WWE House Show Results (3/19/04) - Sheffield, England

Report by: Brett, rajahwwf.com reader

Hi Rajah.
I was at the Smackdown house show here last night, and thought i'd send along the
results and happenings for you!

Event started about 10 minutes late, because obviously some people didn't grasp the
concept of the 7.30 start time. I had excellent seats as I was diagonal to a
turnbuckle, so whenever anyone did stand on it, they were more or less looking at

LOADS of WOOOOOOOOOO's ALL night, and LOADS of 619 chants, too.

Tony Chimel came out followed by Pyro (Which you could still smell at the end of the
first match)

Kidman vs Chuck Palumbo was first. I've always liked Kidman so was quite chuffed he
was out. No shooting star press, though, which disappointed me, but Billy won with a
smart rollup...

Billy Gunn/Hardcore Holly vs Basham Brothers was next. Bashams were wearing green
bottoms with some sort of logo on, hadn't seen that before. Billy was playing utpo
everyone in sight throughout the whole match and was the most comical. Bashams tried
switching but it backfired, as Billy won the match with a Fame-asser...

Rhyno was out next, followed by Orlando Jordan. He's got some potential, actually,
and got a really nice ovation when he left. Shame he lost to a gore, though. The
crowd was ALL over Rhyno after he asked us if we liked him and then he said that
England sucked. Great cheap heat...

Nidia vs Jamie *By God* Noble *The Redneck Messiah* in a blindfold match was next.
He cut a cheap heel promo about how he'd not have to see how ugly Nidia was whilst
wearing the blindfold, and that he'd used her, blah blah blah... Needless to say, he

Chavo vs Rey Rey vs Nunzio was next. Rey got an enormous pop, particularly from the
2 rows of kids infront of me who were ALL Rey fans. One even made his own mask. Aww.
Crowd HATED Chavo. Eddie chants were rampant whenever he was on the offence. Nunzio
was first out, but then re-appeared to cause Rey the match. They got a double 619
after the bell, to a huge pop.

Tony Chimmel starts thanking us, saying how good it is to be here, before his mic is
cut off by Paul Heyman. I wasn't looking forward to this because I really, REALLY
Can't stand Paul's voice. (I'm a DJ, So i'm used to hearing annoying voices, but his
really gets on my nerves) I wasn't disappointed at how annoying it really did sound,
too. He runs us down, points out the cameraman, and says the next match will be on
Worldwide TV - If John Cena loses. He calls us all w*nkers, berates us some more,
which brings John out to probably one of the biggest pops of the night. He cracked a
joke about Michael Barrymore (UK Celebrity), as well as insulting Paul's sexuality.
Just when it looked like they were going to fight each other, out came Bradshaw to a
pop, saying that if Paul wanted a fight, he'd get one, before cracking Cena with the
microphone (to huge heat) Pretty crap match though, which saw Bradshaw miss the
Clothesline from Hell, and get FU'd for his troubles. Cena was SO over, but I
completely marked out

Short interval next, followed by Rikishi + Scotty vs Charlie Hass/Shelton Benjamin.
I like the WGTT, personally, but Sheffield didn't... It was all Scotty getting
beaten on till the hot tag was made and Rikishi sat on poor Charlie for the pin.

Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson next. Torrie is niiiice! Short match, which Torrie won
with a rollup.

Chimmel thanked us for coming, and then announced the main event. Big Show was out
to Pyro and huuuuge heat, and Eddie was out to much admiration. Eddie got thrown
about most of the match, before acting hurt when he wasn't after a ref-bump and a
belt shot altercation. One frog-splash later, and we had a winner.

The after-match antics were just great. Eddie got the mic and started to talk, only
to be jumped by Chavo. Momentum quickly turned to Eddie, who then got jumped by the
Bashams, WGTT and Rhyno. Rey Rey, Cena, Rikishi + Scotty all came out to make the
save, and once the heels had gone, the fun began with a good 20 minute mic-session
and dancing contest. They'd also brought Nidia + Torrie back out.

All in all, to say they had a distinct lack of big stars, they really did put on a
good show, and the after-match celebration was really quite special. It finished @
10.45, so we got a good 3 hours entertainment.

Report by: Jon Byrne, rajahwwf.com reader

Here are the results for the WRESTLEMANIA RESTHOLDS Tour 19/3/04 in
Sheffield, England.

The Hallam FM Arena is jam packed to the rafters, standing room only signs
went out early for this one.

Billy Kidman vs. Chuck Palumbo

Nice pop for Kidman, less said about Chuck the better. Chuck overpowers
early but proceeds to stand around looking completely clueless. Match kicks
into gear when Kidman reverses a powerbomb into a facecrusher. Huracanrana
and Enziguri follow. SSP is countered but Chuck is shoved off the ropes, he
catches a flying bodypress attempt, turns it into his military press/Samoan
drop combo for a very near fall, but is then surprised by a Kidman roll up
for the pin.

Winner: Billy Kidman

The Even Newer Midnight Express (Billy Gunn and Bob Holly) vs. The Bashams

Oh dear. Billy's still well over but it's hard to believe Holly got a title
shot at the Rumble. Bashams don't look complete without Shaniqua. They
dominate most of the match with illegal double teams and restholds before
Holly's Best damn Drop Kick In The Business