Linda McMahon Talks About Triple H Being Her Favorite Wrestler, WCW, more

Linda McMahon Presentation and Business Seminar at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT -"From the Top Rope"

Before the presentation, Linda signed programs and took pictures with the attendees. She was very pleasant, offering to sign programs that people held in their hand. She shook everyone's hand that approached her. I handed her a sharpie to sign my program and she said, "You wouldn't believe how many colors I have on me by the end of night from these things."

The opening speaker mentioned that Linda and Vince met in a church (remember this is taking place at a Catholic University). Linda takes the podium. There is an overview of the WWE via a short video presentation featuring Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Stacy Keibler, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and HHH. It summed up the events and the entertainment aspects the superstars provide.

Linda and Vince actually started the company when they lived in Cape Cod. From 1983 - 1986, it was based out of Greenwich, CT and then moved to Stamford. Jess McMahon, Vince's grandfather, was involved in Boxing. In 1982, Vince and Linda bought out Capital Wrestling from Vince's father. They had to make quarterly payments under the terms that if they miss a payment, they would forfeit what they had already paid into it. Suffice it to say, they successfully made the purchase. Their goal and dream was to establish the company as a national brand.

The event was titled "From the Top Rope" based around the idea Linda didn't start from scratch and actually started at the top. "From the Top Rope, there is nothing to hold onto, it's hard to balance, and it makes for a hard landing when you fall."

She covered the global recognition of WWE Superstars and mentioned that they are just scratching the surface of the international market. She explained how they successfully re-taught the company how to focus, citing the WMXX theme used throughout the last year. She cited a philosophy, "Come in everyday and look as though you are starting with a blank piece of paper."

The subscription video on demand was touched upon. It's being offered to customers how, when and where they want the product.

Her most gratifying experiences come from working with the Make A Wish Foundation, and the Get REAL programs.Vince's most rewarding experience was when he and part of the roster visited the troops overseas. Last night, they were awarded the USO Legacy of Hope Award. She noted, "It's important to give back to the community and citizens who make you who you are."

A few questions were asked during the Q&A:

-The consolidation of the cable industry had no effect on regular programming. With the FCC crackdown after the Superbowl, they became more sensitive to languages on RAW, even before being asked by Viacom.

-The WWF to WWE name change triggered by the World Wildlife Fund.

-With the acquisition of WCW, the only competition they have is with themselves.

-WWE keeps it's finger on the pulse of what the audience wants. Their focus group is their live audience. If something isn't working, it can be changed immediately.

-"Dead or alive: who is your favorite wrestler?" She is partial to HHH and mentioned that he did marry her daughter in October, but followed that by saying, "He is an incredible young man and performer."

There were a couple of other things that she touched upon, but nothing really to the point that I thought it would be worth going into. I really didn't learn anything I didn't already know. There were about 75 - 100 people in attendance. I think most were students. There were some people that had no idea who she was and even the president of the University admitted he had never watched RAW nor Smackdown. The total presentation lasted an hour.

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