WWE RAW Report (3/22/04) - Detroit, Michigan

WWE RAW report for 03/22/04

All right folks, this should be interesting.

Hello again everyone and WELcome to your Rajah.com RAW report. I am your host Jason (Jason_of_RajahWWF on Yahoo Messenger), let's get going.

We begin in the RAW locker room, where the whole RAW roster is setting in their red shirts. Meanwhile in the Smackdown locker room, the blue-shirted Superstars await.

Elsewhere, Vince McMahon explains to Eric Bischoff and a neck-braced Paul Heyman how the lottery will work. Each general manager will pick six Superstars from the other man's roster, and they will have until midnight tonight to trade Superstars back and forth until the rosters have been reset. Bischoff assumes his RAW champions are exempt from the draft lottery. They are not. Everyone is eligible to be drafted.

The music plays, the pyro blazes and we are LIVE from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Jim Ross, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Michael Cole and Tazz will have the call as Eric Bischoff, the general manager of RAW, makes his way to the stage. Paul Heyman soon follows. Each man has a podium and a drum of names set up on his side of the stage. Looks like it's time for...

Smackdown Draft Lottery Pick #1
-Heyman introduces himself to the RAW crowd, and is soundly booed. Heyman takes a shot at the types of crowds Bischoff draws. Paul vows to deal with The Undertaker this coming Thursday on Smackdown in his own way. Heyman spins his drum and picks the first RAW Superstar. Who is it? None other than France's own Rene Dupree. Dupree bids adieu to his La Resistance teammates in the locker room, then joins Heyman on the stage for pictures. Rene heads into the ring and it's a...

Rene Dupree Interview
-It seems Rene has been drafted to the Smackdown roster, but Dupree will burn in hell before he has his last RAW memory be getting stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Dupree demands one last RAW match, the general managers grant it. Dupree challenges anyone on the RAW roster and we get...

Rene Dupree Vs. Chris Jericho
-Jericho chases Dupree out of the ring before the bell, before the start things properly with Jericho in control after a reverse elbow. Sunset flip by Dupree, but Jericho turns it into The Walls. Dupree gets to the ropes and referee Chad Patton demands the break. Jericho dropkicks Dupree to the floor, then fetches him back inside. Jericho with a springboard off the second turnbuckle, but Dupree blasts him with a dropkick. Dupree does his little French dance, then makes the cover for a near fall. Rene dances again and Jericho rolls him up for two. Jericho suckers Dupree in and drop toe holds Rene's throat over the middle rope. Inziguri by Jericho and that's it at 3:07. Happy trails, Rene.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho heads up the ramp as Dupree takes the stick, screaming about getting cheated. Here comes Sheriff Austin on his accursed ATV. Stunner. Beer.


We return with Rico and Miss Jackie in the ring. But first...

RAW Draft Lottery Pick #1
-Bischoff taunts Heyman about RAW hosting the lottery, and actually gets a pop. Bischoff spins the drum and makes his pick. The World's Greatest Tag Team is no longer. Bischoff has picked Shelton Benjamin. In the Smackdown locker room, Shelton and Charlie Haas share a hug before Benjamin heads to the stage. Bischoff readies a RAW shirt for Shelton, but the fires of hell erupt.

Rico w/Miss Jackie Vs. Kane
-Kane in control from the start with a big boot. Chokeslam by Kane and that's it at :29.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Kane

Kane heads up the ramp and grabs both general managers. Kane doesn't care where he ends up tonight, as long as it's not on the same show as The Undertaker.

Smackdown Draft Lottery Pick #2
-Heyman wishes Bischoff had just a little control over his RAW Superstars. Heyman spins the drum and makes his pick. Another RAW tag team has been broken up. Heyman has picked Mark Jindrak. In the back, Jindrak says his good-byes to Garrison Cade.


RAW Draft Lottery Pick #2
-Bischoff has his glasses on for this one. He spins the drum and makes his selection. It's Nidia. In the Smackdown locker room, Nidia can't get out fast enough. Looks like she'll be wrestling a hell of a lot more. Nidia comes to the stage, where Bischoff gives her a RAW shirt. Nidia whips her Smackdown shirt off, and gleefully dons her new RAW shirt.

Smackdown Draft Lottery Pick #3
-Heyman hopes Nidia goes blind again. Paul looks to make another pick, SO...YOU THINK YOU'RE UNTOUCHABLE, it's United States Champion John Cena. Cena freestyles on both general managers. Cena takes a ball from the lottery drum and hands it to Cena. Cena leaves and Heyman wants to re-pick, but Bischoff forces Heyman to accept Cena's pick. Unfortunately for Eric, the pick is Hunter. Hearst. Helmsley.


During the break, Bischoff threw a fit and the RAW locker room Na Na Naaa Na'd Triple H out of the room.

