WWE Velocity Report (3/20/04) - Taped in Boston, Massachusetts

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WWE Velocity Report
Taped in Boston, MA
March 20, 2004
Reported by: The Worm, rajah.com Velocity reporter

Match #1 (Singles) - Hardcore Holly vs. Chuck Palumbo (w/ Nunzio):

They size each other up and then lock up. Hardcore hits an arm drag and then Palumbo backs up to the ropes. He gets up and they lock up again. Palumbo backs Hardcore into a corner and goes to attack, but Hardcore ducks and works in some punches. Hardcore is whipped into the opposite corner,and Palumbo goes to charge, but Hardcore comes back with knife edge chops. Palumbo knocks Hardcore down and then picks him up. Hardcore is rammed into a corner, and then is hit with a short leg clothesline. Palumbo goes for a pin, but Hardcore kicks out.

Palumbo has Hardcore in a front headlock, but Hardcore gets up and works in some punches before Palumbo picks him up and rams him into the turnbuckle. Palumbo goes to charge, but Hardcore kicks Palumbo in the head. Hardcore bounces off the ropes and then hits a couple clotheslines followed by a back body drop. Hardcore goes up top and hits a flying clothesline. Hardcore goes to pin Palumbo, but Palumbo kicks out. Palumbo hits a boot to knock Hardcore down and goes for a pin, but Hardcore kicks out.

Palumbo hits a couple punches, bounces off the ropes, but Hardcore connects with a dropkick. Hardcore goes for a pin, but Palumbo kicks out. Palumbo takes Hardcore down and goes for a pin, but Hardcore kicks out. Hardcore has Palumbo in an STF and is trying to get Palumbo to tap, but he manages to grab the bottom rope. Nunzio applauds Palumbo's efforts. Palumbo has a hold of the ropes, so Hardcore picks up Palumbo's legs and kicks him in the gut.

Nunzio gets on the apron to interfere, but Hardcore knocks him off. The finish comes when Palumbo connects with his modified Samoan Drop.

Winner: Chuck Palumbo

Before we go to commercial, we see Mark Lloyd with the Rock and he interviews him about what we can expect to see on The Rundown DVD. We then see a deleted scene from the DVD where we see a fight scene between The Rock and Seann William Scott. The DVD will be available this Tuesday.

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Up next, we'll see Vince McMahon's announcement of the WWE Draft Lottery that will occur on RAW this Monday.

We're back on Velocity, and we go back to last Monday where Vince McMahon says that things need to be shaken up around the WWE, and ends up announcing that there will be a new WWE draft lottery this Monday.

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WWE Wrestlemania XXI will be at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA for March 2005.

Match #2 (Tag) - Tajiri & Akio (w/ Sakoda) vs. Billy Kidman & Paul London:

Akio and Billy Kidman kick things off and they lock up. Akio goes for a go-behind and pushes Kidman. They go to lock up again, but Kidman takes Akio down. He hits the "Crane" kick on Akio and then Kidman goes for a pin, but Akio kicks out. Sakoda goes to interfere, but the ref catches him and ejects him from the ringside area.

Now, Kidman delivers a hurricanrana to Akio and goes for a pin, but Akio kicks out. London is tagged in and he takes Akio down and goes for a pin, but AKio kicks out. Akio goes for a knee to the gut, but London catches it and is hit in the back of the head. Tajiri is tagged in and London hits a head drag on Tajiri, but Tajiri comes back with a buzzsaw kick. London goes for a pin, but Tajiri kicks out. Kidman is tagged in and they connect with a double team manuever. Kidman goes for a pin, but Tajiri kicks out. Kidman's tossed into the corner, but he kicks Tajiri. Kidman goes up top, but is met with a kick to the gut as he comes off the rope. Akio is tagged in and they double team Kidman. AKio stomps on Kidman and goes for the cover, but Kidman kicks out. Akio hits a side Russian leg sweep and he now has him in an octopus-like stretch. AKio goes for a pin, but Kidman kicks out. Tajiri is tagged in and Tajiri goes for a pin, but Kidman kicks out yet again.

Tajiri has Kidman in an abdominal stretch and pounds on his ribs, but Kidman comes back with a side headlock takedown and Kidman is in control. Tajiri is whipped and goes for the Tarantula, but Kidman turns into a sunset flip. Tajiri locks on with a body scissors, but Kidman gets out of it. Akio is tagged in and he kicks Kidman in the gut. Akio locks on a surfboard-like stretch , but lets go and kicks him in the back. Akio tosses Kidman into a corner and hits a flipping kick off of Kidman's b ack (shades of Tiger Mask). London is tagged in and he flies of the top with a frog splash. He connects with a dropsault on Tajiri and he goes for the pin on Akio, but Akio kicks out. London is sent towards Tajiri's corner, but he gets hit in the head by Tajiri.

The action was so fast-paced that it's hard for me to keep up. Akio tries to superplex London, but Kidman won't let him. Pins are broken up, and the finish comes when London hits the 450 Splash on Akio for the victory.

