Brock Lesnar/WWE Update & Future, Info on Wrestlers Not On WrestleMania

* Now that Brock Lesnar has left the WWE, all isn't said and done. He still must work out the logistics of his contract which will necessitate an official release from the company and his current obligation which has 5 years remaining on it. It is very likely that the terms of his release will include a "no compete" clause that would restrict him from working for any other wrestling or shoot fighting organization for the next 5 years.

Many in the WWE feel that he will look to return to the company if his NFL career doesn't work out. Those close to Lesnar state that he isn't "set for life" as he has bought lots of expensive cars, snowmobiles, real estate, a plane, etc.

* Those WWE wrestlers who weren't part of WrestleMania were still at the show, but they spent most of their time with their spouses, friends, and others in the MSG party room. The party room consisted of big screens showing the PPV, drinks, and food. Also, after the wrestlers finished their matches, they went to the room as well.

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