Christian w/Trish Stratus Vs. Spike Dudley
-We see footage from last week of Christian and Trish bushwhacking Spike on the ramp. Spike attacks at the bell with the battering ram and gets one from referee Chad Patton. Spike rips his shirt off, then chases Trish around the ring. She flees into the ring, where Christian gets the drop on Spike. Trish chokes Spike over the bottom rope as Christian detains the referee. Christian slaps Spike around and look for the slam, but Spike turns it into a DDT for a near fall. Spike counters a suplex attempt and gets two. Christian is tossed to the outside, where Spike comes off the top on him. Back inside, Christian looks for the superplex, but Spike counters him back to the mat and drops both feet on Christian for a near fall. Christian dodges a corner charge and scores The Unprettier for the 1-2-3 at 3:20.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Christian

On the stage, Eric Bischoff says the draft lottery isn't fair and runs off to find Mr. McMahon.


In the back, Eric Bischoff complains to Vince McMahon about the loss of Triple H, but once the picks are announced, there's nothing even Mr. McMahon can do. Paul Heyman shows up with an idea. He proposes that tonight Eddie Guerrero defend the WWE Championship against Triple H. McMahon grants it. The general managers return to the stage.

RAW Draft Lottery Pick # 3
-Bischoff is not about to let Paul Heyman upstage him. Bischoff doesn't care if his next pick is Big Show or Michael Cole, his next pick will face Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship here tonight. Bischoff makes his selection, and it's Rhyno. In the Smackdown locker room, Rhyno is ecstatic. He mocks John Cena, then heads for the stage, where Bischoff presents him with a RAW shirt.


WWE Rewind: Last week on RAW, Booker T & Rob Van Dam successfully defended their tag titles against The Dudley Boyz.

Booker T & Rob Van Dam Vs. Ric Flair & Batista for the World Tag Team Championship
-Referee Mike Chioda holds the belts aloft before the bell and we're off. Booker and Flair start with Booker in control of the arm. Shoulder block by Flair, dropkick by Booker T. Chops by Flair, tag to Batista. Booker gets the elbow up on a corner charge and makes the tag. Van Dam with a boot up in the corner and cross body block off the top for a near fall. Tag to Booker T. RVD slingshots Batista into a Booker crescent kick and Booker gets a near fall. Tag to Flair. Chops in the corner by Flair, but Booker retaliates and Flair falls face down. Backdrop by Booker, and Flair begs off. Flair goes to the eyes, then whips Booker into Batista's knee. A Flair chop levels Booker T and he gets a near fall. Bodyslam by Flair, followed by a knee drop. Chops in the corner by Flair, but Booker surges back. Booker eats elbow on a corner charge and Flair goes to the top. Booker slams Flair off the top and makes the tag to Van Dam, who comes off the top with a Five Star on Flair. Van Dam makes the cover, but Batista chases him out of the ring...


..We come back to find Booker fighting out of a Batista headlock. Booker with a big kick. Tag to RVD. Booker holds Batista up and Van Dam nails him with a kick off the top. Van Dam makes the cover. 1-2-Flair breaks it up. Flair catches RVD with a chop block as the referee is putting Booker on the apron. Tag to Flair, and he locks in the Figure Four. Chioda checks in, but RVD won't give. Van Dam makes it to the ropes and Flair breaks the hold. Chops in the corner by Flair, but Van Dam catches him with an inziguri. Step-over heel kick by RVD and he makes the tag. Tag to Batista. Booker goes nuts on both opponents, hammering away on Batista in the corner. Book End to Batista. Spineroonie! Flair comes in but Booker nails him. Scissors kick to Batista. 1-2-Flair breaks it up. Rolling Thunder to Flair. Batista sets Booker up for the powerbomb, RVD comes off the top, but Batista releases the hold and Van Dam nails Booker T. Batista shows RVD the door, then powerbombs Booker into oblivion for the 1-2-3 and the titles at 13:32.
-HERE are YOUR Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: Batista & Ric Flair


Smackdown Draft Lottery Pick #4
-Heyman has made his next pick. Tazz will love this; it'll be the extreme reunion when Heyman welcomes back Mr. Thursday Night, Rob...Van...Dam.

In the back, Van Dam is sorry for what just happened, but Booker T insists they have a rematch clause in their contract. No rematch for you guys, says a snickering Jonathan Coachman, RVD just got drafted to Smackdown.

Chris Benoit Vs. Rhyno for the World Heavyweight Championship
-They tie up and Rhyno hammers away in the corner. Benoit chops his way out of the corner and scores a snap suplex. Rhyno reverses a whip and Benoit takes a Bret bump, but manages to catch Rhyno coming in with a reverse elbow. Rhyno buckles Benoit's bean and gets a near fall. Rhyno wraps Benoit up in the Sharpshooter, but Benoit makes it to the ropes. Senior Referee Earl Hebner forces Rhyno to break the hold, but Rhyno hammers away. Benoit fires back and hooks in a Sharpshooter of his own. They get tangled in the ropes and Benoit has to let up. German suplex by Benoit, and another, and another. Benoit signals for the end and heads to the top. He nails the flying headbutt. 1-2-Rhyno gets the shoulder up. Spine buster by Rhyno, and he signals for the Gore. Benoit staggers up, but Benoit dodges and hooks in the Crippler Crossface. Rhyno taps at 4:40 and that's that.
-HERE is YOUR Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit

Eric Bischoff watches Benoit's victory from the back. Shawn Michaels taps Bischoff on the shoulder and, in light of Triple H being drafted, demands a trade to Smackdown. Bischoff won't do it, but he promises HBK a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash provided both Shawn and Benoit are still on the roster. Michaels likes the sound of that.