Winner: Paul London and Billy Kidman

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Edge's vignette plays, and he will be going to RAW next month, and I can't wait! The draft will be used to cover it up, and if Edge goes to RAW, I hear RVD will be heading to Smackdown. All that matters to me is that they're used correctly. Edge deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and RVD deserves to be the WWE Champion.

The WWE Slam of the Week, brought to you by Drakengard (PlayStation 2), shows the match between John Cena and Big Show where Big Show kicks out of the FU, but John Cena uses his knucks and another FU to put him away and win the US Title.

Josh Mathews takes us back to Smackdown where Rhyno faced John Cena for the US Title. John Cena retains the title with a FU on Rhyno.

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Back on Velocity, Josh Mathews says that later, Chavo Guerrero will defend his title against Ultimo Dragon. We go back to Smackdown where Heyman makes a gauntlet where the winner will face Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship. Shelton Benjamin beats his partner, Charlie Haas and then Billy Gunn, but Rey Mysterio beats Shelton Benjamin and Big Show (thanks to John Cena) and then Rey Rey goes on to face Eddie Guerrero for the title. Eddie Guerrero retains after rolling Rey Mysterio up since Rey Mysterio missed the West Coast Pop.

Heyman comes out after the match and says that his vision for Smackdown doesn't include Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio and hopes that instead of being drafted, that they're deported. He says that isn't a man alive who can stand in his way and then the Undertaker comes out. Mysterio and Guerrero push Heyman into the Undertaker and he treats him to a Tombstone Piledriver.

Main Event (Singles, WWE Cruiserweight Championship) - Chavo Guerrero Jr (w/ Chavo Sr.) vs. Ultimo Dragon:

Chavo Jr's shaved off his sideburns. As soon as he walks up the steel stairs, we go to commercial. I hope that isn't the last time we see this match. Ultimo Dragon deserves to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship (actually, WWE Champion, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves), and hopefully the writers will realize this and allow them to feud.

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The WWE Rewind recaps the craptacular WWE Cruiserweight Open at Wrestlemania XX. That deserved a lot more time and Ultimo didn't deserve to be eliminated by Jamie Noble. The man's held 10 titles at one time, and he deserved to last longer than that.

Ultimo Dragon makes his way to the ring and he takes off his cape. This time he didn't trip or slip, so that's good. The crowd's booing Chavo and they start chanting "You Suck!" They lock up and Ultimo goes behind Chavo. Ultimo snapmares Chavo and Chavo moves out of the way. Chavo wrenches Ultimo's arm and then Ultimo does an acrobatic display before delivering an arm drag. Chavo gets some advice from his dad as he backs up into the corner and the crowd starts chanting "Eddie, Eddie!" Chavo works on Ultimo and then he tosses him. Ultimo rolls out of the way and connects with a hurricanrana. Chavo goes for a sunset flip, but Ultimo rolls through and kicks Chavo in the chest. Ultimo goes for a pin, but Chavo kicks out. Whips are exchanged, and Ultimo tries to slip out of the way, but Chavo slams Ultimo on the mat.

Chavo chokes Ultimo on the mat and Chavo Sr. runs some interference. Chavo Jr. goes for a pin, but Ultimo kicks out. Chavo locks on an arm bar into a key lock, and Ultimo is screaming in pain. Ultimo gets out of it and punches Chavo in the gut. Ultimo goes for a spinning heel kick, btu Chavo rolls out of the way and Ultimo crashes and burns. Chavo comes back with a dropkick to Ultimo's neck and then connects with a back suplex. Chavo goes for a pin, but Ultimo kicks out.

Chavo punches Ultimo in the head and then pounds on his neck, and then Chavo taunts the crowd "Let's hear Eddie now!" A small Eddie chant breaks out, and then whips are exchanged. Ultimo hits a springboard moonsault and both men are down. Ultimo goes for a pin, but Chavo kicks out. Ultimo works in some wicked kicks to the back of the leg and then follows it up with a spinning back kick. He goes for a pin, but Chavo kicks out.

Ultimo goes to suplex Chavo, but Chavo floats over. Ultimo goes for a standing switch, and then he rolls up Chavo, but Chavo kicks out again. Ultimo tosses Chavo to the outside and then he goes up top. He connects with a plancha and both men are down. Ultimo rolls Chavo back in and goes for a pin, but Chavo continues to kick out. Ultimo connects with a spinning heel kick to the gut, knocking Chavo into the corner. Chavo tries to work in some offense, but Ultimo latches on his Dragon Sleeper (the one Undertaker likes to use) Chavo comes back with a brainbuster, but Ultimo kicks out of the pin attempt.

The finish comes when Ultimo Dragon tries for the Asai DDT, but Chavo Jr. pushes him into the ropes and Chavo Sr. interferes again, and Chavo Jr. ends the match with the Gory Special.

Winner, and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

That's the end of Velocity, so stay tuned to watch WWE Confidential, where they'll cover the Wrestlemania festivities as well as the upcoming release of The Rundown DVD. The draft will happen this Monday on RAW live from Detroit, so be sure not to miss it!!