WWE House Show Results (3/20/04) - Aberdeen, Scotland

Report by: Ann-Marie Ralph, rajahwwf.com reader

Last night i was at the Aberdeen Smackdown house show and thought that you may want
the results for your site!

Tony Chimel came out and thanked everyone for coming tonight - he had a bit of paper
with the Exhibtion Centre written on it so he could remember where he was - youd
think he would have learned it! LOL

Billy Kidman d. Chuck Palumbo:

Kidman came out to a solid few Kidman chants to start the evening off. Pretty solid
match, though it wasnt nothing spectacular. Would have like to see Kidman doing the
Shooting Star,
but never did, got the pin with a roll up. Beside where I was at there were a few
Palumbo chants, mainly asking where Billy was!

Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly d. The Basham Brothers

Gunn came out first and surprsingly the crowd went quite mad for Mr. Ass. Then
Hardcore Holly came out, again got pretty decent pops. One guy beside us shouted
isnt it time you retired but dont think Holly heard! Was though a surprisingly poor
match from all. Lots of show boating from Mr Ass, and then lots of rest holds. It
rumbled along until 'Mr Ass' hit the fameser and covered one of the
Bashams for 3. Then Mr Ass showed the crowed his thong, and then managed to get
Hardcore Holly to do the same - while Gunn wore the white thing, Hardcore wore the
black thong, dont think I ll be able to think of Holly as Hardcore anymore after
that! LOL

Nidia d. Jamie Noble

This was the same match from the previous nights and from No Way Out, but the
difference being that Nidia got a low blow to pin Noble for the 1, 2, 3. Quite a
boring match since we have seen it before - insulting our intelligence just a

Rhyno d. Orlando Jordan

Firstly most of the crowd where we were, were thinking, who the hell is Orlando
Jordan?! Rhyno came out to a huge pop, with ECW chants including. After a few
knocks and tussles they would shake hands then Rhyno got "a knee injury" which for a
start did look like it was for real but he outsmarted Jordan and kicked him, then
won the match. Bummer though we didnt get the gore!

Chavo Guerrero d. Rey Mysterio d. Nunzio

This was not a bad match at all. The crowd was all up for Mysterio, and were
shouting major Eddie Chants and Chavo sucks chants at Chavo - which he didnt like,
he then went over to the ref, to get him to cover his ears! The crowd where we
were, were in fairness taking the total piss out of Nunzio, by making him think that
the crowd loved him! He was the first to get eliminated from the triple threat
elimination match, falling to a nice
little Mysterio leap frog over Chavo. The 2 played to the crowd where at one point,
Chavo was wanting to shake hands with Mysterio, holding out his hand, while the
other one behind is back, with his fingers crossed! Chavo retained the title after
Nunzio came down to the ring again, getting Mysterio pinned. Mysterio finished with
a double 619 on both Nunzio and Chavo.

John Cena d. Bradshaw.

We started with Paul Heyman being out in the ring, being bombarded with ECW chants.
He said that he wished the had taken ECW to Scotland, so that they could see what a
bunch of wankers the Scots really are. He then said that he Scots men werent real
men because they wore kilts, not like him, an American who wears "pants". He said
that next person he saw wearing a kilt would get their ass kicked by him - yeah like
who is he trying to kid?! LOL

Out comes Cena wearing a kilt. He cut an amusing promo in which he said Heyman had
no testicles, and also stated that in truth of it Heyman was actually a transexual!
Always thought there was something different about him, LOL. He said that he was
going to kick Heymans ass. Heyman kept chanting "No, No, No", while the crowd
shouted back "Yo, Yo, Yo". Then Bradshaws music hit. Of course they crowd went
wild for him until he then turned and hit Cena in the face. Not a bad match with
Cena finsihing with the FU. Cena is a great crowd enterainer and really had the
crowd in the palm of his hand.

Intermission- Tony Chimmel told us that the WWE were coming back in May to Machester
and Birmingham - which didnt got down to well with the fans - what no Scots date?

Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty d. The World's (Self Proclaimed) Greatest Tag Team

This was quite a good match. There were quite a few chants for Haas and Benjamin but
it didnt seem to impress Haas, to much because he ended up telling them to shut up -
so much for loyalty eh? It ended with Haas and Benjamin in a corner leading to a
stink face, then Rikishi pulled Haas to the middle of the ring and sat on him
(ouch!) for the win!

Torrie Wilson d. Dawn Marie
Nothing really much to say about the match except Torrie won with a roll up!

Eddie Guerrero d. Big Show

Big Show was dominating this match until Show knocked out the ref, Eddie got the low
blow then hit Show with the WWE Belt. When the ref came round again Eddie lied on
the ground as it he had been hit too and rolled over for the pin.

After the match Chavo crept down to the ring while Eddie celebrated, and while Show
left the ring, and hit Eddie then out came the Bashams, TWGTT, Rikishi & Scotty
Too Hotty,
Mysterio and Cena. It ended with Eddie, Cena, Mysterio, Rikishi and Scotty To Hotty
in the ring. Eddie said that the wanted us to meet his family - the other guys in
the ring and us, because we have helped him through so much. He had a bottle of
water in his hands and said that he didnt drink anymore but we had to pretend that
it was a beer and he drank it the way Austin does with the Beer! Cena said that he
didnt drink beer either which didnt go well with the crowd but said thats because he
s a real man and real men drink Scotch! Cena said that they should hit Rikishi's
music and they could dance, but Rikishi said the wouldnt dance unless they all did
it! Which didnt impress Cena because he cant dance (and boy he can't!). Cena said
if the WWE divas came down then he would dance. Bradshaw came out with Cena said,
"Why Torrie have you cut and died your hair? God your boobs look smaller too!"
Bradshaw called the crowd
'inbred sheep-lovers', which I found hilarious. Believe it or not Bradshaw danced -
badly too, then when he didnt expect it he received an F-U (again!), a worm
and a 619. Then all 5 faces danced in ring to Rikishis's music. The show ended with
eddie in ring alone, giving a
little prayer and applauding the fans.

Overall: It was quite a good nite and the crowd totally got into everything. Huge
Pops for Mysterio, Cena, Rikishi, Scotty To Hotty and Eddie. Id give it 7/10 -
crowd didnt know about Lesnar leaving or about Kurt being injured. The nicest thing
of the evening was at the end of Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly's match. Gunn went
over to where the disabled people were and shook their hands - the only one to do
so, which I thought was quite good of