Shane Discounts Cruiserweights, Pete Rose, WrestleMania 21, Angle/Austin

* When Pete Rose was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, there was no hostility shown toward Rose by the WWE wrestlers eventhough Rose only made a few special appearances over the past few years at PPVs. He won the wrestlers over by his obvious passion for pro wrestling. One wrestler stated, "One of the highlights of the Hall of Fame banquet was Pete Rose's speech. His was right up there with Bobby Heenan, JR, and Glen Jacobs for best speeches." Rose was also present at the post-WrestleMania party at the Hilton in New York City where he seemed to be enjoying himself as well.

* The WWE has apparently dropped the use of Roman numerals from their WrestleMania marketing following WrestleMania XX. The promotional material for next year's event advertises that WrestleMania 21 will be in Los Angeles, CA at the Staples Center.

* During WrestleMania, Shane McMahon gave us a bit of insight into what he values in terms of the WWE's product. During the cruiserweight match, Shane left his 2nd row seat and didn't return until after the match was over and did the same during the Molly Holly vs Victoria match. He was, however, getting into any time Kurt Angle or Steve Austin made an appearance.

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[News derived from the PWTorch newsletter]