henry's shoulder injury actually happened at the house show match with Chris Benoit in Youngstown, OH. The angle on RAW was used to sell the injury fro storyline purposes.

* The DVD for the 2004 Royal Rumble will come out on February 24th.

* Today's edition of "Byte This" will feature Sable, Torrie and Victoria as special guests. The show airs at 4pm ET at and will likely feature more hype of the Sable / Torrie Playboy spread and WM XX discussion.

Possible WrestleMania XX Spoilers & Main Event Swerve + Benoit / RAW Update and Latest on Undertaker's Return!

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