Maven's Return, Wrestlemania XX Gate, Scott Steiner Injury Update

- Reader Michael from sent this in:

Maven confirmed with me this evening that he will be at Raw in
Cincinnati, Ohio. It is still not yet known whether or not he will
actually wrestle but is likely to make an appearance on the show.

As for Maven's in-ring return, which is slated for right after Monday
when Maven reports to Ohio Valley Wrestling (training territory of WWE)
to work of the ring rust, get back in to prime shape and put on some
more pounds. Maven will be housed at OVW for three weeks and will then
make his return to the road with WWE for house shows and live events.
For those of you hoping to see Maven in the ring soon, it is still
possible that he is included on TV or even on some matches during Raw or
Heat in his last few weeks at OVW.

Maven is very excited to be back and can't wait till this Monday. He has
worked hard in rehab and in training to exceed his doctor's expectations
and his own. As well, Maven's mental focus is stronger than ever. Even
though the passing of his mother affected him emotionally, the past few
months have been building blocks for Maven and his ever determined to
make an impact when he returns to World Wrestling Entertainment and the
Raw brand.

Hands down and no questions about it, Maven will make an impact and be
shed in a new light that fans have never seen him in before. What
exactly that means will only be known when that ultimate time comes, and
the superstar career of Maven Huffman takes flight.

- Scott Steiner is expected to return in about six weeks from his assorted groin and hip flexor injuries.

- Wrestlemania XX drew a gate of over $2.4 million live which puts in third all-time in the USA behind Wrestlemania X-7 in Houston, Texas and last year's Wrestlemania in Seattle, Washington. Among all WWE events, it ranks sixth behind the aforementioned events as well as the two Wrestlemanias in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the Global Warning show in Melbourne in 2002.

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