WWE Slam of the Week: Last week on RAW, bald Molly Holly got her wig ripped off.

RAW Draft Lottery Pick #4
-Bischoff makes his next selection, and it's the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri. In the locker room, Tajiri says good-bye to Akio and Sakoda.

Smackdown Draft Lottery Pick #5
-Heyman makes his next pick and, holla, it's Theodore Long, playuh.

RAW Draft Lottery Pick #5
-Bischoff has made his selection and, when he's healthy enough to return, Edge will be a member of the RAW roster.

Smackdown Draft Lottery Pick #6
-Heyman makes the pick, then throws the paper down in disgust. Bischoff picks it up and reads it for him. Smackdown's final pick is Spike Dudley.

RAW Draft Lottery Pick #6
-Bischoff makes the final pick, and he can't believe. Mr. McMahon said everyone would be eligible for the draft and everyone was. Bischoff's final pick is...Paul Heyman. The Smackdown locker room erupts in cheers as Bischoff gloats that Heyman now works for him. Heyman refuses to work for Eric Bischoff, he quits! Heyman leaves and Bischoff gets into the ring. He's lasted through two Smackdown general managers, he's even faced down Stone Cold Steve Austin and now YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME, it's Edge. Edge comes down the ramp, gets in the ring, and spears Bischoff.

Reporter's Note: Just to give you a little more atmosphere, the crowd popped pretty big for Edge's music and appearance on stage, but there was zero reaction to him spearing Bischoff, who'd been playing the face all night. Not good.


During the break, Paul Heyman left the building. Ross and Lawler wonder if there can still be trades before midnight now that Heyman has quit.

Triple H Vs. Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship
-Hunter comes out wearing a RAW shirt, then rips it off to expose a Smackdown tee. Eddie enters in a red, convertible low rider. Big cheers and "Eddie" chants for Guerrero from the RAW crowd. Smackdown referee Brian Hebner calls for the bell and we're off. Eddie refuses a handshake and they tie up. Some shoving off the break in the corner, and Triple H scores a shoulder block. Hip toss by Eddie, followed by an armdrag, and Guerrero settles into an armbar in the mat. Hunter gets to the ropes to break the hold, and Eddie hammers away on the arm. Another armbar, and Triple H gets to the ropes again. Hunter slides out and pulls Eddie to the floor with him. Eddie posts Hunter's shoulder and flips him back in. High knee by Triple H and both men are down...


..We return as Triple H throws Eddie out over the top. Hunter drives Guerrero into the steel steps, then takes a breather in the ring. Hunter goes back out and rams Eddie's kidney into the apron. Triple H shoves Eddie into the announce table, then tosses him back in the ring. Hunter powers Eddie into the corner, then stomps away on his back. Another huge whip into the corner, and Triple H gets two. They slug it out and Hunter scores a huge backdrop. 1-2-Eddie kicks out. Side backbreaker by Triple H, and he settles into an abdominal stretch. Referee Hebner checks in, but Eddie won't give. Hunter gets the added leverage from the ropes, but Hebner catches him on the second attempt. Crowd chants for Eddie, and Guerrero counters a tilt-a-whirl slam into a head scissors take over. Standing dropkick by Guerrero. They exchange punches, and Eddie scores with a reverse elbow and a clothesline. Hunter reverses a whip and hooks in a sleeper, but Guerrero turns into it and scores a back suplex. 1-2-Triple H kicks out. DDT out of the corner by Eddie. 1-2-Hunter barely gets the shoulder up. Facebuster by Triple H. 1-2-Eddie kicks out. Triple H goes to the second rope and leaps, but Eddie catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Triple H reverses a whip and looks for the Pedigree, but Eddie backdrops out. Guerrero hits the trio of vertical suplexes as BATISTA and RIC FLAIR run down to ringside. Triple H DDTs Guerrero as Flair distracts the referee. Batista is up on the apron, but here come JOHN CENA and REY MYSTERIO. They pull Batista off the apron and hammer away. Triple H has the WWE title and looks to nail Eddie with it, but he's tattooed by SHAWN MICHAELS' Sweet Chin Music. Shawn dives over the top onto Flair, Batista, Cena and Mysterio as Guerrero goes to the top, but CHRISTIAN grabs his ankle and crotches him. The referee sees it and calls for the bell at 13:58.
-HERE is YOUR Winner and the result of a Disqualification and STILL WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero

Eddie and Triple H continue to battle in the ring as more and more RAW and Smackdown Superstars rush to ringside to brawl. Here comes Kane. Here comes The Big Show. Smackdown has the advantage until Sheriff Austin charges down to the ring leading a group of RAW reinforcements. Everyone from both rosters is out there and the cluster brawl is on.