WWE Confidential Recap (3/20/04) - Hall of Fame, Autograph Signings, more

Welcome back for another edition of WWE Confidential,
this week we will see stories about the WWE Hall of
Fame and WWE superstars at "Headbangers Ball" on MTV2.

The main story is about the Hall of Famers being
inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. First up, Triple H
introduces "Superstar" Billy Graham and says that he
was the first true "sports-entertainer". Next, Big
Show introduces Big John Studd. Pat Patterson now
introduces Sgt. Slaughter by saying that he was pulled
out by his chin during child birth. Next, Ric Flair
introduces "Handsome" Harley Race and says he can't
wait to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame when gets
old enough. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan gives his speech
and ends it by saying he wished Monsoon was there.
Next, Mick Foley introduces Don Muroco by saying that
Muroco influenced him to get into the wrestling
business. Finally, Jesse "The Body" Ventura says that
we need to put a wrestler in the White House in 2008,
Lord Help Us!

Up Next: Make A Wish Foundation
WWE Rewind: Wrestlemania XX - Gene Okerlund and Bobby
Heenan or sexually malested by Mae Young and The
Fabulous Moolah.

We now see the WWE superstars at a pre-Wrestlemania XX
breakfast. There were alot of children from the Make A
Wish Foundation. One family says their son wished he
could make it to Wrestlemania XX but passed away back
in June, so they attended as a tribute to him. Rhyno
says that he started something with RVD back in ECW
and never got to finish it.

Gene tells us that the rivalry could be started again
thanks to the Draft Lottery. Vince McMahon says in the
commercial for RAW, "It's time for a new RAW, It's
time for a new Smacktown". That's not a typo, watch
the commercial for proof.

Now, we see Evolution members Batista and Randy Orton
at a Horse Track in New Jersey. Orton bet $5,000 on a
horse and Batista only bet $1,000 (On a different
horse). Somehow they both won the same race, if that
is possible.

Up Next: Psycho Sid vs. The Undertaker

The original "CLB" himself, Christian, tells us his
favorite match comes from Wrestlemania 13. Psycho Sid
takes on The Undertaker.
Slow match that ends with Bret Hart running out and
getting hit by Sid. Then, The Undertaker hits Sid with
the Tombstone to win the match and the WWF World

Next, we see footage from Planet Hollywood in New York
where 16 WWE superstars participated in a video game
tournament, using Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain.
Shelton Benjamin wins this year, making it two years
in a row.

Up Next: WWE Superstars Autograph Signings

We see footage of WWE Superstars signing autographs.
Now Marc Loyd interviews The Rock. They talk about the
release of his newest film "The Rundown". They tell us
the DVD will have tons of extras.

Next, we see WWE wrestlers doing their media rounds.
Big Show appears on Conan O'Brien. Also, Chris Benoit
is introduced as David Benoit.

Finally, we see WWE superstars Bubba Ray Duddley,
Living Legend Chris Jericho, Stacy Keibler, Lita and
Matt Hardy on the Headbangers Ball shown on MTV2. They
all picked two videos to show and Bubba tried some
wrestling moves on the host.

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next week.